The Little Lulu Show - Season 2

HBO (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • Potato Kids/The Ventriloquist/Bunny Fun
    Potato Kids: When Lulu and Mrs. Moppet peal potatoes, she finds one that looks exactly like Tubby. When she goes to show it to him, everyone thinks she's trying to harass him. Tubby then gets revenge by finding a potato that looks just like her. Lulu is offended, while Annie finds it hilarious, so Lulu finds a potato that looks just like Annie. Thus breaking the potato war.

    The Ventriloquist: Tubby practices throwing his voice, by making Lulu's mirror, Gloria's poodle, Alvin's toy soldier, Annie's sunglasses, Wilbur's money, and Officer McNab's shoes talk. When Officer McNab's shoes talk, Lulu notices Tubby's cheeks moving to the exact same syllables. Lulu then has Tubby over, when he discovers everything really is talking! Tubby then learns his lesson.

    Bunny Fun: Tubby has to be the Easter Bunny in the Easter Pagent. He is embarrassed by the purple bunny suit and when the Tompkins car breaks down, he and Lulu have to find gas. Tubby is then chased by the West Side Boys. Once on stage, the boys chase after the bunny who's stealing their girls. Lulu save Tubby via the curtain rope. Tubby then learns the play is scheduled for more performances.moreless
  • Lancelot Jr./Lucky Lady/Five Little Babies
    Lancelot Jr. Mr. Van Snobbe buys an old suit of armor that was once worn by Lancelot Jr.. Legend has it when the three suits of armor are reunited, the spirit of the Lancelot family process the armors. Wilbur steps inside the suit of armor, only to find him having trouble seeing, and knocking things down with the sword. Mr. Van Snobbe has visitors, when Lulu and Tubby hide in the other suit of armors. They find the armors alive, and are being chased by them. When Mr. Van Snobbe finds Wilbur in the Lancelot Jr. suit, Lulu and Tubby escape via a catapult and an open window.

    Lucky Lady: The kids discover on the front page of the newspaper that a lady is offering $10 to the most polite kid in town. The boys then cause trouble when all trying to earn the $10. Each lady they help, are displeased with the boys' ill behavior. When they knock down Mrs. Van Snobbe, Lulu and Annie help her up, and the two earn the $10, while Wilbur is shocked to see it was his mother who sent in the article.

    Five Little Babies: Wilbur bets Tubby that he can get Lulu to follow him around like a puppy, if Tubby will let him in the club. Wilbur tells Lulu that he lost his dog and asks her for help by having her pretend to be his new dog, to make his old dog jealous. Tubby sees this and Wilbur is in the club. Annie tells Lulu the whole story, and Lulu plots revenge. While the boy go skinny dipping, she hides there clothes, and when the come out, she has them get into diapers until they get to the clubhouse. She hides them in a wagon, and lets it go. When the wagon crashes, Officer McNab finds the boys wearing diapers.moreless
  • The Bogeyman/Tatoos/Mimibur
    The Bogeyman: Alvin sneaks into Lulu's house during the middle of the night, because he wants a story to help him sleep. So Lulu tells him the story of how one night she ran into a guy with a big nose and three ears. At first she thought it was her science teacher, but it turned out to be the bogey man. The Bogeyman is nothing more than a scaredy cat himself, he is afraid of spiders, the dentist, and the dark. It turns out, his dream is to be a dancer as the "Boogy-man". Alvin dislikes the story, and goes home. Tatoos: A new tatoo parlor opens up, and the fellers decide to have Tubby get a tatoo, but Tubby tries to buy time. Lulu and Annie meet with Sailor Dan, the tatoo man, and pretty soon, Lulu and Annie are walking around with new tatoos! When word gets out, all the housewives ban together to take Sailor Dan down. He and the girls try to escape in the lake, but their boat sinks. When they come back to shore, it turns out that the tatoos were just paint. Sailor Dan would never give a kid a real tatoo he said, so Sailor Dan was back in business, and the moms all got free fake tatoos as an apology. Mimibur: Lulu and Annie are once again fed up with rich snob Wilbur. After he plays another practical joke on them, he hops over the fence, only to find it was the bear pin at the zoo. He is naked, but Lulu and Annie help him by dressing him up as a girl named Mimi, who they're bringing along to Wilbur's party. Wilbur then finds himself having to play himself, and Mimi at the same time. Wilbur comes out as both, and confesses it was him who was Mimi all along. Gloria is happy that she is still the most popular girl, and Tubby faints to learn he fell in love with Wilbur!moreless
  • The Bear Trap/Shirley the Shadow/A Dog's Life Saver
    The Bear Trap: Wilbur is such a pest, he makes Tubby's paper delivery job such a problem. Lulu sneaks into the Van Snobbe mansion to recover Tubby's money, only to be chased by Wilbur. Lulu hides inside a bear head trophe that is full of money. Tubby comes in, and Wilbur sees his father being robbed by two burglars. Lulu has Tubby and Wilbur hide in the other heads, and when they robber come in, they find them being attacked by animal heads. In the confusion, Mr. Van Snobbe calls the police, and Officer McNab hides them in the patrol car, when the kids remove the heads. Lulu is rewarded, and as for Tubby, not a cent until he starts delivering on time.

    Shirley the Shadow: Alvin once again wants Lulu to tell him a story. So Lulu tells hims the story of a little girl who lost her shadow. The shadow has a life of it's own, but when she looses her shadow, she becomes depressed. When she finds a travel shadow salesman, she finds Shirley, who is being sold for 25 cents, but she's broke. She steals the man's shadow, and they trade. Alvin dislikes the story, but Lulu and Shirley don't care.

    A Dog's Life Saver: Lulu and Tubby try to help a little dog who's running away from the dogcatcher. Lulu and Tubby try to hide in Winkle's Department Store, only to be chased by the dogcatcher, who keeps breaking things in the process, and getting billed. Lulu and Tubby hide in a rolled up rug. The dogcatcher buys the rug, but when he walks out, Lulu and Tubby slide out, and the dog is now Lulu's pet.moreless
  • Prisoner Exchange/The Balloon Derby/Dummy Skeleton
    Prisoner Exchange: The police department capture the evil Marty the Midget, a felon wanted for burglary, kidnapping, grand theft auto, and worst of all not looking both ways before crossing. Once in his cell, Marty spoons his way out and digs himself out of the sandbox, where he meets his twin: Tubby! The two switch outfits, and claims that he dug all the way from China, and that once he tells the newspapers, his clothes will be on the front page. So Tubby decides to dig through the tunnel, only to find he's in prison. Marty has a hard time, when the fellers chase him down for his debt, and Mrs. Tompkins chasing him down to take his medicine, meanwhile, Tubby has it easy with the prisoners cheering while he eats 20 pieces of cake, and winning at a game of marbles. Lulu offers to help hide Marty, and then she turns him in. Tubby then finds a picture of his clothes on every paper in town.

    The Balloon Derby: Mr. Coldcuts has a promotion as he released 11 balloons marked from 0 to 10, for every balloon that's brought back, he'll reward that child with the same amount of money. The children go berzerk over the balloons and in the process, knock down trees, and destroy public property. Everytime Lulu finds a balloon, she and Tubby get into a fist fight over it. Eventually, each balloon pops, but when Lulu finds the 10 balloon when no one else does, she gets a plan. She takes it to Mr. Coldcuts without the air so it'll be easy to hide. Lulu and Annie are reward with $10, and the citizens bill Mr. Coldcuts for all the damage done by the wild children.

    Dummy Skeleton: Lulu and Annie have to deliver a dress-wearing dummy to dressmaker, Madame Zaza. Meanwhile, Tubby and Iggie find a skeleton in a box in the middle of the street. A lady reports children playing with dead bodies, and then sees Lulu and Annie with the dummy's arm popping out of the box. The lady re reports the offense, and Officer McNab is on his way. On the way, Lulu and Annie bumb into Tubby and Iggie who are delivering a skeleton to the science lab. They get the boxes mixed up, and Lulu and Annie deliver the skeleton to Madame Zaza, and Tubby and Iggie deliver the manikin to Dr. Chronicle. In the end, they get every straight.moreless
  • Alvinsitting/Two Lulus/The Hat
    Alvinsitting: Lulu finds herself in a life threating situation: baby sitting Alvin! The bratiest little kid on the whole block. Lulu arrives, and then Alvin starts causing trouble by juggling eggs. Lulu puts the eggs back, and then finds herself locked out. She tries every method she knows for getting back in the house, but fails. She then decides to go back home, finding out that Alvin is scared to be alone, so they reach a compromise, and Lulu is shocked to make it out alive.

    Two Lulus: Lulu and the gang find a new maniquen at Mr. Winkle's Department store that looks just like a girl that used to be in their Lulu then scares the boys by claiming that the maniquen men hypnotizes little girls for more realistic dummies. Tubby finds the story true, when he finds a Lulu maniquen with the maniquen man. The boys then go to the store to free Lulu who turns out to be a stiff as a bored, while the real Lulu gets lost.

    The Hat: Mrs. Moppet orders a hat that is delivered while she's out. Lulu tries on the hat while outside, which is then ate by Wilbur's dog. Lulu tries to exchange the hat, and is kicked out of the mall. Lulu and Tubby make a new hat out of paper masche and macaroni. Mrs. Moppet returns the hat to exchange and Lulu and a security guard threaten Wilbur to fix up this whole situation. Wilbur suggests his mom to buy the hat Mrs. Moppet returned, and then wilts in the rain, while Mrs. Moppet gets the hat she wanted.moreless
  • Lucky Lulu/Hot Diggety Dog/Jumping Beans
    Lucky Lulu: It's almost time for Thanksgiving, and funny coincidence for Mr. Coldcuts prized turkey to be on the loose. Lulu, and the gang go out in search for it. Lulu and Annie want to return it, while the boys want to eat it. Tubby finds it and takes it home, where Mr. Tompkins drools over it. Lulu and Annie find the turkey tied up outside, and takes it home, where Mr. Moppet drools over it. Lulu and Annie return the turkey to Mr. Coldcuts, with an angry mob of the boys, Moppets, and Tompkins chasing them. It turns out the turkey, named Alice, is going to be in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, she is a pet, not for eating.

    Hot Diggety Dog: Lulu, Tubby, and Alvin spend a day at the beach, when they learn from the hotdog vender that there's buried treasure on the beach. Tubby automatically starts digging for the treasure chest, with Lulu and Alvin trying calm him down when he gets carried away. They eventually dig it up, and are then chased by pedestrians who want there shares. Lulu, Tubby and Alvin hide in behind the hotdog stand, and find out that the treasure is really hotdog shaped balloons. They are then reward with all you can eat free hotdogs (Tubby's kind of prize).

    Jumping Beans: Lulu and Tubby are sent out to pickup beans at the supermarket (how boring). Lulu and Tubby find Iggie pretending to be a secret agent, then Lulu and Tubby get the idea to send Iggie on a "secret mission", to pick up the beans. Tubby then goes to the clubhouse, where Willie and Eddie tell him he owes 75 cents towards the club's budget. As punishment, they have him catch two bagful of grasshoppers. When he returns, Iggie arrives with two bags of beans, and pulls the old switcharoo, when Willie and Eddie re pull the old switcharoo again. Willie and Eddie then go to exchange the beans for candy, only find the supermarket full of grasshoppers hopping all over the place.moreless
  • Valentine's Day/Gertie Greenbean/Stop Fiddling Around
    Valentine's Day: It's Valentine's Day, and Lulu bets Gloria she'll get more valentines. Lulu finds two dollars on the sidewalk, and learns it's Willie's money. Lulu gives it to him, and he in return buys a box of chocolates for Gloria. Lulu then gets Iggie off the hook for illegally picking flowers, and he gives them to Gloria. And Lulu help Tubby finish painting a giant heart for Gloria. In then end, the boys find out that Gloria bribed them all for valentines, so they decide to give their valentines to Lulu. Gertie Greenbean: Lulu is almost hit by Wilbur, who then is tied up by newbie, Gertie Greenbean. Lulu and Gertie become fast friends, and Wilbur decides to get revenge. Lulu invites Gertie to spend the night when she learns the Greenbeans are a traveling salesfamily, and live in an RV. Wilbur figures out his plan. He beats himself up and runs to his parents claiming Gertie beat him up. The next day, Gertie finds her mom's RV gone. Wilbur teases her, and she beats the crap out of him. Gertie is later reunited with her mother, and she will always have a friend with Lulu. Stop Fiddling Around: Tubby is taking violin lessons, but his playing is terrible; even his teacher hates it. Tubby is dismissed early, meanwhile, Mrs. Moppet accidentally busts Mr. Moppets best pipe, and hides it in a cloth. When Lulu cuts an onion, she wipes her eyes with the cloth, and here something fall, and sees the busted pipe. Lulu is scared that she broke it, and doesn't know how, and goes into hidden when her angry father searches for his pipe. Tubby says music soothes the savage beast, so Lulu has Tubby play his violin while she explains. Mr. Moppet is annoyed and is chased out. Mrs. Moppet explains to him about the pipe.moreless
  • The Big Jewel Robbery/Pot Luck/The Spook Tree
    The Big Jewel Robbery: Lulu and Annie buy jewelry, Tubby and the boys buy 100 pieces of Mango Madness Fizz candy, and a crook steals jewel identical to Lulu and Annie's, and hides it in the clubhouse. When he discovers Lulu and Annie with what looks like his stolen jewelry, he bribes them with the boy's candy and two dollars to have them for his sick daughter. Lulu and Annie lead Officer McNab to the boys clubhouse where the crook is caught.

    Pot Luck: Lulu tells the boys that the Westside Boys are planning to destroy their clubhouse. Willie orders Tubby to defend the clubhouse, who turns around making Willie defend the clubhouse. This inevitably causes a broken friendship, leaving Lulu and Annie trying to bring the two together again. Lulu and Annie stick pots on Tubby and Willie's heads to make them help each other as friends. They can't get the pots off, so Lulu uses soapwater, this gives her an idea, so later when the Westside boys arrive, they end up with pots on the heads, and soapwater in their faces.

    The Spook Tree Lulu and Tubby play tag in a cemetery, and run into the "Spook Tree", legend had it, if you touch this tree at midnight, your wish will come true, but the tree is surrounded by ghost who are always on the look out for suspicious characters. So Lulu and Tubby agree to meet at the corner at midnight disguised as ghosts to get their wishes. Lulu finds herself alone, until she see what looks like Tubby running around in the cemetery, Lulu follows, and finds herself kidnapped by a gang of ghost, who are going to turn her into one. It turns out that it was all a nightmare, and Tubby finds himself alone at the corner, until he see what looks like Lulu running around in the cemetery.moreless
  • Oh Christmas Tree/Santa's Snowman/The Snoopers
    Oh Christmas Tree: Mrs. Moppet wants Mr. Moppet to take Lulu with him to get a Christmas tree. Lulu wants to cut one down, so she and Mr. Moppet go into a field of pine trees to cut on down. Lulu finds a big one that she wants her dad to saw down. In the process, they encounter a wolf, who traps them up the tree. As it turns out, the whole tree lot belongs to a lumberjack, who makes a deal with Mr. Moppet. Santa's Snowman: Tubby, Wilbur, and Iggie poses as talking snowmen who spy on kids for Santa. They make a deal with Lulu, Annie, Jeannie, and Joannie to pay up all their money in exchange to let them off Santa's hook. Officer McNab investigates, but Lulu then sees Wilbur's hand coming out of the snowman's mouth. They girls chase these snowmen and start a dust-cloud fight. A charity Santa tells them they shouldn't be fighting, they should be in the spirit of giving, not taking, so Lulu gives all their money to charity. The Snoopers: Tubby is depressed, he snooped at his Christmas presents, and finds they're all girl presents. When the Moppets step out, Lulu snoops at her presents, and finds they're all boy presents. After bedtime, Lulu and Tubby swap, and then later, Mr. Moppet and Mr. Tompkins swap again. Lulu ends up with the boy presents, and Tubby ends up with the girl presents, so in the end, Tubby and Lulu have a present opening party.moreless
  • The Fuzzithingus Poppie/Leaves for Everyone/A Moving Experience
    The Fuzzithingus Poppie: Lulu wants to present Mrs. Moppet with flowers for her birthday, but doesn't have enough money, so she decides to pick flowers. Lulu pickes what a man thinks is the rare Fuzzithingus Poppie. He tries to steal the flower from Lulu. but doesn't, so Lulu offers to sell it to him, if he pays for her mother's bougate. In the end, it turns out he had nothing more than a weed.

    Leaves for Everyone: Mrs. Moppet makes Mr. Moppet rake the leaves, who in returns, pays Lulu to rake them. Lulu and Annie succeed, but the leaves are quickly blown across the lawn again. Gloria claims she pays boys to do it for her, so Lulu claims she can make the boys pay her to rake them. So Annie claims she has leaves that can turn into pennies. The boys beg Lulu for the leaves, but she only accepts cash for them, (in front of Gloria of course), in the end, the boy mix the leaves with garlic, caramel, and other crazy ingredients, and end up with a smelly mess.

    A Moving Experience: Lulu overhears her parents talking about a move. The whole town is depressed, thinking the Moppets are moving. Annie, Gloria, Iggie, Jeannie, and Joannie present Lulu with going away presents. The neighbors find Mr. Moppet cleaning out the garage, and think he's having a moving sale, when they find out that the Moppets aren't moving, now the whole town is happy again.moreless
  • The Dance/Locked Out/The Kissing Game
    The Dance: Gloria claims every boy in town is taking her to a dance. Lulu, Annie, and Margie don't give a hoot about Gloria. While walking down the street, Lulu, Annie, and Margie are asked to watch over a crate of monkeys for a zookeeper. The monkeys break free, and chase the girls all the way to the dance, where the boys are shocked to find they all have been asked separately by Gloria to take her to the dance. The monkeys break loose, and Lulu tosses a bag of peanuts to Gloria, and she finds herself the target of the monkeys' mayhem. Locked Out: While trying to eat cookies in bed, Lulu makes a mess of crumbs. She shakes the crumbs out the window, to find her sheet being blown away. She goes out to fetch, to find herself locked out, she bangs on the door, but remembers the Tompkins have a spare key to their house. Mr. and Mrs. Moppet report to Officer McNab that they've seen a ghost (cause Lulu was walking down the street with her sheet wrapped around her), to find the Tompkins have seen ghosts too. The Moppets are locked, and are given a ride to the Tompkins, who also get locked out because Lulu needs to sneak out with the spare key. The Moppets learn that Lulu is waiting for them at home, only to find Officer McNab locked his keys in the car. The Kissing Game: Tubby makes a bet to Wilbur that he can get Lulu to kiss her. He goes around kissing Annie, Gloria, Jeannie, Joanie, (and Officer McNab by mistake). When Lulu finds out, she finds that Tubby isn't interested in her. Lulu chases Tubby and makes him kiss her, which he does. Wilbur pays Tubby six ice cream cones, which are taken by the girls and Officer McNab, since he promised them the cones for the kisses.moreless
  • Tuxedo Tango/The Football Star/Spook Delivery
    Tuxedo Tango: Mr. Moppet is receiving a medal from the horticultural society, and need to pick up his new tuxedo. Lulu and Tubby rush off the pick it up, and order a couple of sodas. It turns out that there's been a mix-up and Lulu ends up with Officer McNab's new uniform, and he ends up with Mr. Moppet's new tuxedo. Following them, taking a short-cut through a goat herd, Mr. Moppet's new tuxedo is ruined. In the end, Mr. Moppet goes to the banquet in Officer McNab's new uniform.

    The Football Star: The Westside Boys challenge Tubby and the gang to a football game, but they happen to be short one man, so they take on Lulu as their "secret weapon". Once at the game, they give Lulu the ball, with the Westside Boys on her tail. Lulu gets an idea, everytime there's a tackle, one of the Westside Boys loose their pants. In the end, they for fit, and Tubby gets the new football. Lulu hid the pants in hers.

    Spook Delivery: Lulu and Tubby don't have the money for their two sodas. So they have to earn their sodas by delivering a package to an old house, a house that looks haunted. This gives the Westside Boys the perfect opportunity for a little scare. Tubby gets stuck in an attempt to kick the door down, and they tie his shoes together. Lulu runs into a ghost, who take her to Gerard, his ghost-son who is invisible. He takes an iron tablet Lulu delivered, and he's back to being visited. Gerard then scares the Westside Boys, and Tubby too.moreless
  • Special Delivery/Little Sew and Sews/Tubby's Doll
    Special Delivery: Lulu learns that the Inches are going to have a baby. Annie and Iggie both dread having another sibling. Annie states she'd rather have kittens, so Lulu and Annie put up signs that tell the stork to deliver the baby to Lulu's and the kittens to Annie's. Coincidentally, Tubby is giving kittens, but when he's chased by the Westside Boys, he hide them at Lulu's house. Later the Inches have a new baby boy.

    Little Sew and Sews: The Westside Boys strike again by drenching the gang with water. Lulu, Annie, and Gloria decide to get even with the Westside Boys, but aren't sure how. They hide in an empty lot, where Lulu notices a nail sticking out of the fence. Lulu lures the Westside Boys over the fence, and the nail rips huge holes in their pants. Lulu sews the holes up, and them together. Lulu, Annie, Gloria, Tubby, Willie, and Iggie pelt them with water-balloons.

    Tubby's Doll: Tubby gets a doll from his Aunt Martha. Sure Tubby would like a boy toy, but Aunt Martha doesn't have good eyesight, and Tubby was disguised as a girl on his last case when she was visiting. Tubby disguises him a girl to drop the doll off at Lulu's house. Tubby causes trouble when everyone chases him for cross-dressing. Lulu gets him off the hook when she's happy with her new doll, and claims that Tubby will buy everyone sodas.moreless
  • The Case of the Missing Wig/Frog Legs/A Wrong Move
    The Case of the Missing Wig: While playing hide and seek, Annie's doll's wig is stolen. Tubby (once again as The Spider) instantly suspects Mr. Moppet, who is also once again sleeping on the couch. It turns out Mr. Moppet doesn't have the wig, and when Tubby angers him, Tubby runs up a tree, and discovers Annie's doll's wig is used as a bird nest.

    Froglegs: A restaurant has a new $1.00 item, which turns out to be froglegs. Lulu and Tubby decide to catch frogs and sell them to the restaurant. When they accidentally let them loose in the restaurant, the maitre'd begs them to get rid of the frogs for a nickel a piece. They do, and find out another restaurant, is serving froglegs too, and they think about letting the frogs loose again.

    A Wrong Move: Mr. Moppet needs new wood for a bookshelve. Lulu wants to borrow some from the boys' clubhouse. They won't allow Lulu and Annie in the club. Lulu sneaks a sign that states store will be built on their vacant lot. Tubby lets Lulu into the club, and they move it by pulling it on wagons. Lulu lets the rope go, and the clubhouse rolls away uncontrollably. The clubhouse crashes in front of Lulu's house, and Mr. Moppet uses the wood for his bookshelf, while Tubby gets a ticket for improper turn signal, and stealing an officer's uniform.moreless
  • The Old Master/Swat Shot Pops/Detective Story
    The Old Master: Master painter, Edgar Van Goof has finished his newest masterpiece to be sold the city museum. His painting is mixed up with Lulu's exact same painting, VanGoof's is hung on her refrigerator, and Lulu's is at Van Goof's unveiling. The paintings are switched, and Van Goof can finally afford new pants.

    Swat Shot Pops: Lulu has forgotten about Mr. Moppet's birthday, and doesn't have enough money for a present, so Tubby swaps his father's fish trophy for a present for Mr. Moppet, but Lulu and Tubby find themselves doing non-stop swapping to keep both fathers happy, while not suspecting a thing.

    Detective Story: Lulu and Tubby hear about a bank robbery. So he as the spider again, and Lulu follow suspicious man, who is really Detective Johnson, who is following the bank robbers. Johnson is following a hideout, where he is slugged by the bank robbers. Lulu and Tubby report to Officer McNab, and are named Junior Detectives.moreless
  • Space Kids/The Case of the Disappearing Drum/From Hero to Zero
    Space Kids: The boys build a pretend spaceship, and claims they're really going to Mars. The rocket blasts off, and Lulu and Annie receive two telegrams from the sky that the boys are being attacked by aliens, but Lulu discovers the boys playing a trick, so she and Annie dress up as aliens to scare them.

    The Case of the Disappearing Drum: Alvin's drum is stolen, and Lulu seeks the assistant of Tubby the Spider (originally Tubby the Detective). Suspension falls on Mr. Moppet, who is sleeping on the couch. Tubby swipes Mr. Moppet's highschool marching drum for Alvin to play. It awakes Mr. Moppet, and he switches it with Alvin's drum, thinking the little one's not so bad.

    From Hero to Zero: Tubby is dying to impress Gloria, but doesn't know quite how. He decides to get Lulu into trouble, save her, and impress Gloria. Tubby gets Lulu caught in the rapids in the river. Iggie gets Officer McNab to help, and he climbs a tree that is already occupied by Tubby, Willie, Eddie, and Iggie. The branch breaks and they land in the boat, sends Lulu into the air, and she ends up saving them, instead.moreless
  • Tiny Tots Syrup/The Night Before Christmas/The Piggie Bank Guard
    Tiny Tots Syrup: All kids hate Tiny Tots Syrup, a syrup they have to take to stay healthy. Lulu goes to the factory to make them change the flavor. Lulu is made the new Miss Tiny Tots spokesperson. During a focus group, the manager took a drink of the stuff and realized how nasty it was, so the flavor was changed.

    The Night Before Christmas: It's Christmas Eve, and Lulu hears Tubby and the gang planning to hi-jack Santa's sleigh. Lulu sneaks out of bed at midnight to warn Santa (who was really Mr. Tompkins.) It turns out that Tubby was only fooling.

    The Piggie Bank Guard: Tubby has $2.50 in his piggie bank, and has Lulu guard it from him until he has three dollars to buy a girl a present. Lulu thinks it's her who's getting the present, but it turns out Tubby's trying to get Gloria a bouquet. Tubby finally has three dollars, but buys a compass instead.moreless
  • The Popcorn Thief/The Little Tornado/She Flies Through the Air
    The Popcorn Thief: It's time for Annie's annual slumper party, but when ever the girls watch a movie, someone steal their popcorn. Lulu seeks the assistant of Tubby the Detective who goes undercover as a girl to find the culpret, who turn out to be Willie and Iggie. Lulu discovers Tubby planning for them to steal the candy. In the end, Willie and Iggie are invited to the party, but in dresses and clippies. The Little Tornado: Tubby's clubhouse is demolished thanks to The Westside Boys, a gang of tough street boys who terrorize Tubby and the gang. Lulu finds a barbell hanging up in a gymnasium, and wraps her hand around, creating the illusion that she's lifting it. Tubby really thinks Lulu is strong. After a dustdevil aproots a tree, Tubby is convinced it was Lulu, so he lets Lulu into the club to help them defeat the Westside Boys. Once at the Westside Boy's club house, the dustdevil wrecks their clubhouse, and they too are convinced it was Lulu. She Flies Through the Air: Lulu and Tubby go to a skiing contest at Skytop Mountain, where they practice on little hills. Lulu's practicing gets her into trouble when she can't and finds herself cutting the line, and skiing down ramps and into the air, down the mountain, and into a garbage dump. The police take Lulu back to the contest, where she is named the best skier in town.moreless
  • Cannon Bal Boy/ Noses Off/Hairy Day
    Cannon Ball Boy: Tubby, Willie, and Iggie put on a new stunt, Tubby is "Cannon Ball Boy". He steps inside a wooden cannon, the cannon fires, and he's seen minutes later underneath a target. Lulu suspects a trick, so she moves the cannon, and later Tubby never comes down. It turns out that Tubby reappeared via an underground tunnel. Noses Off: Mr. Van Snobbe buys his wife a new antique statue with the nose broken off. Lulu shoots an arrow through Wilbur's window, and he blames Lulu for breaking the statue, which she accidentally does when she causes Wilbur to trip. Lulu glues it back together Picaso style, and Mrs. Van Snobbe. Mr. Van Snobbe pays Lulu for fixing the statue. Hairy Day: Mr. Moppet wishes he had a full head of hair again, so Lulu and Tubby wip up a new potion that grows hair on anything it touches (even their hands). Mr. Moppet is happy with his new hairy head, but a defect happens when the hair won't stop growing. So Lulu and Tubby wip up and antidote, and Mr. Moppet is bald again.moreless