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  • Great show, still on?

    Since it's inception, I became a fan. (Season 1 sucked) After that, it was natural to participate in a larger agency.

    I'm still confused though, if the show is returning, especially given the last episode where Toby is conflicted with his position within the Bureau and his recent "Officer involved" killing.

    Really returning??
  • I listened, but couldn't hear

    I was looking foreword to the premier of The Listener, but was very disappointed because the music and sound effects were so loud I couldn't hear the dialogue. Thumbs down on The Listener.
  • Great show but needs some direction!

    I truly enjoy this series!! I'm not sure about season 3 as yet as i've not seen it but I think Lauren Lee Smith is doing a fine job! However, I must agree with what the others have commented, that it would be great to have a follow up on Toby's missing mother and also with the death of Dr Olivia Fawcet, who is going to follow up on TOby's impending head problem? Are you going to leave it at that. The show does seem to be gravitating towards a Cop and Who Done It kind of theme but I'm pretty fine with it however it seems like Toby's no longer the lead which wasn't the original intention I believe. Having said that, I do still look forward to the show. Hope season 3 & 4 won't disappoint!
  • Blonde has the worst wig ever

    The blonde chick has the worst wig ever in season 4. The wig is so bad is is actually distracting. She finally goes with what I think is her own hair and a short haircut halfway through the season. I miss all the interesting ideas they started with, Toby's missing mom, his therapist, his lost brother, him being a paramedic, and also they had more mind reading, they hardly have any since season 2.. Now it is just another cop show. Oz and him are not even paramedics now. I still like the show though. It is one of those shows I put on when I am falling asleep.
  • New character is awful, get her OFF NOW

    The new female head of the unit is such a terrible actress I almost cannot watch the show anymore and I would normally rate this show as a 9. She adds nothing to story and she is a tremendously horrific actress. Please remove her from the show so that it can be watchable again.

    And, Michelle's original hair color was much more flattering. It's now very distracting to watch her sometimes. I so wish actresses would let go of the need to be so blond. She is an ok actress but somehow (I know this is trivial, sorry) her hair how brings out some of her disjointed facial expressions more than it used to.

    Let's please keep this show alive but get back to original story lines, get rid of the new female head of the unit and get Michelle's hair color back to flattering vs distracting!!! Quick, hurry, listen, or I fear this show isn't going to make it!!!
  • Anyone Listening

    I wish the series had not developed paths and then dropped them. It seems like the powers that be were always trying to revamp the show. I would have liked to know what was going to be the outcome, if Toby would ever find out who his mother and sibling was and why the family was on the run, and from whom. Toby's mentor sort of dropped off the map, and it seemed at that time to be very important for his safety that no one knew his secret. Now, everybody knows, he isn't an EMT anymore and he's a consultant. The story line in season two was that the use of his telepathy was killing him. He resolved to continue even if it killed him, but here he is using his abilities with much more control and no physical ill effects. I wish the continuity was a whole lot better and while I do like the show and I keep watching hoping it gets better, I do not like this particular incarnation. I wish they had some way to resolve all the plot and story line holes before the series ends. The only character that has remained essentially the same has been Oz. It would take a deux ex machina to put all the pieces in some sensible order.
  • I agree with those who say it's Heading Downhill

    The show started off great and caught my attention, but they've replaced some of the original chemistry with less than stellar support. And it seems they've lost a long-term sub-plot, focusing on a simple plot per episode.

    I've try to watch, but I find myself so distracted by the poor acting of some, I miss the story and have to rewind to try to focus on that. Also, the actual listening seems more distorted and unclear. Maybe newer writers on new directors just aren't putting in the effort that the original ones did to make it a clean, clear, easy to follow story. There's something that's changed. Something wrong. Not exactly sure what it is and what caused it.

    Plus, sorry to say but the acting of Lauren Lee Smith is terribly distracting. Her facial expressions never fit the scene or even what she's saying. It makes it seem like she's acting in a different scene or show. It's hard to follow the show, when her acting is so off. Over-trained? Definitely over-acting.

    I really enjoyed this show when it first came out, but it's too frustrating to watch now and I've lost my desire to follow it. Times change, and I feel there are other choices for me to try, watch, or catch up on, in my limited TV time.

    It's too bad. I really liked it when it started and looked forward to new episodes. Somewhere along the line they took a bad turn. Aren't there enough stupid COP shows? Get back on the ambulance and bring the show back to entertainment it gave us when it started.

    I originally gave this a 9, but with the current supporting actors, the story line and the direction it's going, it's jumped the shark.

  • Name of the song ?

    I would be grateful if someone could tell me the name of the song at the end of the episode 13 of season 2 (bar scene). Thank you :)
  • Unique and Amazing

    I love how they combine a unique and special power and watching him grow into acceptance. The biggest thing I am upset about is that they don't show this here in the states. I hope they keep making it and I hope that it continues to keep on at this level.
  • Show they started great and then went down hill

    Wow I'm so frustrated with the writers and producers. The show started out great with a fresh cast and then boom they start knocking characters out of the room. Lisa Marcos character was not only hot but she had that perfect relationship with the main character where they would you know flirt and what not and you would think in the future they would end up together but not because they weren't compatible . Also she had that tough exterior shell that could have become more interesting character development as the show went on. But no they write her and anthony lemke of and they don't even give you any explanation. then the show never answers any of the unanswered questions of season 1. And the show practically becomes a Canadian version of chuck with out the action and romance. Truly disappointed this was starting to become one of my all time favorite shows and then they pull this stunt. damn shame
  • Charlieeeeeeeeeee

    I have started watching this show recently and just finished season one, started off with season 2 and it SEEMS that Charlie has been written this is so, it would be a great set back. I aint reading any reviews etc just to keep my suspense in place but just hope that the Director has plans to bring Charlie back
  • Show going from good to bad to worse!

    This show is simply getting worse and worse. Into season 3 and the whole premise of the show set up in season 1 has simply disappeared. Its moved from a solid story in season 1 to a crime show in season 3. Such a disappointment! Every week a new crime and every week a quick solve and move on! Boring as! Has Toby forgotten his Dr Love? His mother? His stolen brother? All we are now treated with is a flimsy who-done-it each week. Where is the back story? Where is the character depth? We deserve more than this one dimensional storyline each week - return us to the reason we watched in the first place and that is SEASON 1!

    We now have characters from the first season that have nothing to do with the events in each episode - spoiler alert - see episode 4 in S3 where Oz and the Dr spend the episode looking for a bracelet (rivetting stuff).

    Come on writers - get back to basics. Stop making out that Toby is some crime fighting hero with a badge (he finally gets one out in S3 Ep4) and make him the take up the quest to find his past where ever that leads us. Anything will be better than the crap that we are dished up to each week in the latest season.
  • The Show Has Potential

    The show has potential but I feel like the writers are wasted it like their unsure is to make this long term or short term in fear of being canceled. So it does mess with a lot of the continue of the stories between seasons and the progression of the episodes. In season 3 they would have to make a lot of changes to get on a direct story based path like it was in the beginning of season 1 after that the show was everywhere to the point it didn't link itself to season 1. But, what makes it good is the episodes and the coming back to keep watching more because most of the time the show is unpredictable.
  • toby logan is an paramedic who has the ability to read people minds.toby uses his gifts to help others.


    i enjoy this show b/c i like the concept of the show. craig olejnik playing toby logan(main character)he does a great job. the show isnt dark and have this horror moments like medium.sure the show has its dark moments but it also has its light moments.the show is very well balanced with the dark stuff as well as with the light stuff.

    i like how toby reacts to his gifts if he should used it or not to used it.i like the struggle toby goes through in the begining.which makes the show show seem very real.and when he accpets his gift we dont get to see him complain about it or not believe in it which is very nice to see on tv.

    the show does have some great action in it as well every now and then.along with the good drama and the comedy thats in the show every now and then. the acting in the show is great.

    my only problem is the writing of the show.the writing is average for this show.i feel like the writing can be alot better than what it is.the writing isnt where i want it to be b/c the writers will leave things unanswered and they just drop stroylines which suck.

    overall its a good show

  • Great show.

    A very attractive (Jared Leto look alike) paramedic with a dubious past, tons of baggage and oh he's a telepath teams up with his overweight underachieving Turkish best friend (also a paramedic), an ER doctor and a very skeptical attractive female cop. Crime show with a "difference". At least he doesn't see ghosts!!! Very different from the CSI's thank heaven. Love the "twilight zone" edge. He is not superhero; a supercop; a spy or in fact, anything super! Just a ordinary guy who can hear voices. Does that qualify as super or not??? Canada has released some excellent shows lately. Great show.
  • If you are watching and do not like what you see in the first 2 episodes...keep watching it might surprise you!

    I'm not sure is its the story, the cases, the place or the lovable lead character but the listener did it for me. I was lucky enough to live in Latin America and watch it before the North American audience and would do anything to have it back for a second season! Why? because is an entertaining show, with interesting scifi twist and human conflicts. Its not trying to be too deep just to make us watch and enjoy! The characters are great, they look and act like normal people with real relationships and conflicts. What I love the most is our "hero" who has these powers, does not know why and is trying to do good with them eventhough its not always the case, complicating his life just because he thinks he can make the difference and get to know more about himself in the process, he does not know how to fight and most of the time is put down by his contenders but he keeps trying to help and its obvious he enjoys the rush!! Each week a new case a new conflict and great chemistry between the cast!!
    Watch it people it will make a great show to spent a great time!!!
  • The Listener was a good international show that NBC picked up to show during the summer. Even though it was canceled before finishing the was a very descent show that deserves attention for their failed try to make it big.

    I had watched the beginning of the series on air but after about five or six episodes I discovered a better show, no disrespect intended, to watch...Killer Women. That show had me intrigued therefore I had the obligation to watch my missed episodes online. When I found out that the show was cancelled before actually airing the few remaining episodes...I wasn't at all surprised because I knew that I wasn't the only person watching Killer Women. To be completely honest I did get bored watching some of the episodes because I really didn't get them so I gave myself a day to finish the series without actually paying attention to it so I wrote this review. It is a good show but not good enough.
  • FAT PARKMAN from HEROES gets his own spin-off show... kind of... no not really. TOBY is a paramedic who also happens to be a telepath. His best friend is your typical chubby clumsy funny guy named Gus. Toby decides to use his ability to help

    It's mildly interesting only 'cause of the concept. A telepath who solves crime. Yeah, guess after introduction of Matt Parkman, the telepathic police officer in Heroes it wasn't really that hard to imagine a show based around that concept of a crime-fighter who has read the bad guy's mind.
    Only problem is, the hero here is a paramedic, not a police officer.
    This is where the show goes downhill. The writing and the overall episodic stories are not that bad, they are downright moronic.
    Now, what could be so bad you might ask. After all he's a telepath right? There must be lots of cool or funny stuff happen with him using his ability. Maybe like a uber cool Mentalist or Psych?
    You'd be wrong on all acounts. His 'power' probably gets used 3 times per episode at maximum. Yes, telepathic power that gets used only 3 times, nice isn't it?
    Then, we have all villains getting into convenient accidents near the end of the episodes to die because remember, our hero is a paramedic, so he can't actually fight the bad guys.
    Lastly, the show is just downright boring. After 20 mins you'll checking the clock to see when it'll be over. It is that slow.
    Can't even say it has that much potential 'cause lets be honest, in the end of the day, he's a paramedic. Not exactly screaming with wow factor.
    Personal vote... pass on it. There are plenty of similar shows that are 10 times better like MENTALIST, PSYCH, LIE TO ME.
  • A nice show but with poor cast and apparently weak budget too... don't get it high hopes

    Well i liked the story line its new and if they had worked it out correctly this show could have the strenght to run for a couple of seasons but unfortunatly with this weak cast and poor acting, I don't think this show will even complete a first season. The only known member in the cast and seems to know how to act (Colm Feore)!! Whats up with that. Yes the canadian tv is showing a great promise but canadian actors and Canadian city too ..... thats just to much. I have to admit i only saw the 1st episode and i will try to follow it
    for another episode or two, but still even so... i know it will be cancelled as long as the production company is NBC. The same will happen here as it happened with Journeyman and many other shows. We will just wait and see whats gonna happen !!!!

    To those who likes the show to much sorry if i was so harsh
  • Truly terrible writing and horrible acting from everyone except Craig Olejnik.

    This show suffers from terrible writing and abysmal acting from everyone except Craig Olejnik (Toby). The pilot's plot developments and characters were unoriginal and so overused. Toby's girlfriend is distrustful and needy, never fleshing out her character enough to show why Toby would even like her in the first place. The female detective assigned to the case asks none of the questions one would expect a competent detective to ask, but instead hassles Toby, treating him as suspect number 1 without, of course, following up on him as a suspect. Toby hits the kidnapper with a shovel, but doesn't follow up with another blow so of course the kidnapper is able to get up to chase Anna and Nicky again. The kidnapper lunges at them to push them off the cliff, but of course misses them and plunges off himself. REALLY? This is the most hackneyed writing I've seen in ages. NBC should be ashamed to be paying the writers for this junk. Hire some talented people.
  • This is a series based on an interesting concept about a man who finds he can hear others thoughts. His struggle to deal with this talent and his attempts to do the right thing is the basis of the conflict that drives the action.

    The protagonist is a conflicted hero and is played well that way by the star. The supporting cast allows him to find assistance as well as express his internal struggles. The characters were a little weak at the start but the show finds its strengths as the episodes continue. The lead is not a superhero but more of an "everyman". It allows the viewer to sympathize with him and when you care about a character you are drawn into his world. This is one of this series most endearing qualities. Also, the actors were all finding their characters a better fit and interacted with each other better as the stories progressed. Unfortunately, this series was never well publicized so it had a hard time finding its audience, in a day when shows have very little time to develop and prove themselves.
  • A drama/crime show about a paramedic who can read minds. He helps solve crimes with his ability while also trying to unravel his past and keep suspicious detectives from figuring out his secret.

    Despite having a slightly rocky start in the first episode or two as far as reviews and ratings go, this show has got me very interested. I've watched the entire first season and can't wait for the second. I really enjoy the chemistry and conversation between refreshingly in-depth characters, and the plots and subplots are always well-done. It's also nice to see a telepath who doesn't brag about his ability but keeps it a secret (partially for his own safety) and uses it to help other people, often at his own risk. I believe that if NBC will just give The Listener a chance it will really go somewhere.
  • A really great character show about a 28-year-old EMT Toby Logan who uses his ability to read minds to save people's lives with the help of his best friend Oz and the help of Dt. Charlie Marks.

    This show really is something special. It kills me that no one knows it exists, because it has a lot of potential. The acting is quite good, especially that of supporting character and comedic relief, Oz, played by Ennis Esmer. The plots are original week-by-week and not the repetitive "Doctor does not know how to solve case, doctor struggles, doctor has epiphany, docotr wins" every single week. Especially towards the end of the series with the mystery behind Toby's mother, I was really starting to get into the show. NBC please renew this show! It is captivating, clever, charming and just plain old GOOD. We DO NOT need another reality TV show. KEEP THE LISTENER!
  • Wow this show is amazing its like up on the list with Heroes as it first had came out to view for the public.

    Wow this show is amazing its like up on the list with Heroes as it first had came out to view for the public. I like something new like this show. It has the drama, the action, the supernatural, and the romance all in one hardy place. I hope this show continues for the public to see new episodes.I like the part of it not just being him in the world that has powers like him there are other people out there who can do amazing things,although i can't help but wait and wonder how powerful of a mind reader is his mom and as he gets older will he be able to read minds from a long distance like two mile radius that would be cool.
  • "The Listener" is a series about a 28 year old paramedic whose innate ability to read minds abruptly starts to grow stronger. He decides to use his power to help the people who can't make themselves heard otherwise.

    The show starts off thin as the writers spend their time introducing the characters and concepts. It's clear that this is a new show. By midseason, the writers have found their feet. The show goes all out from there. All the episodes are solid, but it's only in the back half that they become truly excellent.

    This isn't a superhero show. There's no huge budget or fancy special effects. This is a show about an ordinary man who also happens to be able to read people's minds. Besides dealing with the action/adventure elements, the writers also broach some ethical questions related to mind reading and how we see people. There's a lot of depth here that may go unnoticed with a casual viewing.
  • A telepath uses his powers to save lives and do good. Starring: Craig Olejnik, Lisa Marcos, Ennis Emer, Mylene Dunh-Robic, and Colm Feore

    An original idea that I believe is well executed. The episodes of this series are filled with action and a lot of it. With elements of each genre truly being represented, drama, comedy with Oz (Ennis Emer), action with Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Detective Charlie Marks (Lisa Marcos), and romance with the past relationship between Logan and Olivia (Mylene Dunh-Robic). This is not a serious series, but it is one that is a lot of fun watching, that i really enjoy just sitting in my chair and watching. Hoping more will come from this series as i believe that it has a good future.
  • Definitely worth watching

    Overall, I think a lot of reviewers on here have gotten the wrong idea of this show. That guy from Heroes that does telepathy..... don't think so. Heroes has a completely different complex, although I've never really liked Heroes so that might be it. Also, there's one review on here that I find quite offensive, talking about casting and city. They believe that being a Canadian show, set in a canadian city, with a Canadian cast and writers is too much. I find this a low blow. It is originally targeted for a Canadian audience, but NBC saw promise in this show and bought rights over. There's no need to think that everything Canadian in the show is too much, there's another show that's doing the same thing (Flashpoint on CBS I believe, don't know the U.S. network it airs on) and from what I can tell it's doing well. That's also set in a Canadian city with a Canadian cast.... well... all except Amy jo Johnson from power rangers...

    As for the show, I'm in love with it. I've seen the entire first season (found it only) and am intrigued. I think that you need to give it more time and it will grow on you, it is an excellent show with good actors. Writing, for the most part is good, but it could be better. Flow, plot lines and the telepathy is all very well paced throughout each episode. I don't know how it will turn out in the states, but I'm pretty sure for Canada it'll turn out for a couple more seasons, it is definitely worth watching. Not bad for another Canadian show.
  • Awkward beginning.

    Artistic license aside, the series begins awkwardly. It seemed to have jumped in ahead of itself, well before the characters and their respective situations had been introduced, never mind developed. And once again, the "paramedic" did more detective work than he did health care...artistic license gain I presume.

    The demographic for this series must be very young, because other than the female doctor and the advisor (played by the usually fabulous Colm Feore)I didn't really relate to any one. If that's the target audience that's fine, but its going to take some serious writing and execution to bring this series back on-line.

    Not that it isn't possible to do so. There is potential, but I was really hoping for...EXPECTING...much more given the hype. Flashpoint it ain't! But I'd still like to see the hometown show come out a winner, so I'll keep watching to see what, if anything develops.
  • The Listener is a show about Toby Logan, a 24 year old paramedic who has the ability to read minds. It follows Toby as he learns to incorporate this talent into his daily life, as well as struggles to remember a past marred in mystery.

    I am a fan of Heroes as well as The Listener, and I want to start by saying that Toby is NOT a weak doppelganger to the more popular Matt Parkman.

    Toby is a completely unique individual who is surrounded by a warm and supportive cast played by talented actors.

    When I watch this show I find myself hooked from the first few minutes till the very end. The way Toby utilizes his abilities - how he interacts with coworkers and friends, it all just feels natural.

    He doesn't dawn a red cape every morning and dash about saving anyone he comes across. The cases he finds himself involved with are ones that he connects with on a personal level. He's not comfortable with his ability, but he uses it when no one else can be of help.

    What is truly one of the most compelling parts of this show for me, is the mystery behind his past. We learn in the very beginning that Toby was raised an orphan and has no memory beyond some foggy fragmented moments left of his mother insisting that he remember his new name.

    Is his missing past connected to his ability to read minds? Who was his mother running from, and how did Toby end up where he is? These questions draw me in and help to connect me further with Toby Logan.

    I give it as many stars out of as many stars as possible and hope that it is renewed for a second series.
  • This is not a version of Matt Parkman from Heroes, he is someone different.

    IT'S DIFFERENT!!!! The show, contains humorous and tragic and much more. It's entertainment. It's clean and decent show. Toby as he uses his power to solve crimes. Toby Logan is a 24-year-old paramedic who can read people's thoughts, is a young paramedic with the power to listen to people's most intimate thoughts soon realizes: that with great power comes great responsibility. Still, he's got to admit that this telepathy can be pretty cool. Then he has intense desire to help people. But the problem to hide his gift creates difficult situations to him. He dedicates his life to save people. This is not a version of Matt Parkman from Heroes, he is someone different. I love this show!!!
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