The Listener

Season 2 Episode 5

Inner Circle

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2011 on CTV

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  • A Gray Episode

    Toby helps out Michelle by investigating 2 undercover cops, until one of them died of supposedly cocaine overdose end up being cyanide. Toby and Michelle try to figure out the truth behind the cops death and behind the money. There are a lot of twists in this episode which is good, but not very fulfilling this episode is the price you would face as a viewer of knowing the truth and ask what would you do, would you choose to ignore it like Toby did and make an excuse or pursue it. That's exactly what Toby would have done, he even said that everybody deserves that truth. In this instant Toby changed to gray, it doesn't tell you point blank who put the cyanide in the cops stash. But, thanks to Toby we do get a pretty good idea. And nothing will be done, and that person can possibly kill again. I rather had not known, if I did I would have done something not did what Toby did. This is the second episode seeing something like this one in season 1 and now this one. I just thought there could have been more to it to reach this conclusion. P.S. a lot of people are getting shot in the stomach and surviving, the stomach is the worst part of the body to get shot at its a slow death, a bullet will ricochet all over your body but hitting a lot of part in your belly large and small intestines, I can go on and on the damage a bullet can cause in that area. Unless you can do some immediate surgery right there and than when he got shot he has a good chance of surviving. But, like i said the time issues in the episode anythings possible when time doesn't exist.