The Little Lulu Show

Season 3 Episode 26

The Great Escape/You Do the Math/The Little Lola Show

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Feb 21, 1999 on HBO

Episode Recap

You Do the Math: Lulu is struggling in math, and has to study more. This means she has to miss out on Tubby's golf game. Once in a clear area of the park, Tubby practices his swings. His first swings ends up with a broken window, and a sarcastic Iggie. Tubby's second swing has the ball knocking Lulu unconscious. Lulu then finds herself in the Land of Mathematics. Lulu is then escorted in the Mathhouse, which is really a casino. "What is a casino but a house of numbers," says the prime minister. Lulu meets such math legends as Albert Einstein, Pythagorus, and Rene Descarte. Lulu then awakes, and finds herself with a special power to solve any possible math problem. She proves it when she multiplies the current time of day, with a radio station number, and gets the exact right answer. Tubby then tests Lulu with various problems, and Tubby decides to take her places, with him as her manager, wanting some of Lulu's profits. Lulu finds herself in various math-a-thons, and winning. Lulu makes it to the finals, but when one of the performing monkeys escapes, and drops a bag of sand on top of Lulu's head, she loses her powers...which is bad since she's up against a super intelligent robot. Tubby then "adjusts" the robot, and the robot is now a retard bucket of bolts. Lulu eventually wins by answering a very simple question. Lulu gives up her life of fame, and the robot is now tap dancing on the street corners. The Great Escape: It's hockey season, and everyone that was on the soccer team is on the hockey team. The coach has every show off their individual talents. Lulu only hits the puck onto the score board, Annie trips and falls on her butt, and Iggie's stick slips out of his hands. Fortunately, Arland is on the team, and is the new secret weapon. The next day, Tubby brings in a box of dough-nuts, which is really a stink bomb he's going to leave in the other team's locker room. Iggie opens the box, and the bomb goes off. Arland picks it up off the floor, and is caught by Miss Feeny and put into detention. Lulu, Annie, Willie, Iggie, and Eddie are all mad at Tubby epesically, when he made a bet with the other team that the losers have to treat pizza. Tubby comes up with a plan to break Arland out. He has Willie and Eddie crawl through the sewage line, and bust Arland out through the drain in the floor, but Willie and Eddie are caught by a waterfall, and find themselves out in the ocean. Tubby then hooks the bars of the detention room, to a truck bumber, only to have it torn off. Lulu then has a plan to crawl through the air vents to the detention hall. Iggie makes a wrong turn, and ends up in a dumpster. Tubby finds a room, and he and Lulu lower Annie down on a rope, only to have it snap, and Annie trapped inside the teacher's lounge. Lulu and Tubby eventually make it to the detention hall, only to find Arland being released early. The cover comes loose, and Lulu and Tubby fall into the room. In the end, Lulu and Tubby are given detention, while Arland is the only one in the game, against the other team. The Little Lola Show: The scene opens up inside the Tompkins household, where Lulu and Iggie visit Tubby. Tubby has trouble picking a channel to watch, because nothing good is on. Lulu is annoyed. Meanwhile, at the local TV station, general manager JM talks about how their ratings are worse than the Weather Channel. His board of directors come up with an idea for a new show called "Clown Cops", about circus clowns that fight crime in their spare time. JM is displeased because the market today is controlled by kids and preteens, and needs people who can think like a kid. "What are you gonna do, replace us with a bunch of 6th graders?" asks one of the directors. Next thing you know, the board of directors now consist of Lulu, Tubby, Annie, Iggie, Wilbur, Eddie, and Willie. They come up with a sitcom called "The Little Lola Show", about the everyday adventures of a spunky little girl, her suave sidekick, and her assorted friends. JM named Lulu and Tubby executive producers, Annie and Iggie are associate producers, Wilbur is the director, and Eddie and Wille are writers. Afterwards, a screening process is held of the pilot of "The Little Lola Show". In the opening, Lola (played by Lulu) comes home to find her sidekick Chubby (played by Tubby) sitting on her couch, eating chips and dip) Chubby compliments on the delicious dip, only to have Lola confess that it's rotten yogurt. Chubby runs out, when Lola says he's so gullible. JM wants something more edgy, and Willie starts writing. In the next screening process, Lulu and Tubby play undercover detectives on the trail on extraterrestrials. They search the school, and detective Lulu ponders at the fact that no matter where they go, the lights don't work. Detective Tubby finds what he believes could be evidence of a vast government conspiracy trying to cover up the existence of aliens. Detective Lulu deducts that it's only a candy wrapper. The two start arguing. JM claims it's too complicated and would never sell in the overseas market. Eddie then writes a new script, and in the next screening process, Lulu and Tubby play respected lifeguards, determined to keep the beach a safe place. Tubby patrols the beach, and find the Westside Boys kicking sand at Iggie. In the next scene, the Westside Boys have Tubby buried neck deep in sand. JM still isn't too impressed. In the end, the station airs the new sitcom "Clown Cops", in the pilot, two clowns have just busted another criminal, who has been put away. Lulu is angered, but Iggie remains optimistic, while Tubby tries to enjoy the show.