The Listener

Season 1 Episode 1

I'm an Adult Now

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2009 on CTV
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I'm an Adult Now

When Toby rescues a young woman from a terrible car accident, he starts having disturbing visions of the woman's son, who is missing. The woman is traumatized and scared from having being kidnapped at gun point. As the search for the child intensifies, Toby realizes that he is going to have to act fast to make sense of the discordant mental imagery that is tormenting him.


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  • The People Whisperer

    I found this a pretty good show. Very much in the light fantasy genre. The charachters, I was interested in and wanted to know more about. The story was OK, without being anything amazing. I find the concept of the plot interesting and I am intrigued by Toby's relationship with the University professor and also the fact that his mother had the same gift, but it eventually drove her crazy. I hope those ideas will be explored more in the future. Overall a good start and looking forward to the next episode.moreless
  • Interesting Series

    Well this is different, I figure I give it a try to look at this series. Seems like in this episode his abilities can reach further than usual now, is why he heard this lady crying out for helps. Seems like this series is going to try to find out answers of who he is and understanding his abilities. Look forward to seeing more and see where this will lead. Can't really say a lot about the show since this is the first episode, so wouldn't be right to past a judgement on show until half way through the season.moreless
  • WTF! I've seen puppetshows more realistics!

    It sounded interesting: a guy who can listen the thoughts of other people. Not that it hasn't been done already, but it seemed well produced and the ad in the subway was fun. I though it would be like the "Early Edition" of the new millenium.

    But this episode was slow, boring and uninteresting. And unbelievable, even in fantastic terms.

    Ok, maybe I am asking too much but people don't think in full gramatically right sentences, specially the kinds of thoughts the guy listens, and much less in black and white videos filmed in third person.

    Everything about the police and the crime was lame and poorly written. He is not considered a suspect, the police detectives are a little bit more than morons, the reason of the crime are absurd and the ending totally stupid.

    The bits about the listerner's past made me worry that it will turn into an obvious explanation like he is an alien or a secret experiment of the government or some divine being - an angel or whatever you wish.

    I don't know if I'll watch next episode.moreless
  • A series that could have potential, however this first episode stumbles quite a bit

    FXUK has been advertising this since last year as an upcoming series and it looked interesting. However this Pilot was a little too boring to be worthwhile. I guessed the twist in what was going on before the characters and found some things, well, just dumb. It's main problem at this point is it's unconvincing characters. The main guy 'Toby' is fine, however he is a paramedic so why does it come across that he prefers picking locks and breaking into peoples apartments. The back story with his mother and the society and doctor who took him in seems more interesting, if a bit too like other shows. The Paramedic thing at the moment doesn't seem to add anything except for his friend who seems the most down to earth character in the show. The main problem with characters though is the 36DD cop who is so unconvincing and unhelpful that all you could think was 'Love Interest!'. She doesn't add anything and mainly just gets in Toby's way.

    The main plot this week concerns the rescue of a woman who has had her son kidnapped by a cop. Why, well that becomes very obvious - she witnessed him kill his partner by accident. The fact that the Cop is creepy is just stereotypical but more stupid is the way that the woman reacts once she gets out the hospital. In panic and scared she drops her phone and breaks it (the only way that the cop can re-assure her that her son is alright). Next scene instead of taking the sim card and buying a new phone to put it in she buys a gun from an illegal gun dealer. Lol, it just smacks of stupid writing that.

    Anyhoos in the end the cop while trying to tackle Toby jumps off a cliff. Toby doesn't seem concerned at all, although the guy doesn't die so it's alright, he can be charged with murder and blackmail now. So Toby after this ordeal decides he will live a life to help people. Well good for him but please give us a bit more good characterisation next time and a little humour while yer at it.moreless
  • An unoriginal – albeit interesting – concept, plotted kinda shabbily.

    Telepathy has been used as a plot device in more shows and movies than I care to remember, still I have to admit; the idea of hearing people's thoughts is very appealing. But on this show, and this episode being the pilot, it lacked luster. The plot was weak, the dialogue was non-existent, and the characters weren't interesting enough, and I'm not even going to talk about the actors, I should take the time to watch another episode before I can actually say they suck! I will be watching the next episode though, like I said the main premise sounds interesting and the lead is kinda cute … and some stuff confused me during the episode and I wanna see if they were meant to be that way as a form of misleading with an eventual twist, or they're simply the product of a botched up job by the writers.moreless
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Greg Bryk


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Kristen Hager

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Toby (Voiceover): All my life I told myself: turn it off, shut it down, make it go away. Today I broke the rule, I stopped looking the other way and I saw the truth; this isn't a curse … it's a gift.

    • Ray: There's something else.
      Toby: No. (Ray gives him a look) I have to do something, I might be the only one who can help this woman find her child.
      Ray: Be careful Toby, no-one can know about you.

    • Ray: So your range is increasing …
      Toby: It's not what this is about.
      Ray: No, no, I get it. It scares you.
      Toby: Yeah, her thoughts took over, I couldn't control it.
      Ray: But, from the sounds of it you really helped this woman out. You probably saved her life.
      Toby: It's not the point.
      Ray: Maybe it is the point, Toby. A cry for help was so intense it broke down the natural barriers between your mind and hers.
      Toby: Are you saying I'm a human fire alarm?!

    • (Toby saves a girl from a burning car)
      Oz: I thought for sure it was gonna blow.
      Toby: It's not a movie Oz, it doesn't happen that way.
      (BOOM, the car explodes!)

    • Toby (Voiceover): Ever wonder what people are thinking? I don't. I know. The secret isn't hearing people's thoughts, the secret is making it stop. I've been doing both for as long as I remember, way before I ever heard the word "telepath". Still, when God hooks you up with free cable you gotta think He expects you to do a little surfing.

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    • Additional Credits for all episodes of Season 1:
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      Produced with the Participation of: Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund
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