The Little Lulu Show

HBO (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Green Girl/Rainy Day Tag/Beautiful Lulu
      Green Girl: Lulu wants to sail her boat in the bathtub, but the water isn't green enough. So she uses all of Mrs. Moppet's green ink in the water. The next day, Lulu's skin is completely green, and she becomes a celebrity, until Mrs. ns Moppets learns the truth. Rainy Day Tag: It's raining, and Lulu and Tubby both claim to each other over the phone that they have colds. To make the other feel better, they go over to the other's house, until finally they all bump into each other on the street. Beautiful Lulu: Lulu is depressed after overhearing Tubby tell the other boys that she's the homeliest girl in the world. Mrs. Moppet shows her how silly boys can be when she dolls up Lulu and sends her outside. The boys discover this beautiful new stranger and get territorial over her.moreless
    • Alvin's Record Player/Lulu's Television Debut/Crybaby
      Alvin's Record Player: Alvin buys a new record player that plays only one record: Mary Had a Little Lamb. With Alvin playing this over and over again, Mr. and Mrs. Moppet are about to blow their tops. Mr. Moppet buys Alvin's record player for twice the price, only to find that Alvin turned around and bought two more. Lulu's Television Debut: On her way to exchange a vase for Mrs. Moppet, Wilbur dares Lulu to escape from a pair of handcuffs, which doesn't seem to so easy after all. Lulu is then being broadcasted on live TV carring a vase on her head, and her hands cuffed behind her back. Crybaby: Alvin cries for no apparent reason. Tubby explains to him that men don't cry. Lulu says differently. Then Lulu and Tubby get into a scrap about men can't do this, or women can't do that.moreless
    • Snowball War/Jr. Detective Tubby/Picnic Pirates
      Snowball War: The girls are tired of Tubby and the boys pelting them with snowballs. So Lulu starts an all-girl army to beat the boys at their own game. Tubby and the boys met their match, and the girls are satisfied. Jr. Detective Tubby: Lulu discovers a message that appears all over town written in black crayon: "Lulu Loves Tubby". When she points this out to Tubby, he becomes Tubby the Detective to search the whole town to see who has a black crayon. After Lulu gives up, Tubby admits he's the culpret. Picnic Pirates: Tubby find out that the girls are having a picnic on the island. Tubby, Willie, and Iggie arrive to releave the girls of their picnic basket. Tubby and Willie do this by swimming to the island naked. Iggie swims over later, only to find the girls waiting for him.moreless
    • Gilbert the Gorilla/Lulu's Snowbiz/The Case of the Egg in the Shoe
      Gilbert the Gorilla: An angry zoo gorilla named Gilbert falls in love with Lulu after she wears a stinky perfume. Gilbert escapes the zoo and finds his way to Lulu's house. Lulu takes Gilbert back to the zoo.

      Lulu's Snowbiz: Lulu and Annie start a snow-shoveling business, only to find that they've got competition when Tubby and the boys are snow-shoveling too. Lulu and Annie manage to make more money that the boys, even though they hardly did work.

      The Case of the Egg in the Shoe: Mr. Moppet find an egg in his shoe, and put the blame on Lulu. Tubby goes undercover to find the real culpret, who turns out to be a chicken who flew into the Moppet's bedroom when the window was open.moreless
    • Business Girl/The Pet Duck/Lulu's Umbrella Service
      Business Girl: Lulu and Annie starts a lemonade stand. Unfortunately, they meet quick competition and trouble when the boys open their lemonade stand around the corner. The boys pull pranks by dropping frogs and ink in Lulu's lemonade. Lulu scares the boys away by having Annie drink the boy's lemonade, and pretending she was poisoned.

      The Pet Duck: Lulu a duck follows Lulu home as if it were tame. She decides to keep the duck, until she learns that a clown lost his pet duck. Lulu discovers the duck is missing and sees what looks like roast duck in the oven. Lulu brings the clown another duck, but escorts Lulu home to find his real pet duck had come back after flying in and out the window.

      Lulu's Umbrella Service: It's a rainy day, and Lulu starts an umbrella service which so far hasn't had any business, until fresh Wilbur Van Snobbe has Lulu chase him all over town, threatening to get his hat wet, and get Lulu in trouble.moreless
    • Friends and Enemies/The Beauty Contest/The Rich Little Poor Boy
      Friends and Enemies: It's Lulu's birthday party, and she wants to invite everybody. She invites Tubby, Willie, Iggie, Alvin, Annie, and Jeannie and Joannie, but they can't make it. So Lulu invites her enemies, Gloria, Wilbur, and Johnny, who can make. At the party, Lulu gets a call from what sounds like a near-death Tubby. Lulu rushes over to Tubby's house to find her friends throwing her a surprise party.

      The Beauty Contest: Tubby and the boys start a beauty contest to pick the prettiest girl in town. Gloria bribes the judges by picking her in exchange for kisses. Lulu and Annie decide to have a beauty contest for the prettiest boy in town. The boys bribe Lulu by not picking them. Lulu agrees on one condition. In the end, Annie is named prettiest girl in town.

      The Rich Little Poor Boy: Child star, Gregory Mandel is in town for a stage version of his newest movie: The Rich Little Poor Boy. Lulu trips, and finds the picture of it mixed with a picture of Gregory in the paper, making it look like she fell for him. Lulu attacks Gregory while he's on stage. He starts to chase her, Tubby trips him, and now he's in the paper falling for Lulu.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3