The Listener

Season 2 Episode 12

Eye of the Storm

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 24, 2011 on CTV

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  • Losing the path

    Toby helps Michelle to find out who leaked the Minister of Foreign Affairs sex tape on the internet. The case will have some twist and turns and one of the twist are with Toby having more intense headaches. Olivia had enough and wants to do at scan on him, the results are shocking. These are really good episodes but whole drive of what made this show is going out the window especially from season 1 it's like it never happens. And making the enemy to Toby is Toby himself is a little well lazy especially from the information we got from season one. I don't know if their making season 3 or not, for what I'm watching I think they gave up on it and trying to force an end here.
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