The Listener

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 31, 2011 on CTV

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  • Name of the song

    Could someone tell me what is the name of the song at the end , when Adam and Mich are at the bar? thanks :)
  • No Sense

    Well in this episode you have a woman that can increase their guilt for what they have done and have them kill themselves. That's what happen to a car dealer that use to be in a biker gang, Toby gets involve with her, my thoughts on that later. Everybody is riding on Toby. Ryder, Olivia and Oz to quit with IIB, I think the opposite and here is why. Toby really needs to leave the EMS like I said earlier on in the season it will cause conflicts, I still don't know why in season 2 they brought him back to work with EMS which it barely made since in season 1. Toby needs a lot of answers and he won't get it working EMS, he has to get in with a government agency or going rogue completely to see what is happening to him. Being with the EMS is wasting that time, and you can see with the episodes even though they were good there wasn't a real purpose to them. Season 1 let us know that he liked helping people and saving them that is why he was in the EMS, now things have changed and he decided to help people on a greater scale instead of saving one life he could save a dozen or even more. Point is he's overworked working two type of jobs, hell my mind would explode doing that, you can't have it both ways he needs to make a decision. His friends think it's the IIB and I don't, him being at EMS and still doing side work for IIB will just make Oz and Olivia dislike him more and it will old quick heck its already old. Relationships with Toby are a eyesore he's very alone and people that understand him and is always in the type of situation he's in I would consider Michelle. But, it seems this show doesn't do Main lead character and cop romantic scenario for some reason. Instead they have Toby sleeping around on females throughout the series, making him look like a lonely puppy dog is pretty depressing to look at long periods of time. Then ended the Olivia relationship which I agree to that I thought they were better friends than in romantic one. And seeing them as friends in this episode is so much better, since ending Michelle marriage well for a brief moment thought things will start up with Toby and Michelle boy was I wrong they all went back the same direction Michelle back to her ex and Toby well lonely guy pitying himself. I don't know if there is going to be season 3 if there is I don't know if I'll watch it because for what I seen in season 2 its like a standalone season rather than a continuing one. Oh, Toby getting involve with a person like him and than kill her was pretty sad. It's like they want to torture Toby and Michelle being happily bliss, think they put that girl in the picture to sleep with Toby to ease the way for Michelle to get back with her ex. Weird...