The Little Couple

Tuesday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 19, 2009 In Season





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  • my comment

    why don't you get a child from your own country im sure there are lots of children in the USA .or do you think your to good to do that.

  • Everything Grande

    I used to watch this show and really adored his family, but everything they do is on a grand scale... In excess big time. They cant just have have a huge house they need another huge house on the beach, its not just birthday parties for the kids they have to bring the entire zoo,.. renewing vows in grand style,no expense held best of everything on a grand glutinous scale.
  • Animal issues

    Loved you all and show until I saw your dogs tied outside French doors during a party. Why tied? Now New a Your Horse Drawn Carriage Rides? Really. unexceptable
  • Mrs. D

    I loved the show when it first came to air! Now with the kids on air, how much money can they really spend on children between two and four year olds. Totally rediculous
  • Inspiring & sweet

    This show is such a nice relief from the others that thrive on drama & mistreating others. I love their love. Jen is an inspiration. Not because she's "little" but because she is so kind hearted, hard working & determined to not let anything bring her down. Her kids are so lucky & they make a perfect family. I adore them.
  • my Favorite Program

    the little couple are so great, I'd like to be their friend. I am so in love with Will and Zooey.

    I look forward to this program each week.
  • I love this couple! These people are such an inspiration and such a great family ! I w

    I would love to meet them some day!, their kids are so smart and adorable!
  • Little Couple

    I love this show alot
  • The Little Couple family go to Delawhere???

    Love the show. Have a couple of 'grumps' about the episode where the family take their son to the Nemours A. I. DuPont Institute for surgeries. Nemours is repeatedly mispronounced during the show. Also, there was footage of the buildings on the grounds of the Institute shown while the couple talked about having fun at the Marshall Steam Museum which looks totally different on the exterior. Loved the scene lunching at the Charcoal Pit!! It is the very best restaurant in Wilmington for pre-surgery treats. I had my pre-tonsillectomy lunch there 50 years ago. How do I know this? I grew up there. My next door neighbor was a surgeon at the Institute and my best friend lived in the carriage house within the walls of the Institute grounds.
  • My Little Heroes

    I really love this show, it is a true reality show of an awesome couple dealing with true daily problems with their bodies that GOD blessed them with. Amen & bless their parents, they are the heroes behind this young couple; for they were taught from the beginning that they were just like any other kids, they were just short and they could accomplish their dreams & goals. They would just have to take more steps & challenges. It sure makes the average whiner a real jerk. My gosh folks, do we really have anything worth complaing about ? ( I sure don't, I am truely blessed. Thank GOD)
  • Little Couple

    I love this show, please adopt me.
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