The Listener

Season 3 Episode 12

The Bro Code

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 05, 2012 on CTV



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    • Oz: (about his friendship with Tommy) Just a couple of snot-nosed kids getting in every kind of trouble you can think of. Then my parents lowered the boom. The way they saw it, they didn't immigrate from Turkey for me to waste my days as a shiftless layabout.
      Toby: (smirks) Layabout.
      Oz: Yeah, that's my mother's second favorite word. After cataclysm, which she threatened to unleash upon me if I didn't do what she said.

    • Klein: We have a guy who witnessed a murder and rather than report it to Metro you hijack this team, you did some digging around on your own. Am I understanding this correctly?
      Toby: He's a childhood friend of my good buddy, Oz. He's had some trouble with drugs in the past. He's a little paranoid about the cops.
      Klein: So now we're going on the word of a junkie. This just keeps getting better.

    • Tommy: The whole thing was Jake's idea. It wasn't my fault.
      Oz: It wasn't your fault? What, a bunch of somebody else's money just ended up in your pocket by accident?
      Tommy: Jake said the whole thing was going to be safe!
      Oz: Tommy, life is about choices. Why do you keep making stupid ones?

    • Oz: You know, a real friend is someone who's there for you to help you as much as you're there to help them; a friend who knows that sometimes you don't have time to go to the grocery store because, oh, maybe you were holed up on the run from killers; a friend who would never let you go hungry. Know what I mean?
      Toby: Yeah, I'm not sharing my food with you.
      Oz: Is that all our friendship means to you?
      Toby: Pulling that card?
      Oz: I'm very disappointed. It smells so good.
      Toby: Those puppy-dog eyes. Pull up a chair. Come on, just don't touch the broccoli.

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