The Listener

Season 4 Episode 2

The Blue Line

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 05, 2013 on CTV
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The Blue Line

Thieves rob an armored car with military-style armor piercing bullets, killing a police officer in the process. The case is personal for Michelle as she knew the slain officer from the Police Academy.

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  • I've had enough.

    I really can't take the poor acting of Lauren Lee Smith anymore.

    I already swore off the show, but thought I'd try again.

    OMG!! Here's what did it.

    Her character is standing over the dead police officer Someone she supposedly knows, and she's suppose to be sad, but there's no real sadness in her voice inflections or facial expression while she spews lines that should be coming from someone sad and concerned. Then she says "Do they need someone to tell her Mom?", and the voice she says it in sounds excited, like she's taking a kid for ice cream.

    Is she THAT bad, or are they trying to make it a comedy?

    Maybe she's good at something, but it's not acting. Not in this show anyway. I don't remember seeing her in anything else.

    If it was suppose to make her part be comedic relief, it doesn't work, At all.

    It makes me cringe and I can't focus on the show or the plot anymore.

    Nepotism or not, If she is going to stick with acting, I think she should try comedies, because drama is not her forte.

Rick Roberts

Rick Roberts

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Tyler Hynes

Kurt Marker

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Kristin Fairlie

Amy Bogle

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Tara Spencer-Nairn

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Melanie Scrofano

Melanie Scrofano

Tia Tremblay

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    • Oz: I saw on the news. You guys took down the shooters.
      Toby: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Superintendent Martell is stoked, man. Everyone's happy.
      Oz: Yeah. She made it sound like she did it all herself.
      Toby: That's her job.
      : Whereas you're in it for the brushes with criminal lowlifes and homicidal maniacs?
      : That's why we're friends.

    • Superindendent Nichola Martrell: I've been telling the press we had our guy. You just made me look like an idiot.
      Alvin Klein: With all due respect, it wasn't me that did that.
      Martrell: How did you let him slip through your fingers?
      Alvin Klein: Ask the judge.
      Martrell: You should have a confession!
      Alvin Klein: We were working on it.
      Martrell: And you failed.
      Alvin Klein: What would you have recommended? Waterboarding?
      Martrell: I need you to make this right.
      Alvin Klein: Oh, we're gonna find who killed Officer Foster and apprehend them. Not looking like an idiot is something you're gonna have to work on yourself... sir.
      Martrell: They told me you were a smartass. I don't know what's so damn special about your unit that you've been getting carte blanche from this organization for so long, but you'd better show me. Fast.

    • Toby: (referring to the new superintendent) She mentioned you by name. She's got a lot of faith.
      Alvin Klein: No, she just told everybody who to blame if we don't take these guys down quickly.
      Michelle: Playing politics with one cop in the morgue.
      Alvin Klein: Trouble runs downhill. We just happen to be at the bottom of the hill right now.

    • Alvin Klein: As much as we don't like it sometimes, there is this thing called due process.

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