The Listener

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 05, 2009 on CTV

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  • Different Surprise

    This episode at a lot of twist and turns when Toby tries to help out a friend gain 100,000 dollars to save his parents restaurant. Oz found a website of man that is in jail to find his wife for 100,000 dollars, Toby, Marks and Oz try to solve that case that leads into the biggest twists of the season. Toby and Olivia are getting pretty close that they are now kissing, my next opinion is based on fan base. I think Toby and Marks are more suitable together where there together its like a perfect fit, that's just me overall great episode.
  • Oz's parents are in financial trouble and are about to lose their restaurant. Oz sorta blackmail's Toby into trying to win some money at poker to help them. When that fails, they try to win money by finding a missing person.

    This show gets better and better. I loved Toby's reluctance to become involved with using his gift to cheat at gambling. I liked that he lost because he couldn't read what people didn't already know or expect. The actual missing person's case was very interesting. It's great that Toby isn't invincible, that being able to read people doesn't mean that he always gets answers. He has to work for it. In this instance, he was trying to find the murdered wife of a millionaire inmate. He was convicted, though her body was missing. Toby and Oz go through the process of peicing together what happened, and come to a surprising conclusion. Well, it was supposed to be surprising, but I called it from about twenty minutes in. What I didn't see coming was the end after the rich guy gets out of jail and hands over the reward money. Excellent twist. I even liked that they left it hanging when the episode ended. We can only assume that Detective Charlie was able to do something. Great show.
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