The Listener

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 22, 2012 on CTV
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When three patients in Emergency suffer similar life-threatening symptoms, Olivia places the hospital on lock-down. As patients begin dying, Sandy and Oz assist with emergency treatments while Toby, Michelle and Dev race to find Patient Zero and a biotech firm works on an antidote. The case takes a dramatic turn for Toby when Olivia herself contracts the virus while working heroically to save as many lives as she can.


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  • Two hours of tears.

    I've always loved Toby and Olivia, and hoped that one day they'd realize how they were made for each other and needed to get married already, but I can clearly see why they would kill her off. She was slowly becoming nothing to the show; only a person that Toby went to see for some medical tests, or had drinks with. I'm glad how well this episode was written, and how Olivia ended at her best.

    It took me by complete surprise, and when I realized what was going to happened I started bawling my eyes out and wasn't able to finish the episode for another two hours.

    I think this type of episode was a good change from the typical, "oh, you cheated on me/stole from me/i want your insurance" cases.

    This episode was one of the better episode of this season, I felt that the plot was maybe a 7.5-8, but due to the acting, chemistry, and how well they managed to kill Olivia off, it deserves 8.5.moreless
  • Why? ** SPOILERS **

    First of all, I'm sorry for your loss, Marissa. I lost my mother in March of this year and you're right, it's really weird trying to get used to the fact that you're never going to hear another person's voice or see their face.

    I see no point to this episode. Firstly, this is a TV program and we watch TV to have a break from reality and to enjoy the fine acting of our favorite actors and the characters they portray. Why have the same ending as real life has?

    I just don't like it when they kill key cast off. They did it in Flashpoint a few seasons back and it's been done in other shows as well, but this was a bomb out of nowhere.

    My understanding of how the folks that produce procedurals think is that want us as viewers to get invested with and identify with our favorite characters and follow their stories. That's how great shows last season after season.

    To kill one of them off serves no purpose. Perhaps Mylene wanted to be written out of the script to pursue other opportunities - and that's great. The episode itself was very well done and one of the more compelling ones. I think it's taken until this and the previous episode for the show to find its footing with the new dynamic of Toby with the IIB. Essentially, it is really three different programs with the same actors. There isn't much continuity from one season to the next and now there will be even less.

    I have no idea what to give this, so I"ll put in for 5.0.moreless
  • SO SAD!

    OMG! I cannot believe that Olivia died. She was my favourite cast member!

    And just as her and Toby were making future plans. Life is unfair cold bitch sometimes, don't you agree?

    I know it's only a tv show but it's brings up thoughts of people I've lost suddenly, it feels like your heart has sunk to the bottom of your stomach. To be told that someone you cared about died, without warning is honestly the worst feeling in the world. I definitely know Toby is feeling.

    It's so weird weird having to get used to the fact that your never gonna see someone ever again.moreless
Shawn Roberts

Shawn Roberts

Tyler Ross

Guest Star

Daniel Fathers

Daniel Fathers

Dr. Julian Hennessey

Guest Star

Ellen Dubin

Ellen Dubin

Dr. Lori Marette

Guest Star

Tara Spencer-Nairn

Tara Spencer-Nairn

Nurse Sandy Wardwell

Recurring Role

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    • Olivia: (while having a break) Why don't we do this more often?
      Toby: IIB, EMS, ER, probably a few other acronyms I can't remember right now.
      Olivia: When did we get so busy?
      Toby: I don't know. I don't know. One minute I'm riding on the ambulance with Oz, listening to terrible jokes. Next thing you know, I'm chasing bad dudes all over town. What is that?
      Olivia: And my life as a carefree intern turned into 18-hour days in an overcrowded, under-funded ER.
      Toby: These are the days of our lives. (both laugh)

    • Olivia: Listen, can you do me a favor and help Sandy keep people calm out there? I can't do anything from in here.
      Oz: OK, Liv, can you just please take care of yourself. You're currently the only doctor who doesn't run the other way when they see me coming.
      Olivia: I didn't know that was an option.

    • Oz: How are you feeling?
      Olivia: Like I got hit by a bus.
      Oz: Well, at least you didn't get hit by one of those trucks that carry cars around. Right? That'd be much worse. You know 'cause they're bigger probably hurt more.

    • Oz: Hey, how you holding up?
      Sandy: Still on the right side of the barrier. You?
      Oz: Well, it's not exactly how I thought I'd be spending my evening.
      Sandy: (smiles) Yeah! I'm looking forward to catching up with that.
      Oz: I bet you wish you stayed in Africa.
      Sandy: There's diseases everywhere. If I'm going to get sick, I'm glad I'm with you.
      Oz: Thanks, I think.

    • Oz: You know, you found the cure, right? You saved a lot of people's lives.
      Toby: Yeah, except the one that I cared about.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway - Friday, September 14th, 2012 on FEM at 8:30 PM

    • Music:
      Say Goodbye (I Won't Even) by Adaline from the album Modern Romantics. (closing montage)

    • Actual Roles from the Program's Credits
      Robin Johnston (Production Executive for Bell Media)
      Sally Basmajian (Vice President & General Manager, Comedy & Drama)
      Catherine MacLeod (Vice President, Specialy Channels)
      Glenn Warner (2nd Unit DOP)
      Cudah Andarawewa ('A' Camera Operator)
      Rich Green (1st Assistant Camera)
      Jeffrey Hohener ('B' Camera Operator)
      Andrew Macklin (1st Assistant 'B' Camera)
      Mark Tardif (2nd Assistant 'B' Camera)
      Mike Kilby (Camera Trainee)
      Jacques Raphoz, Hiep Pham, Deirdre Hughes (1st Assistant Art Directors)
      Lucy Veale (Business Affairs Coordinator)
      Sarah MacKinnon (Manager, Production Affairs)
      Chris Comrie, Hope Faith White (1st Assistant Accountants)
      Deb Burgess (Set Buyer)
      Friday Myers (Props Buyer)
      Nicola Moss (Assistant Property Master)
      Dan Wallace (Best Boy Electric)
      Tyler Sellers (Best Boy Grip)
      Steve Willetts (Key Scenic)
      Mario Tassone (Unit Publicist)
      Chad Glastonbury (1st Assistant Picture Editor)
      Mark Kueper (Colorist)
      Claire Dobson (Assistant Sound Editor)