The Listener

Season 1 Episode 9

Inside Man

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2009 on CTV

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  • When called to a crime scene to help two shooting victims (husband and wife), Toby gets a hit that suggests that there is someone else present.

    This episode was ever so slightly creepy. I like the darker tone that show seems to have taken, and I really like that Detective Charlie now knows about Toby's ability to read minds. All of the excuses he was coming up with for why he was where he shouldn't be were becoming tiring and really, really contrived. But in this episode, it would not have worked without her knowing. And of course, he leads her to the son of the victims. He's bloody and hiding in the fireplace. During the ambulance ride, he's so traumatized that his mind is sending out all sort of chatter that's throwinng Toby off. He thinks at one point that Oz is talking to him, when it's really their patient. The young man's problem was fairly obvious, but we had to wait for it to unfold, but I liked the way it did, even though, as I said earlier, it was creepy. I would imagine it would have to be so for Toby, too. In the end, he tells his friend that he has doubts abouat whether he can keep doing this. A very good episode. I think this show has found its footing.