The Little Couple - Season 5

Tuesday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 19, 2009 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 10
    Ever since they decided to become parents, Bill and Jen have considered adopting a child. But now they are taking the next step have and set up a meeting with the founder of an organization dedicated to finding parents for kids with special needs.
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    Jen & Bill take road trip from Houston to San Antonio.They have been in Texas for four years now and there's still so much of the state they have yet to explore. The Little couple reminisce about their first year in Houston and plans for a family.
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    Jen is the keynote speaker at a health care conference in Nashville and Bill decides to come with her to make a it a trip for the Little Couple. While in the music city, the couple heads out to see the sights.
  • The Cocktail Party
    Episode 11
    Jen is leading the way in new program with the Houston Fire Department in simulation training. It's the first time the hospital and fire department have come together and to celebrate, Jen and Bill are hosting a cocktail reception in their home.
  • New Leash On Life
    Episode 10
    Bill and Jen try to put the recent failed egg retrieval behind them and focus on their crazy work schedules. Jen is busy inspecting a new addition to the hospital while Bill brings in a pet psychic to the pet store.
  • 0.0
    It's Grand Opening Weekend for Bill's new pet store Rocky and Maggie's. But things get complicated when Jen finds out the results of her latest ultrasound, revealing she needs to get to L.A. for an egg extraction during the grand opening celebration.
  • Ready, Set, Relax!
    Episode 8
    Life has gotten pretty stressful between busy holidays, work and the recent surrogacy attempt, so Bill has decided to take Jen to Galveston for a surprise weekend at the beach. The time allows them to discuss their most pressing concern, becoming parents.
  • 0.0
    Bill and Jen are looking forward to a big holiday celebration in their new home and this year both of their families are coming to Houston... And they are all staying with Bill & Jen! But during the visit, they wonder if their surrogate Cindy is pregnant.
  • A Store Is Born
    Episode 6
    Bill has been working hard toward the opening of his pet store. He's picked the perfect location and now needs to renovate and hire employees. Bill and his mother in-law, Judy interview potential employees and Jen gives her opinion on the design.
  • 0.0
    The journey to become parents have brought Bill and Jen back to California for another procedure to transfer embryos to their surrogate, Cindy. Although they are still reeling from Cindy's miscarriage, the couple is remaining positive about this round.
  • 0.0
    Bill and Jen have been loving their new home but find that there's a few more details that can use a personal touch. Bill refinishes the floor of the garage to start turning it into his man cave and Jen decorates her closet to make it her woman cave.
  • 0.0
    Bill & Jen get ready to decorate the new house for Christmas. Since Bill's family will be in town for the holidays, Jen hires a decorating service to come out and transform their new house into Texas-sized holiday display.
  • A Little Thanks
    Episode 2
    It is Bill and Jen's first Thanksgiving in their new home and what better way to test out the custom made kitchen than by hosting a dinner for their friends on the big day.
  • 0.0
    Some time has passed since The Little Couple received news of their surrogate Cindy's miscarriage. Now, Bill and Jen are ready to move forward, determined to make their family dreams a reality, but will their surrogate feel the same way?