The Little Lulu Show - Season 3

HBO (ended 1996)


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  • Dancin' Fools/Hop Hazards/School Play
    Dancin' Fools: It's time for the annual Elmridge School Dance. The first prize is a free dinner for two at the all you can eat buffet. The only ones who want to dance are Wilbur, Gloria, and all the other girls. After Wilbur and Gloria go on, the other fellers decide they deserve the prize. Then Iggie and Annie dance, only to have Iggie stepping on Annie's feet. Then, Eddie dances with Margie, to a rock-and-roll beat. Then Willie dances with the girl of his choosing, and they dance the Disco. Then it's Lulu and Tubby's turn. To help out, Iggie drops ice cubes down Tubby's shirt, and he's dancing all over the place, with Lulu playing along. They win the prize, but Iggie, Eddie, and Willie decide to cut in on their share.

    Hop Hazards: Lulu and Annie go on a picnic, but are anything but satisfied with Mrs. Inches idea of a well-balanced meal: trail mix, fish eggs, and energy bars. Lulu finds one chocolate bar in the basket, and pretty soon, they're surrounded by wood-land creatures. Pretty soon, a rabbit steals their chocolate bar, and they chase up trees, and down holes. The rabbit is then stranded on a rock in the middle of the of the stream, so Lulu and Annie take it in. The next morning, Lulu's yard is full of bunnies, and they soon starts hopping all over town. Officer McNabb and the other officers help Lulu and Annie round up all the mischievous bunnies, and they're returned to the wild.

    School Play: The coach is in charge of writing the annual school play. Lulu states she'd like to write plays. With that, the part is handed over to her. Pretty soon, Lulu is up to her eyeballs in complaints: "I want a new costume", "my character disappears in the second act", "how come I don't have a trailer." Afterwards, the play premieres, before an open audience. At first every thing goes okay, but Iggie gets stage fright, and knocks down the set, Gloria forgets her lines, and the plays is ruined. Lulu confess that she was the one who killed the Duchess, leaving Mr. Moppet in a tailspin. "I though it was the butler who did it."moreless
  • Castaway Kids/Wrestling Away/Never Too Late
    Castaway Kids: Lulu, Annie, Tubby, and Iggie go on a picnic on the island in the middle of the lake. Once on the island, Tubby fails to tie the boats to the trees, and are carried away by the current. Lulu and Annie then come to the conclusion that their stranded on the island. Tubby and Iggie are no help when they turn into cavemen, and use their pie as war paint. Lulu and Annie search the island for anything, only to find an empty can of beans she uses to hold the berries they gather. Tubby and Iggie only use the berries as more war paint, and when they see a pig on the can, they bow down to Lulu as the pig princess. Lulu and Annie try to get as far away from the two as possible, when they bump into a park ranger who tells them that they're really on the peninsula on the other side of the lake, and that there's a nearby restaurant.

    Wrestling Away: Tubby is a big fan of wrestling. Such a big fan, in fact, that he joins a gym to become a professional wrestler. After impressing a manager, Tubby is schedule to fight with the champion, who's really a nice guy. Tubby learns that in wrestling, everything's staged, so no one gets injured, especially with a kid in the ring. Tubby invites Lulu, Annie, and Iggie to the match, but their seats are crummy. When Lulu looks through binoculars, she sees what looks like the champion beating the crap out of a helpless Tubby. Lulu, Annie, and Iggie tag team the wrestler, when Tubby accidentally blurts out that it's only fake. With that, everyone leaves the match, and Tubby is fired, but because of the manager was impressed with the tag team technique, Lulu is hired.

    Never Too Late: Miss Feeny's class has to read "War and Passion" for a final exam. While everyone else spends every minute of their time reading the book, Lulu tries everyway to cut the time short. She ties various book stores to find a condensed version the book, but no luck. After reading the paper, Lulu finds out that the movie version of War and Passion is playing at the local theater. So she has Tubby accompany her to the midnight show, because she can't go by herself, and Tubby isn't allowed out of the house because of a broken window, and until he finishes the book. At 11:45 PM, Lulu and Tubby go to the theater and pose as insomnia victims who have doctor's orders to attend the movie. Lulu and Tubby are in a disappointment when it turns out to be a Swedish version with subtitles. Lulu sleeps through the entire 3 hour movie, and when she awakes, Tubby (by no choice) has the "pleasure" of retelling the entire movie to her.moreless
  • Blackout/Mind You Manners/To Tell the Truth
    Blackout: On a stormy winter's night, the city experiences a blackout. Annie and Tubby are visiting Lulu when the lights go out, and find themselves having to spend the night. Lulu and Annie take this opportunity to have fun with the lights out, while Tubby dreads having no TV and a cold supper. Lulu and Annie pretend to be mediums, and tell Tubby that the evil spirits are after him. When Mr. Moppet returns, he trips into the snowman, and when he knocks on the door, Tubby thinks its the evil spirit after him. Mr. Moppet is then warms up with blankets, and a bucket of warm soapy water to soak his feet in. The lights come back on, and Tubby is excited to have the TV back. But Lulu and Annie want to continue to have a blackout, so Mr. and Mrs. Moppet have a pretend blackout.

    Mind Your Manners: Tubby receives a cassette tape in the mail by mistake. This tape teaches you how to be a perfect gentleman. After Gloria telling him that she would date a perfect gentleman, Tubby then becomes the most polite kid in town, helping old ladies cross the street, and helping Lulu bring home groceries. Annie finds the tape in Tubby's pocket, and tells Lulu, who then switches the tape with one that says the perfect gentleman always gives his date his most prized possession. So when Tubby goes to court Gloria, he gives her his pet frog, and he is kicked out.

    To Tell the Truth: Lulu has a tooth ache, and has to go to the dentist. Because of this, her speech is distorted, and Tubby believes she said she saved a bunch of circus animals who escaped from a crashed circus train. Word gets out, and the whole town declares Lulu a hero. After Lulu returns from the dentist, the newspeople want Lulu's story from her own mouth, but when they find out she didn't save any animals, and only had a tooth pulled, they become disappointed, especially Tubby.moreless
  • Breakout/The Great Golf Club Chase/Jumpin' Jellybeans!
    Breakout: Marty the Midget, who was last seen in "Prisoner Exchange", requests a parole, but is denied after many escape attempts, including the one where he masquerades as Tubby. Later, prisoners dump their garbage in the truck, with the guards not knowing four of the cans hold Marty and his buddies. After the truck makes it's stop, Marty and his buddies split up to find hiding places. Marty hides in the Tompkins' backyard, where Mrs. Tompkins mistakes him for Tubby, and sends him to the tub. Meanwhile, Tubby is cornered by the Westside Boys, but are scared away when the convicts come to defend their "boss." They request a better place to hide. So Tubby brings them to the clubhouse, where they relax eating candy, and reading comic books. Lulu visits the Tompkins, and sees a prisoner outfit being hung on the clothes line. Later, Marty leaves, and is chases by the Westside Boys. Lulu hides him in the clubhouse, and Officer McNabb makes the arrest.

    The Great Golf Club Chase: Lulu and Tubby complain about having nothing to do, so Mr. Moppet bribes them into cleaning out the garage, and he asks them not to touch anything under the bottom shelf, only to have Tubby mishear as "don't forget the things under the bottom shelf." Lulu and Tubby find under the shelf such things as wigs, and some of Mr. Moppet's old school clothes, and his golf clubs. They are taken away to an auction, when Mrs. Moppet asks Lulu to take the clubs to Mr. Moppet at the country club. Lulu is to late, but follows the bidder to the country club, as a little Mexican man for the man's caddy. She then tells him the clubs are cursed, and he believes when he misses, everyshot, and one of his balls turning out to be eggs (thanks to Tubby). The man runs away, and Mr. Moppet has his clubs back.

    Jumpin' Jellybeans!: Lulu, Annie, Tubby, and Iggie have no idea what to get for Miss Feeny's birthday. While browsing in the mall, they find a giant jar of jellybeans for a contest. People have to guess how many beans are in the jar, and the closest guess wins a secret prize. The gang set to work, by buying a giant, I mean, GIANT bag of jellybeans, emptying a fish tank, filling the tank with the beans, and start counting. Lulu, Annie, Tubby, and Iggie eat everylast jellybean, and have counted 1032 beans, and 4 stomach aches. They submit the number, and win by being off by 5 beans. They win the entire jar of jellybeans. Tubby decides to use this for Miss Feeny's birthday present, and the gang took a vow not to eat another jellybean as long as they live.moreless
  • Little Red Riding Hood Meets Prince Charming/Amok in the Mall/The World Record
  • Lulu Stays Put/Shoeless Lulu/Star Search
    Lulu Stays Put: Mr. Moppet has trouble trying fix the plumbing. When he gets desperate, he dreads having to pay a plumber. He claims "buying a new house is cheaper than paying a plumber". Tubby then tells Lulu she's going to move. Lulu disbelieves him, until she hears Mrs. Moppet on the phone with someone "wanting to see the house". Lulu comes up with an idea to keep from moving. She stalls her mother by telling her there's a large beehive outside. Tubby then puts his at in the piano, turns off the lights, Lulu lifelessly sits in front of a snowy-TV-picture, while Tubby opens the door by itself. Two people come to look at the house, and are greeted by a pale face "Vincent Price-like" Tubby, who claims he's the house keeper. The piano plays by itself and Tubby claims there's an ancient curse. Mrs. Moppet returns to find the people love the house, but when they go upstairs, they find a ghost, who turns out to be Lulu. Lulu and Tubby then found out that the house was being looked at for a magazine.

    Shoeless Lulu: A new pair of shoes come out called Vipers. These are supposed to be like super comfortable, springy shoes. Lulu isn't interested, until she see EVERYBODY wearing Vipers, the milkman, the mailman, even her friends. Lulu feels left out, so she goes to buy a pair of Vipers. Each place is sold out, until she comes to one last pair in a big shoe store, only to have Gloria snatch them from under her nose. Lulu then finds the guy from the Viper commercial as a truckdriver with a shipment of Vipers. The problem is they're all lefties, and the next shipment won't be in until two more weeks. After two weeks have passed, Lulu finally has a pair of Vipers, only to find everyone else wearing Cowboy Boots. Lulu then decides to go barefoot for the rest of her life.

    Star Search: A talent scout comes to town to search for the perfect kid for his new commercial. Every kid in town auditions. Iggy says a line from Camelot, Willie plays Beethoven's 5th on a bugal, and Tubby juggles fruits and vegetables. Lulu comes up to tapdance, but when Tubby carelessly tosses his banana peel, Lulu slips on it, and falls into the instrument box. Lulu this then booked for the commercial. When Lulu returns from her shooting, she finds her parents and friends throwing a party for her victory. When the watch the commercial, a basement is flooded from a busted pipe, and Lulu goes down with a plunger, slips on a wet step, and lands in the flood, with the plunger stuck on her head. Lulu decides her acting career is over...until she receives her check.,moreless
  • First-Aid Brigade/Matinee Madness/It's a Dog's Life
    First-Aid Brigade: Lulu and the gang are all members of the local Squirrel Scouts. Today, everyone gets the chance to earn a "first-aid badge". They go through various types of training, like what would Tubby do if Willie wasn't able to get up after a bike crash (he'd take Willie's back), and what would Lulu do if Iggie had a stubbed toe (she'd cast his whole foot.) Now the squirrel scouts have to go out in public to help out any citizens in any way they can. But when it comes to helping someone, they get into a fight, because they ALL want the badges. The fights get so bad, they get each other injured. In the end, they all receive the badges for bandaging each other.

    Matinee Madness: Lulu and Tubby are off to see a movie they've been dying to see, but they fear they won't get good seats, being in the back of a long line. Lulu and Tubby sneak in the back way, only to be caught by the theater manager. Lulu and Tubby now find themselves doing odd jobs like taking tickets, and running the concession stand. Lulu does a good job taking tickets, she's promoted to projectionist, while Tubby has trouble at the concession stand by eating anything that isn't locked up. Lulu then has trouble when the projection jams, and the film starts flying all over the place, while the popcorn machine over flows. Lulu and Tubby are fired, and the theater manager gets a new job as a circus clown.

    It's a Dog's Life: Tubby has to take care of his Aunt Martha's poodle, Precious, while she gets her hair done. Tubby wishes to have nothing to do with the dog, especially when he's seen with Precious by Iggie and Eddie. Lulu is impresses with Tubby's responsible acts, but Tubby lets Precious go, thinking he's useless, but Lulu thinks different. Lulu is all too right when Precious goes out doing various jobs like going into space, and being a firedog. Precious then is seen on Lulu's porch, and Aunt Martha comes back for the dog.moreless
  • No Pain, No Gain/On the Job/Tragic Magic
    No Pain, No Gain: Lulu and the gang play a game of hockey, but when she knocks Tubby out of the way, he twists his ankle. The doctor says everything will be fine, but Lulu still thinks its serious. Tubby fakes, and has Lulu run erands for him by picking up a comicbook from the Westside of town, and picking up a cake, and painting the clubhouse. When she goes back to ask what color, she sneaks a peak into Tubby's room to find hims playing football in his room. Lulu show him, by painting the clubhouse pink with flowers. On the Job: It's career day in Lulu's class, and each kids picks a career from a hat, and will spend the next day with the workers of that job. Lulu has the job of a junior reporter, and gets paired with a confused reporter, who spends his whole day timing the parking meters to see if they give a full 30 minutes for a quarter. Tubby is a junior fireman, but causes trouble after breaking ladders, breaking axes, not picking up a dummy right, and getting stuck going down the pole. When they go to save a cat from a tree, Lulu gets the scoop. When Tubby turns on the hose, water squirts everywhere, and knocks the cat out of the tree, but Lulu catches it in her cat. Lulu is put in the paper as a hero, while Tubby is a 0. Tragic Magic: Tubby is now a magician, and tries out a new trick by making Gloria, his lovely assistant disappear. But when it fails, Gloria quits, and Tubby bribes Lulu into being his new lovely assistant with pizza and milkshakes. Lulu takes Tubby to a magic store for new tricks. 2 hours later, Lulu and Tubby are on stage before a live audience, but Tubby's tricks fail when he pulls everyday objects out of his hat, instead of a bunny, and dropping Lulu when he tries to make her float. For his final trick, he needs someone with a $5 bill. Butch of the Westside boys helps, but when Tubby's trick to bring the ripped bill back together again, Tubby finds himself at the mercy of the Westside Boys. Lulu helps him by disappearing in a cloud of smoke.moreless
  • Polly Patrol/Money Problems/The Tubby 2000
    Polly Patrol: Lulu is given the responsibility of taking care of Miss Feeny's bird, Percy for the day. After Lulu brings him home, Tubby lets him escape from the cage. Percy flies all over town, causing trouble when he repeats phrases like "stupid Gloria", or "stinky Annie", or "Fat-so McNab". Lulu dresses Tubby up as a giant chicken to draw the attention of Percy, but whenever they get close enough, he flies off to another spot. In the end, when Lulu comes home, she finds Percy being fed by Mrs. Moppet, while Tubby gets a new job as the mascot for a new chicken joint.

    Money Problems: The Van Snobbes, the richest family in town are facing financial difficulties, and have to sell some of their most precious items, and even lay off their butler, Cranberry. This means they have to do all their own chores, leaving Wilbur in a gray area. Mr. Van Snobbe suggest that Wilbur seek the assistant of one of his friends, so Lulu offers to help, by having him wash windows, scrub floors, vacuum, and clean all 11 bathrooms. Wilbur is pooped, even Mrs. Van Snobbe is having trouble since she doesn't know how to cook. In the end, the Van Snobbes are out of debt, and Wilbur has learned a lesson about being a snobby rich dude.

    The Tubby 2000: Lulu wins the science fair with her robotic maid. Tubby is awed by Lulu's creation, and the two decide to start their own cleaning business. Tubby calls the robot "The Tubby 2000", which bothers Lulu since it was her robot. They go to people's houses to rake in some business, but they aren't having any success. Tubby then gets an idea, by giving Gloria a free trial offer, which really steams Lulu. Since Tubby doesn't know how to work the controls, the robot goes haywire and makes a huge mess in Gloria's house. Lulu concludes that the reason Tubby called it the Tubby 2000 is because it will take him 2000 years to clean up Gloria's house.moreless
  • The Curse of the Thingamajig/House Guest Blues/The Monster Hunt
    The Curse of the Thingamajig: Lulu and Tubby go on an archaeological dig, when they find a mysterious silver object. Tubby dubs it, a Thingamajig, and the two go to the library to do research. After not finding anything in the library, Lulu and Tubby are then struck with bad luck, no matter what happens. Everytime Tubby tries to get rid of it, it ends up reappearing (because it may have bounced off something, or an animal returns it). When a man finds Tubby with it, it turns out the Thingamajig is the part of the hood ornament. Afterwards, the man is struck with bad luck.

    House Guest Blues: Tubby is the Moppets house guest while the Tompkins go on a weekend trip. Tubby has Lulu's room, while she sleeps on a cot in the livingroom. With Tubby's stay, there's nothing but trouble, first he makes a mess in the kitchen when he makes a pancake breakfast, and he saws off the legs of Mr. Moppet's homemade stool, thinking it's a coffee table. In the end, when Tubby leaves, he offers to make it up to them. So Lulu ends up spending the weekend at Tubby's.

    The Monster Hunt: Lulu and Annie are on a picnic, when Tubby and Iggie jump out dressed as mudmonsters. Lulu sees right past this scheme because Tubby is still wearing his sailor's hat. After Tubby and Iggie get changed, they find what seems like a real mudmonster! They find Lulu and Annie, who run into the same mudmonster. They get together to try to capture it. When they do, they learn that he's really and actor, and they were filming a movie. Lulu, Annie, Tubby, and Iggie are now made extras in the movie as the mudmonster's family.moreless
  • Bowlfingers/The Great Tubbini/Shiney, Sheeny, Bouncy-Cleany
    Bowlfingers: Tubby has put off his fence painting job for weeks now, but when he is needed for Lulu and Iggie's bowling match, he figures what's a couple more hours? While at the bowling alley, Tubby stocks up on hotdogs, dripping mustard all over the place. At the end of the match, all the weight he gain has taken it's toll, and now, Tubby's fingers are stuck in the bowling ball, and they won't budge. To keep Mr. Tompkins from suspecting anything, the dress the it up as their new foreign friend from Sweden. After Mr. Tompkins is satisfied, Tubby hears the ice cream truck, and the ball flies right off of his fingers, and smashes the fence.

    The Great Tubbini: Tubby puts on a fortune teller act in the clubhouse, and he tells Lulu and Annie that they will find buried treasure. When Lulu and Annie hang out at the docks, they find a message in a bottle that holds a treasure map. The map tells them to go through such obstacles as thorn bushes, marshes, and down a rocky hill. When they dig up a chest full of gold, Mr. Moppet notices they're only chocolate. When Lulu and Annie visit the Great Tubbini again, he tells them that leprechauns will turn them into mice, unless they do everything backwards for the day. While they walk down the street backwards, with their dresses on backwards, they bump into the candy man, who says if Tubby wants anymore chestsful of gold chocolate to let him know. Lulu and Annie put 2 and 2 together, and when Tubby and Iggie walk through the park, they find Lulu and Annie's dresses covering two mice.

    Shiney, Sheeny Bouncy-Cleany: Lulu and Annie open a pet cleaning business and their first costumer is a giant sheepdog. When they run out of shampoo, Lulu makes her own out of eggs, and dishsoap. When it works well, Lulu and Annie rake in many customers, and one lady even tries the shampoo herself. Lulu and Annie then start their own line of shampoo, but they see a cat lose all of it's fur from the shampoo, Lulu and Annie run all over town, taking bottles of shampoo back, and giving people their money back. They recover every bottle, and trash, but there's one problem: answering to the now-bald lady.moreless
  • Spaced Out/Switched at Birth/The Great Outdoors
    Spaced Out: Lulu, Annie, Tubby, Willie, and Iggie take a trip to the planetarium. While Lulu and Annie are eager to learn about outerspace, Tubby, Willie, and Iggie feel like getting into mischef, which they do quite well, when they step into a rocketship. Lulu and Annie follow them, when the hatch closes, and the rocket takes off. Tubby freaks out like a scared little girl, while the others try to stay calm. They find themselves going into warp speed, when Lulu starts her log. Annie can't figure out the controls, and Willie and Iggie play cards, while Tubby is still in panic. The rocket lands on Mars, and they step out, only to find the rocket was only a simulation. Switched at Birth: Lulu and Tubby get groceries, when they find a lady that looks exactly like Lulu! Tubby then comes to the conclusion that Lulu was switched at birth. Lulu and Tubby follow this lady to her house, where her daughter is having a party. The lady invites Lulu and Tubby in to show her daughter (who looks exactly like Mrs. Moppet). Lulu explains that she thought she was switched at birth, but the lady says it was impossible because they moved into Peeksil last month. Lulu and Tubby leave, and sit in the park, when they see a little boy who looks just like Mr. Tompkins, and his father, who looks just like Tubby. The Great Outdoors: Lulu, Annie, and Margie camp out in Lulu's backyard, when Iggie bets Tubby's $10 that they won't make it. Tubby then makes plans to ruin their evening so he won't lose his money. First, they put dead batteries in Lulu's flashlight, but Lulu brings out a lantern instead. Then, they find ants in their sleeping bags, but Lulu takes care of it, by making a trail of squeeze cheese to the ant hill. Then they have rocks underneath their tent. The next morning, the fellers are shocked to see Lulu, Annie and Margie made it, so they win the $10. It turns out that Lulu fixed the tent with three little beds, lamps, and a TV.moreless
  • Iggy and the Ice Cream Factory/Game Show Gaffe/Art Frenzy
    Iggy and the Ice Cream Factory: Iggie finds a notice in his ice cream wrapper claiming he won a free tour of the ice cream factory. Lulu, Tubby, and Iggie finds themselves touring the ice cream factory, watching how flavors are mixed, how brown cows are coated, and how a fudge over load can take lives...sort of. Lulu, Tubby, and Iggie get caught in a revolving door, and meet the owner himself, who is busy trying to develop ideas for a new flavor. Iggie comes up with peanut butter and jelly ice cream, that takes the ice cream world by storm.

    Game Show Gaffe: Mr. Moppet wins a contest to be a contestant on his favorite game show: "Guess That Answer". Lulu and Tubby visit him backstage, where they cause trouble by eating finger sandwiches for the crew, and walking onto sound stages while shooting. Mr. Moppet gets locked in his dressing room, and Tubby fills in for him. Tubby gets EVERY question right with the categories being: comic books, monster movies, fast foods, and video games. The prizes he needs to choose from are a set of golf clubs, or two pairs of atomic power roller skates. Tubby and Lulu go for the skates, while Mr. Moppet is still locked in the dressing room.

    Art Frenzy: Miss Feeny's class takes a boring field trip to the Museum of Modern Art. No one has a good time, and Tubby claims he can do better. With a red crayon, and blue crayon, and ABC gum, he takes the art world by storm. Tubby's work is then featured in museums all over town, he is featured on TV, and at poetry clubs. But eventually, he is forgotten, and a monkey takes the art world by storm.moreless
  • Order in the Court/Maybe Use Sugar/Road Trip
    Order in the Court: Annie and Iggie have a dispute during recess. Miss Feeny decides to settle this like adults. Next thing you know, Miss Feeny's classroom is a regular "court room". Iggie is the plaintiff, Annie the defendant, Lulu and Tubby the lawyers, while the rest of the class is the jury. Iggie claims, he was giving a ukulele concert, when Annie threatens to break it. After Iggie comes back from a game of catch with the fellers, he finds his ukulele with a big hole in it. All eyes turn to Annie who claims she didn't do it, but she does admit to threatening to break it. Lulu calls Tubby to the stand, who denies anything. Lulu concludes that Tubby accidentally stepped on it, because his foot exactly fits the hole, and there's a ukulele string in his sock. Tubby is then given detention for the next 2 weeks.

    Maybe Use Sugar: Mrs. Inch, Annie and Iggie's mother is a terrible cook, Annie and Lulu dislike her cooking, except Iggie, who eats anything. Lulu and Annie read a poster that tells about the upcoming bakesale. Mrs. Inch is going to volunteer, while Lulu has a plan. Everything Mrs. Inch bakes, Lulu replaces with the real thing from the bakery, while Iggie eats all of the ones Mrs. Inch bakes. After a success for her, Mrs. Inch impresses a baker of a giant baking factory, and finds herself with a new job. But instead of following the recipe, she improvises. With that, the whole kitchen is filled with glue-like batter, and she is fired. Mrs. Inch decides to open her own bakery.

    Road Trip: Lulu gives her summer vacation report, she reminisces about her road trip to Mt. Mammoth. Tubby falls asleep at in the RV, so Tubby is now on the way to Mt. Mammoth with the Moppets. On the way, the stop at the House of Reptiles. Tubby mistake's an employee only room for the bathroom, and all of the sudden, reptiles are loose in the museum. For the rest of the way, Tubby causes a wreck, when he puts a map into Mr. Moppet's driving view, and he crashes into a pole that held a giant burger for a fast-food restaurant. To calm Mr. Moppet down, they stop for a little fly-fishing, but Tubby messes with a skunk. Finally at Mt. Mammoth, it turns out to be nothing more than a child size mountain. On the way back, Tubby got them stuck at the top of a ferris wheel, and he lost the big spray in the middle of mosquito county. But Tubby claims that's not how it happened, but before he can tell his side of the story...the last bell rings.moreless
  • Tubby on Ice/Dr. X's Xtremely Xelent X-Ray Spex/Iggy's New Leaf
    Tubby on Ice: Tubby skis down the a danger snow covered hill, that no one has made it down alive. Tubby amazingly makes it down alive, but is trapped by an avalanche. When Tubby awakes, he finds himself in the year 3999, where he is introduced to the world of the future by a little girl, who looks a lot like Lulu. Over a meal of hamburgers, Tubby explains to the girl that people in the past are afraid that in the future, the government will be watching your everymove, and you won't get any privacy, which unbeknownst to him is true. Pretty soon, the government brings him Tubby and sends through various tests. Afterwards, the girl over hears the scientists about removing Tubby's brain and dissecting it. She then sends Tubby back to the past, but makes him swear to never to tell what he saw, for history would be jeopardized. Tubby then wakes up to find Lulu and Iggie remove him from the avalanche, and he then tells everything about the time machine in Miss Feeny's class.

    Dr. X's Xtremely Xelent X-Ray Spex: Tubby has a pair of sunglasses that are called Dr. X's Xtremelely Xelent X-Ray Spex, that he believes will soon work one day, but never does. One day, he goes shopping for baseballs cards to find one he happens to be missing from his collection. He has no luck, but is immediately jealous when Alvin finds it. He then has a plan, when he finds him playing hide-n-seek, and has trouble finding everyone, he trades his x-ray spex for the card. Alvin tries all night to get the spex to work, until Lulu and Annie explain to him that he had been cheated. Lulu has an idea. The next day, Tubby finds Lulu and Annie decorated in beautiful pearls, that Alvin found. Tubby finds Alvin at a seafood stand, opening clams, and finding pearls. Alvin claims the spex work with batteries are attached. Tubby then makes another deal that he'll pay $5.00, and his entire collection of baseball cards for the spex. Alvin agrees, and Tubby tries digging for more clams, only to be clawed by a lobster.

    Iggy's New Leaf: After Iggie eggs the Westside Boys clubhouse, and gets them caught in quick drying cement, Mrs. Inch has had it, and threatens to put him into military school, but if he can make it through the week, she'll reconsider. Lulu, Tubby, and Willie agree to help him. Lulu accompanies Iggie to the store, where he almost knocks over a pyramid of canned corn, but it collapses, and Lulu is caught. Later, he and Tubby are walking down the street, when he draws a beard and mustache on a picture of the mayor on the bus. Tubby takes away the crayon, he is caught. Later, he and Willie go fishing, but when Iggie has no luck, he tries to reel in someone else's fish, but get his hook caught on the man's motor, and when Willie take the pole away, he is dragged along the water surface. The week is over, and Iggie escapes military school, unfortunately, Lulu, Tubby, and Willie aren't so lucky.moreless
  • The Great Escape/You Do the Math/The Little Lola Show
    The Great Escape: Lulu and the others try to have fun at their hockey game but end up getting frustrated with a new kid hogging all the attention. You Do the Math: The more and more Lulu struggles in Math, the less and less she has time to play with Tubby. The Little Lola Show: Lulu and the others, bored, come up with a new show to entertain themselves but end up entering it as a submission for a new television show to air worldwide.moreless
  • The Beast in the Clubhouse/Gone Fishin'/Out, Out! Darned Spot!
    The Beast in the Clubhouse: Tubby and the fellers are locked out of their clubhouse, because a crazed bird has taken over. Lulu invites them to have their meeting at her house. They make themselves at home and eats Mrs. Moppet's finger sandwiches for her girlfriends. Lulu and Annie watch the bird as it chases down Tubby and the fellers. It turns out that the reason the bird was attacking them is because it was using the threads from their clothes to make it's nest. The reason why it wants their threads is because they always spill food on their shirts. Gone Fishin': After a day of fishing, Lulu has a dream that she has been caught by a Fish/Man that looks somewhat like Tubby. His plans is a to have little girl for dinner. Lulu is put in a large kid-sized frying pan, but when the fish/man runs out of fire-wood, he goes out to get some more. Lulu escapes, but not before free all the other hostages. While swimming away, Lulu finds a giant wooden figure-head of her. With the help of a sword-fish, the fish/man dines on a wooden statue. Afterwards, he has a stomach ache. Lulu wakes up to get some medicine, only to have her mother tell her it was just a dream. Lulu goes back to bed, but the fish/man is still suffering in real life. Out, Out! Darned Spot! Mr. Moppet tries to paint his "masterpiece", but is stopped by Mrs. Moppet, who wants him to clean up the mess he made. As usual, he bribes Lulu and Tubby to do the cleanup for him, so they do. Tubby decides to take the tube of blue paint, and tell Iggie it's a new flavor of toothpaste. Lulu and Tubby get into a tug of war, and spill the paint on the carpet. Tubby then wips up his own formula of spot remover, only to find it makes an even worse stain. Mrs. Moppet comes home and sees Lulu and Tubby tring to clean up the spot, but Mr. Moppet comes in and takes the blame for them, and reminded Mrs. Moppet that she was wanting a new carpet anyway, so they go out for a new carpet.moreless
  • Malpractice Makes Perfect/Involuntary Volunteers/Mobile Masterpiece
    Malpractice Makes Perfect: Tubby has a long list of chores he's been putting off, and Mrs. Tompkins won't tolerate it any further, so while she's out, she expects Tubby to finish every last job. First Tubby starts pulling weed, and unwittingly gets a thorn stuck in his finger. Lulu pulls it out, but Tubby decides it might getting infected, and goes to the hospital to get an excuse for not doing his chores. Lulu and Tubby have no luck getting to see a doctor, and are caught in the hallways, so they have to elude other doctors. They hide inside a room, where Tubby is finally examined. When he tells the doctor that he needs an excuse for not doing his chores, the doctor scares him away with a giant shot needle and a saw.

    Involuntary Volunteers: It's volunteer week, and Miss Feeny has her choose various volunteer jobs off the bulletin board. Once Lulu and Tubby get to the board, only two jobs are left: visiting an old lady, or picking up garbage off the beach. They take the visiting job, and meet with an old widow named Rose. She asks Lulu and Tubby do various jobs for her like mow her jungle of a backyard, clean her chimney, and fix her piping. In the end, Lulu and Tubby agree to never volunteer again. But they haven't seen the last of Rose, when she turns out to be the volunteer librarian on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Mobile Masterpiece: Mr. Van Snobbe is constantly embarrassed by a velvet painting of Elvis he has on his wall. Mrs. Van Snobbe has a lot sentimental value towards it, so she's very upset after Mr. Van Snobbe has Cranberry the Butler to get rid of it. Cranberry sells it Lulu and Tubby for their yard sale, and they in turn sell to a motorcyclist. Cranberry then goes on a wild goose chase to get the painting back. Lulu and Tubby follow, thinking it's a valuable painting, and buy it back. Once they track it down, Tubby buys it for $10.00, only to find out it's worthless, until an antique dealer notices the corner is loose, and it actually hides a long-lost masterpiece. Cranberry buys the Elvis painting from Tubby for $10.00.moreless
  • Bull Dozer Blues/Telethon of Fallen Stars/What's Fair is Fare
    Bull Dozer Blues: A business is getting ready to expand with a new office building, but they have no idea where to build it. They discover the perfect vacant lot, and soon everything is set in stone, but there's one problem, this happens to be the same vacant lot, where Tubby's clubhouse sits. Tubby, Willie, Eddie, and Iggie start thinking of different ways to stop the bull dozers from petitions, to going on TV. Nothing works, until Tubby finally resorts to Lulu for help. Lulu points out that the lot houses a rare purple dandelion, that's illegal to kill. So the building operation is shut down, and Lulu is now club president for a whole month.
    Telethon of Fallen Stars: During a soccer game, Lulu's team learns that they're shot quite a bit of money to get to the state championship. So the coach has them solicit cookies. But when that doesn't work, Lulu makes a deal with the TV station manager for a 6 hour telethon. Lulu and Tubby host, and have various guests on. First Margie and her poodle do the jump through the ring trick, then Wilbur and Eddie juggle bowling pins. The show doesn't go well, so the station manager decides to pay the entire goal just to take them off the air. As it turns out, the team is short, but they have just enough to spend the weekend at a fancy hotel with vibrating beds.
    What's Fair is Fare: It's time for the annual school fair, and Lulu has quite a few ideas. Gloria is put in charge of the kissing booth, Tubby is going to do his fortune telling act again, Iggie will be in charge of making posters and flayers, but Wilbur can't figure out what to do. Everything at the fair goes wrong when Iggie points the sign in the opposite direction, the kissing booth has no customers, Tubby tells a lady that her house will be eaten by locusts, and Annie's giant wheel of fortune spins off it's axil, and takes down Tubby's tent. Lulu is depressed, but Wilbur saves the fair, when he hires circus people to attend.moreless
  • Bicycle Built for Too Many/Tax Time Trouble/Mayor for a Day
    Bicycle Built for Too Many: Tubby's bike is stolen, and he posts reward posters all over town. Lulu and Tubby walk down the street, to see what looks like Butch, of the Westside Boys, with Tubby's bike. When they aren't looking, Tubby swipes the bike, and rides away, with the Westside Boys chasing after him. Once safe at home, Tubby finds his dad, bringing home his bike, which was ruined, when Mr. Tompkins ran over it. Tubby then realizes he stole Butch's bike.

    Tax Time Trouble: It's tax time, and Mr. Van Snobbe is in deep debt. Feeling bad, Mrs. Van Snobbe decides to hold a little charity party to take his mind off his troubles. Lulu and Tubby arrive, where Lulu puts on heavy perfume, and Tubby eats at the buffet. Trouble begins when the Westside Boys show up, and pick a fight with Tubby. The Van Snobbe mansion ended up looking like a disaster area, and because of the damages, Mr. Van Snobbe is in even deeper debt. The party is cancelled, and Tubby takes the rest of the food home with him.

    Mayor for a Day: The mayor feels his rating has dropped, and decides to hold a publicity stunt, by having children enter "Mayor for a Day Essay Contest". The mayor picks the winning essay (in eeny meeny, miney moe style), and Lulu is the mayor for a day. Lulu finds the job a bore when everyone in office is goofing off, and the only real problem is whether to plant daisies or daffodils. Next thing you know, everyone in office turns their problems over to Lulu, who decides to resign as mayor for a day.moreless
  • Hooky Holiday/Red Tape Runaround/Country Clubby Tubby
    Hooky Holiday: Tubby erges Lulu to play hooky with him. Lulu agrees when she realizes that instead of doing a math test, they have a geography test. Lulu and Tubby have trouble not being seen by any public officials. They decide to be the first kids to see a new movie coming out, but after having trouble getting to the theater, tickets are sold out. Once Lulu and Tubby arrive home, Iggie tells them they missed a field trip to the amusement park.

    Red Tape Runaround: Miss Feeny's takes a career aptitude test. When Lulu receives her results in the mail, it claims she failed. "How can you fail an aptitude test"? Lulu claims. She and Tubby run down to the bureau, to wait in two long lines just to be seen. Once up front, Lulu is told that she still failed. Lulu sneaks into the computer room, where she finds a big computer that claims "Lulu Moppet does not exist." Lulu starts playing with him, which causes trouble all over town when traffic lights go on the blink, rocket count downs are out of order, and the police computer matches Iggie as a robber. The computer then complies with Lulu, and her new results say she should be a computer technician.

    Country Clubby Tubby: Tubby finds a lottery ticket on the sidewalk, and decides to take with him. When he checks the paper, his lottery ticket number matches the number in the paper. Tubby has now won $100,000! Next thing you know, everyone wants to be Tubby's friend, even the Westside Boys! Wilbur invites Tubby to a dinner at the country club, where he immediately causes trouble after makes complaints about the soup, breaks a statue while playing croket, and makes an immature joke. Tubby sits outside, when Lulu appears to console the depressed Tubby. Lulu looks at the ticket, when she notes it's for last week's drawing, so Tubby didn't win a penny!moreless
  • The Unnatural/The School Election/Super Lulu
    The Unnatural: While practicing for a soccer game, the coach is fascinated by the kicking ability of Arland, a chess club boy, who has never played sports. Arland is the team's new secret weapon, but Lulu and the gang are quickly discouraged when the coach only uses Arland for all of the passing and kicking. Overhearing their complaints, Arland quits the team, and goes back to chess club, but when the team has a hard time lasting in the final game for the championship, Lulu high-tails it to the chess club, and pleads for him to return to the game. Arland then makes a game winning pass when he kicks the ball to Iggie, the ball bounces off his head, and into the net. Iggie is then declared a hero.

    The School Election: Lulu and Wilbur run against each other in the school election. Lulu focuses on the issues, with playground equipment in disrepair, the horrible cafeteria food, and the over crowded ooms; while Wilbur uses flashing ad champaign by offer free ice cream for every vote, and broadcasting TV commercials to draw attention. Lulu decides to drop out of the election, seeing that against Wilbur's flashy champaign, she doesn't have a chance, until the school newspaper claims he has made contact with space aliens. Lulu wins by a landslide, and Wilbur finds himself having to answer to the FBI.

    Super Lulu: During geometry class, Lulu reads a comic, which is quickly confiscated by Miss Feeny. Lulu then decides to dig deep into the cavern of her imagination to make up her own comic book. Lulu then finds herself as Super Lulu, with her sidekick Annie, thwarting the evil Dr. Sinister (Tubby). Dr. Sinister buys up every hour of cable broadcasting, and starts airing mind-numbing programs starring him. Super Lulu and Annie arrive at Dr. Sinister headquarters, where they run into clumsy robots. Super Lulu and Annie then "drop in", where they find a dummy in his seat. Super Lulu and Annie are then bound and gagged, and forced to watch Dr. Sinister's Comedy Hour. Lulu screams, and she finds herself back in class, and not talking to Tubby anymore.moreless
  • Tubby Kicks the Habit/How the West Was Lost/Infomercial
    Tubby Kicks the Habit: Lulu and Mrs. Tompkins are concerned about Tubby's obsession with TV. Lulu makes a $5.00 bet to go a whole week without TV. Tubby claims this'll be the easiest $5.00 he ever made. But soon, Tubby goes crazy without nothing to do, so Tubby tries every which way to sneak a little TV from posing as a TV repair man, to getting a job at the local TV station. Lulu helps Tubby out by giving him some books to read. Tubby gets hooked, and is soon a regular Einstein. The week is up, and Tubby wins the $5.00, until he rediscovers TV, and now is back into his TV obsession.

    How the West Was Lost: While eating at an all you can eat meat bar, Lulu has Mr. Moppet enter for a chance to spend the weekend at Bonanza Bob's dude ranch. They win a free weekend for four, and Tubby begs to tag along. Finally, Lulu lets him come along. Once at the dude ranch, Mr. and Mrs. Moppet automatically have a bad time, epesically with Tubby acting like a singing cowboy. While out on a ride through the west, Bonanza Bob has to assist a bull brander. Tubby decides to guide themselves back to the ranch, but after going through the desert, river, and jungle, he gets lost, when the arrive back where they started. They camp out for the night, and the next morning, Bonanza Bob tells them the ranch was only 2 minutes away down the trail.

    Infomercial: While browsing at a "as seen on TV" store, Tubby gets two tickets to a Herb Hossenbacker infomercial. Herb Hossenbacker is a fitness spokesperson, who in real life is an out of shape old guy in a muscle suit, and blond wig, and dentures. Lulu and Tubby are now volunteers on the show, and things go wrong when Tubby jams a blender, and he and Lulu get into a contest on who can work a workout machine the fastest. After the infomercial, Herb quits the business, and follows his dream to become a car salesman.moreless
  • Wild Boy/The Whistle Blower/Elephant Ride
    Wild Boy: A highly intelligent monkey has escaped from a scientist/explorer. As the search for the monkey goes on, a dispute over an apple tree goes on between Lulu and the fellers. To keep Lulu and Annie away from the tree in the future, Tubby covers himself with mud and hair and a grass skirt, and poses as a wild boy. When Lulu gets word out, the whole town goes into panic. The scientist captures Tubby, and he pleads for Lulu to tell the truth. So Tubby is off the hook, and the smart monkey drives off in his truck. In the end, Tubby grants permission to Lulu and Annie to pick as many apples as they want from the tree, when Lulu declines. "I like lemonade better" she says.

    The Whistler Blower: Officer McNab decides to try out a new high-tech way of calling the other officers to duty. They each get a "policeman's whistle". While the officers are out on duty, if they need back up, they just blow there whistle, and the others arrive, which works when they arrest an organ grinder. When one of them misplaces their whistle, it falls into the hand of Lulu, which comes in hand when the boys' clubhouse is once again taken over by the Westside Boys. They have an initiation for Lulu and Annie to join their club, but when things don't go the right way, Lulu uses her whistle, which brings out the cops. Seeing this, the Westside Boys decide to go with Lulu's way.

    Elephant Ride: The circus is in town, and Alvin has his allowance, and wants Tubby to take to see the elephants. But when Tubby has to rake leaves, Lulu offers to take Alvin. Wanting revenge, Tubby sneaks over to the circus, and when Lulu and Alvin are taking a ride on the elephant, Tubby, Willie, and Eddie spook the elephant, who then goes crazy and runs all over town causing destruction. The fellers hide in the clubhouse, but the elephant catches them, and floods them out. Tubby, Willie, and Eddie learn their lesson, and the elephant is now calm.moreless
  • The Big Egg/The Little Girl Who Never Heard of Ghost/The Case of the Missing Per
    The Big Egg: The fellers are entering the local go-kart derby. When they test out their go-kart, they end up crashing, and don't enough money to buy new material. Iggie finds a giant rock that is shaped exactly like an egg. Tubby passes it off as a lost dinosaur egg and charges kids to look at it. When the fellers go to buy new materials, Lulu and Annie sneak a closer look at it, and see it's really just rock. Lulu hatches a plan, when the fellers return, the rock is smashed, and they hear roaring and crashing as the "dinosaur" comes closer. They escape via the go-kart, which had not had it's breaks installed. They win the derby, and Lulu and Annie accept the trophe and cash prize on hr behalf.

    The Little Girl who Never Heard of Ghost: Alvin (who is supposed to be sick), sneaks into the Moppet house to get yet another story from Lulu, is was locked in her closet. Alvin wants a ghost story, so Lulu tells him the story of a little girl who never heard of ghost. The little girl walks into a haunted house, and plays hide and seek with supernatural characters. The little girl learns that they were ghost, and will never sleep with the lights off again. Alvin doesn't like the story, and when he unlocks the closet, Lulu scares him away dressed as a ghost.

    The Case of the Missing Perfume: One night, an alley cat keeps Mr. Moppet awake. He throws something at it, and the next morning, Mrs. Moppet accuses Lulu of misplacing her most expensive perfume. Lulu enlists the help of Tubby the Spider, who suspects Mr. Moppet since, well, every case he does, Mr. Moppet is guilty. When he comes in from mowing the lawn, Mrs. Moppet finds the perfume in his pocket, and he explains what happened.moreless
  • The Haunted House/The Lucky Gold Piece/Very Little Lulu
    The Haunted House: Tubby and the fellers dare Lulu to enter an empty house, which is known to be haunted. That night, Lulu complies, while Lulu enters the house, Tubby and the fellers dress up in sheets to pose as ghost. They hide in a closet, and when Iggie accidentally yells before time, Lulu runs out, and hide behind a tree, when she hears the fellers making fun of her, she puts 2 and 2 together, so she has Annie pose as the ghost of the house, and the fellers freak out. The Lucky Gold Piece: Mr. Moppet loses his lucky gold piece, and he has been struck with nothing but bad luck, he stumbed his toe, bumbed his head, and cut his face shaving. He even falls into a chocolate cake Mrs. Moppet baked for him. Lulu is sent to pick up another cake, but when she is asked to accompany Annie to the dentist: she has Tubby deliver the cake. Tubby then takes the cake to the club, where he, Iggie, and Willie eat the whole cake. Once Lulu explains the situation, Tubby makes a mud cake and passes it off as a real cake. Mr. Moppet doesn't buy it, but when Lulu dumps it out, she finds Mr. Moppet's lucky gold piece. Very Little Lulu: It's a rainy day, but Alvin wants Lulu to keep her playdate with him to go to the go to the zoo. Lulu then tells Alvin a story about what happened to her when she was out in the rain. In the story, Lulu is out in the rain, and finds herself shrinking at an alarming rate. She hitches a ride on a neighborhood cat to Tubby's house, who takes her in and plans to win a nobel prize. Lulu then escapes back home, and Mrs. Moppet well feeds her, and she grows back to her normal self. But after the story, Alvin isn't going outside for a while.moreless