The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid is probably one of Disney's greatest shows. In 1989 The Little Mermaid movie came out, and it was selling great on the 1st week. Then in 1992 disney decided to make a series out of The Little Mermaid. They wanted to show fans what life was like for Ariel before the movie. The show was a big sucess and had 3 seasons. Finally by the year 2000 disney gave The Little Mermaid a sequel called The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea. The movie finale revolved around Ariel's daughter who can't go into the sea because of the threat that Ursula's sister Morgana posesses. In the end peace was finally restored to Ariel's family, and now she and her daughter can live out their lives on the land and sea.


Ariel is King Triton's 7th and youngest daughter. She dreams of being part of the human world and collects things from the land. She has adventures with her friends Urchin, Sebastian, Flounder, and Gabriella.

Urchin is one of Ariel's childhood friends. He used to be a poor thief and stole from the palace but Ariel and Flounder dealt with him and after the whole thing was resolved they soon became fast friends. Urchin soon developed a crush on Ariel and never wanted her to leave the sea, but they both decided to stay friends.

Gabriella is another one of Ariel's childhood friends. She is deaf and has an octopus friend named Alan who translated her sign language. She dreams to someone day be able to speak and express herself like Ariel does whenever she sings.

King Triton is the King of the ocean. He had 7 children with his wife but she unfortunately died. He promised her that he'd raise the 7 girls properly. Out of all 7 of his daughters he pays the most attention to his youngest daughter, Ariel. Triton hates humans and forbids everyone to stay away from them but Ariel is the most stubborn and she breaks this rule most often.

Pearl is Ariel's wildcat cousin. She's a party girl and always tries to get Ariel and her other cousins to party along with her. Pearl's parents are never responsible or protective of her. One day Triton straightens them out and Pearl calms down a bit but still remains a ton of fun.

Arista, Alana, Aquata, Andrina, Adella, and Attina are Ariel's elder sisters, content to live a normal life under the sea, though they sometimes get involved in Ariel's adventures.

The Crab Scouts are 3 little crabs that are crab scouts. Sebastian is their leader and they follow his every order to grow up to be good crabs like Sebastian.

Flounder is Ariel's best friend. He's a bit of a scaredy-cat but he still comes along on Ariel's adventures and they always have a good time, though if something goes wrong it usually happens to poor Flounder.

Sebastian is King Triton's royal assistant. He helps Triton with whatever he can. He tries to convince Ariel to never go to the land but she disobeys him anyway.

Scuttle is a goofy seagull. When he and Ariel first met she and Flounder were skeptical of him but they learned to trust him. He also knows a lot about human objects and tells Ariel the names of them. He may seem dumb but he always comes through when it matters most.

Manta Ray is an evil manta. Ariel and Flounder accidentally released him from his prison. After that he tried to turn the people of Atlantica against each other but he failed. He tried to make his son evil like him but he likes to be good. He hates this but after almost losing his son he becomes good too.

Little Manta Ray is the evil manta's son. He tried to be evil like his father but failed because he became friends with Ariel. He likes being good but his father hates it but in the end he makes his father realizes the advantages of being good.

The Lobster Mobster Mob are two bad lobster criminals- Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp. They met Urchin first and tried to make him a criminal to until Ariel straightened Urchin out. They could care less about taking over Triton's kingdom, all they like to do is steal.

Moray Eel is a sleazy eel. He sells fake items to people to make a profit, that usually have bad consequences. His favorite customers are Ariel and her friends.

The Sharkanians are an evil race of sharks. They like to cause chaos to any sea creature who visits their part of the sea.

Ursula is an evil sea witch. She wants to rule Triton's kingdom. She'll do anything for it and often thinks up many ways and spells to do it but they all fail.


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