The Listener

Season 2 Episode 1

Lady in the Lake

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on CTV
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Lady in the Lake

Toby, fighting his guilt over the murder of Charlie Marks and the disappearance of his mother, decides it's time to use his special gift to help others. He gets an opportunity when he saves a woman from drowning. The victim suffers from amnesia and when she is identified as Lynn Kendal, a powerful corporate attorney for a firm where a scientist involved in investigating environmental concerns recently died. Despite the fact that the investigation and Lynn's sketchy recollection of events makes her look like a part of the coverup, she is determined to help uncover the truth. Meanwhile the lead investigator, Sgt. Michelle McCluskey, is curious about Toby's interest in the case.


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  • Stunning Changes

    A lot have changed since the almost 2 years since the finale of season 1, Charlie is dead I'm going to miss her. Toby swore to do no more police work after Charlie death but is helping the mounties special unit solve a case about a company doing horrible things. Toby tries to protect a whistle blower that now has temporary memory lost and that her boss is trying to kill her. Toby is not dating Olivia anymore either, wow what a shocker, right. Well anyway like I said in the beginning I think their better off friends seriously, I hope they both find someone for the sake of the show. Because, this back and forth stuff isn't cutting it. Overall great start, oh yea P.S. I really hope Toby quits the EMS it was good in the beginning but now he chose a different path to help people on a different scale and being in EMS will create conflicts I'm surprise he can do all that and still be in EMS. It's time for some realism here, EMS is very time demanding job unless their isn't much injuries or deaths in Canada which I doubt. Changes will have to be made here.moreless
  • Season 2??!!

    I thought his had died a slow and painful death so I had to watch the delayed season 2 premiere when I saw it advertised on CTV. I am impressed that CTV went ahead with an original program despite NBC dropping it, proving unequivocally that the US market is just one of many.

    Having said that, I was not completely impressed by the opener, and here's why:

    The show has somewhat tried to reinvent itself, but in so doing, it has taken Toby's role even further from the realm of possibility IMHO. The guy is still, supposedly, an EMS tech. And more than ever he's running around assuming roles in criminal cases that would really get someone burned. Big time. Suspension of disbelief can only go so far, at least where the premise of the show is based in this kind of reality. They can't have it both ways.

    I did like that the new cop of the joint police investigative unit is a tough you know, and not just a pretty-face-destined-to-be-the-new-love-interest. She has potential.

    And I did like that "Oz" is being portrayed more as a normal human being and less like a total buffoon.

    However, as in the season one run, I am mysteriously compelled to continue watching, because I think the potential is really there both on a storyline and character level. I just hope they ground this one fast. I'd like to see another Flashpoint or Murdoch Mysteries (this one is from Shaftesbury too) for Canadian TV. We do good stuff!moreless
  • Toby's sworn off the police work after Charlie, but he hasn't sworn off using his gift.

    I liked this episode. It was great to see a show with so much potential back on TV - at least on Canadian TV. We notice right away that Toby is different. His hair is shorter and he's riding a motorcycle and wearing black leather. That gives the impression that he's perhaps more grown up, and maybe a little bit less optimistic. But by the end of the first scene, we see that the optimism and the desire to help is still there with his donating all of his somewhat ill-gotten gains to a charity and promising to teach a kid (that he clearly didn't know before that day) to play chess. That is something I find interesting about the character, he does have altruistic motives but he's a great straight-to-your-face liar who in some sense is a thief of thoughts. And yet, he's still the hero and obviously suffers as well as benefits from his gift. As the story unfolds, we see Toby being drawn back into a world that he'd sworn off - getting involved. Interestingly, Olivia eggs it on, while Oz is more the protective friend. By the end of this episode, I'm not sure how I feel about Toby's involvement with the IIB. But, I like the Michelle McClusky character, and am really curious as to how they are going to develop Toby (and Oz's) relationship with this agency. I do hope, though, that she isn't destined to be love interest for Toby. Over all, a good episode. They didn't try to do too much, and concentrated on solving the case, leaving the IIB guessing as to what was going on with Toby. Left me looking forward to the next episode.moreless
Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes

Jerry Morrow

Guest Star

Sabrina Grdevich

Sabrina Grdevich

Sandra Murchin

Guest Star

Rekha Sharma

Rekha Sharma

Ann / Lynn Kendal

Guest Star

Tara Spencer-Nairn

Tara Spencer-Nairn

Nurse Sandy Wardwell

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Toby: I'm a social worker on wheels.

    • Oz: Who is it that told me that if, ah, they go down this road again I should stop them?
      Toby: What road?
      Oz: The "I sense someone is in danger, let me try to help and now I'm in a world of hurt" road.
      Toby: It's not that kind of thing.
      Oz: Toby, I know you've been through a lot, felling guilty about losing Charlie and the disappearance of your mom, but do you really want to do this again?
      Toby: Oz, I appreciate what you're doing, protect me.
      Oz: You don't have to save everybody, Toby, it's hard enough trying to save yourself.
      Toby: I'm not trying to save everybody.

    • Oz: The point of this whole venture is to use your ability to make a fortune. You're not thinking long-term. You could be a legend; a con man for the ages.
      Toby: Not my style.
      Oz: So what; you're like a telepathic Robin Hood? Stealing from the unjustly rich, giving to the unfairly poor?

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    • Additional Credits for all episodes of Season 2:
      Visual Effects: Rocket Science - Toronto
      Banking Services: Royal Bank of Canada
      Insurance Broker: AON/Ruben-Winkler
      Legal Services: Duncan Morin
      Payroll Services: EP Canada Film Services Inc.
      Research: Eastern Script Service
      Camera & Lenses: SIM Video
      Grip & Lighting Equipment: PS Production Services
      Audio & Video Production and Operating Sequence Design: Technicolor Creative Services - Toronto
      Filmed on Location in Toronto, Canada

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom - Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 on FX/FX HD at 9 PM
      Norway - Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 on FEM at 8.30 PM


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