The Listener

Season 1 Episode 9

Inside Man

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2009 on CTV

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  • Toby and Oz save a kid who may have been part of a gang that killed a couple.

    A great episode. A realistic storyline, great performances, an interesting twist, tough ending.

    "The Listener" is a great show. It's a show that might be forgotten at the end of the year but for me it's one of the better shows from 09.

    This episode Toby through his telepathic abilities find a kid bleeding to death.

    He finds him at the scene of a crime scene where a couple was murdered.

    However, the kid isn't a victim. The kid might have been part of a group that set out to murder the couple.

    This was a realistic storyline dealing with abuse and revenge for that abuse.

    Once you learn about the abuse, you don't feel sorry for the murdered couple not that I endorse murder.

    The actor playing the abused child was great.

    A memorable episode.