The Listener

Season 1 Episode 2

Emotional Rescue

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2009 on CTV
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Emotional Rescue

After receiving telepathic images of an explosion, Toby rescues his friend Vince from a fire in a block of apartments. Vince insists he didn't start the fire but has no credibility since he is a former drug addict and a meth manufacturer. As the investigation unfolds, Vince and Toby both end up on the suspect list.


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  • Better and Developing

    A lot better than the last we kinda get wind of the characters on the show, which is always great. Had a little jokes, but more importantly Toby tries to find out who causing the fires in town and constantly gets in Marks way. Olivia sorta gets involve with fireman that causes Toby to get a little jealous and it seems like there is something with Toby and Marks which Olivia caught them talking a little informal. Great episode it had everything to make it a great drama.moreless
  • It never hurts to be "too cute" and I am thrilled to have discovered a fun show that doesn't take itself too seriously. This episode had enough eye candy and twists and turns to keep someone as bitter as me interested - so 2 thumbs way up!moreless

    I just happened to turn on the television show and wondered immediately who was this handsome actor on the screen and why on Earth did he think someone like me would be interested in watching him read peoples minds? Well, a 1/2 hour later I was still watching and completely drawn in regarding the concept of a suspicious paramedic helping police solve crimes.

    While this certainly isn't a show for serious mystery/crime drama lovers, it does serve as a welcome escape from reality and it doesn't hurt that you're treated to pretty people doing crazy things. And while I do agree with some that there is plenty of room for improvement - I kind of get that SMALLVILLE vibe from this show (maybe it's the scenery-lol) and I think it has a good chance of being around for a while.

    As for this episode, I liked how they showed how Toby's ability to read minds can occassionally trip him up and you don't always need a gun to stop a bad guy. Think Murder She Wrote. You go, Girl---I mean TOBY!

  • Toby tries to locate the whereabouts of an arsonist after a fire.

    Another solid episode. Here's kind of what kind of what sticks out for me:

    *The arsonist wasn't obvious. When they captured the first suspect, you would think "oh yes he is the guy because he fits the profile". WRONG. Then you get another suspect and you also figure he's gotta be the guy right? Wrong again. I really didn't see the ending coming with last suspect.

    Likewise, a lot of great writing. You think about think this episode was about judging a book by its cover, and the disaster that results from it.

    Everybody thought the suspect was Toby's friend, Vince, a guy who used to do drugs. Nobody considered any other suspects. The notion that Detective Marks would have figured out who did the figures is nonsense. In the real world, mediocre police work does happen even by detectives.

    Furthermore, anybody whose seen the pilot can see that Marks is far from a good detective. No way she would have gotten as far as she did without Toby's help. She's arrogant, unimaginative, and her whole demeanor hurts more than helps her investigation. Toby's abilities help him solve her case quicker and faster saving more lives in the process.

    Toby's abilities helped him find who the main suspect was. Could have Marks seen the connection without him? Not until the arsonist would have started another fire and made a getaway. Again, in the real world, a serial arsonist often gets away with his crimes for a long time till he is caught just like a serial killer. The other story with the firefighter who was scared of fires was a nice touch. You can't tell me that there isn't such a thing as a firefighter who is scared of fires. That be like having a policeman who isn't afraid of getting shot. Pure nonsense. Toby was there to pull him out of his rut because otherwise the guy would have just froze and maybe died.

    I liked the episode. They presented a real story with a couple of different layers to make it interesting.moreless
  • still not hooked, and this episode didn't improve upon the initial impression...

    Is this a show about a paramedic with special powers, or is this a show about a special investigator with special powers who happens to play at being a paramedic...sometimes...sorta?

    The whole show is still a bit disjointed for my taste and it seems to be asking me not just to suspend disbelief, but to turn a blind eye to a sticky little detail the writers don't quite know how to deal with yet.

    Its this crucial first couple of episodes in which the premise and the characters need to be firmly established, especially if the intangible "hook" is not there for the story. Its safe to say, for me at least, the hook is not there. But I don't really feel any characters to invest in yet either.

    I'll check back again next week, but those warm summer nights in the gazebo with a glass of perfectly chilled white wine are likely going to win out...moreless
  • Same mistakes from last episode, but bigger.

    I'm giving up watching this show.

    All that was wrong in the previous episode is done in this but in a bigger scale.

    The police still doesn't find him suspicious, nor put him in jail just for being a pain in the ass that keeps contaminating the crime scenes (not to mention that, at least, Toby should be considered suspicious of the bad guy murder). No, Toby is too cute, is impossible he could do wrong.

    Telepathy doesn't really exist but if it does it wouldn't be the way it is depicted in this show. People don't think in full grammatically correct sentences and Toby should be able to read at least also all the associated thoughts, not just the concious ones. But if he did he would had known at the begining of the episode that the fireman wasn't guilty but the victims aid.

    And... two episodes so far, in both the bad guys die falling from a high place... mmmm... and the one in this episode jumps in the silliest way posible.

    The psichologist character makes an appearance ex machina just to say what Toby needed to know to discover who the bad guy was (but the policewoman also found it just doing policework, so what's the big deal of being a telepath anyway).

    Also you don't have to read minds to discover that your ex is angry because you ruined her date. Just plain old face reading is enough.

    Bottom line: a relationship drama with lame crime elements and a supernatural gimmick that doesn't work.moreless
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Diego Klattenhoff

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    • (Toby and Oz hanging head first into an overturned car to help a victim)
      Oz: Toby, we got a problem here.
      Toby: Yeah, don't tell me you are stuck.
      Oz: Ok, then I won't mention it.
      Female Victim: (Opens eyes and looks up): You are kidding, right?
      Female Victim: (Speaks into radio): It's over, they 're stuck!

      (Toby with the victim inside the ambulance)
      Victim: What's going on?
      Toby: Relax, you're ok, you're in an ambulance.
      Victim: What happened?
      Toby: Your apartment blew up. What's your name?
      Victim: Vince
      Toby: My name is Toby. My partner is the best driver in the city; we'll get you to the hospital in 10 minutes.
      (Ambulance rocks, tires screech)
      Toby: Ok, make that five.
      Vince: Oh man, I don't believe this.
      Toby: It's not as bad as it looks.
      Vince: No man, you cut my favorite shirt!
      Toby: (Smiling) I'll get you a new one, I promise.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      United States - Thursday, June 4th, 2009 on NBC at 9/8c.
      Middle East - Sunday March 8th, on FoxSeries at 11 pm KSA
      United Kingdom - Sunday March 15th, on FX at 8 pm
      Latin America - Tuesday March 10th, 2009 on Fox at 11 pm
      Norway - Thursday, March 11th, 2010 on FEM at 10pm


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