The Little Lulu Show

HBO (ended 1996)


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  • Probably one of the best shows family aired back in the day. Outstanding for its time on that channel.

    Aw this show brings back alot of memories. All though I never read any of the old lulu comic books the show was good enough for me. Lulu and Tubby where my favourite characters. They both have a grudge for each other but then it's Tubby who must go to lulu for her help. Another good thing about the show is how its diveded up in its 22 minute run. First theres lulu doing stand up, then some 30 second cut scenes and then these 5 minute short episodes. Also that theme song is so good. I just had to listen to it again on youtube. The only thing I find disturbing is how the skirts undergarments keep showing, but what am I to say for it makes it more realistic. Is it me or do shows that have the main characters as a girl improves the show so much. What about mimi,little lulu,buzz on maggie,angela anaconda; ect. I wish family would start airing it again.