The Little Mermaid

Toon Disney (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • A Little Evil
      Episode 8
      The Evil Manta has a son who wants to follow in his father's evil footsteps, but he shows signs of good. Ariel finds him, and tries to bring that good out in him.
    • 10/29/94
      Ariel treasures her items from the humans of above. She shows her items to Gabriella and she loves them too, but someone else saw Ariel's treasures to. Ursula, and now she's using her evil spells to take control over Ariel's treasure's so they can destroy Atlantica.
    • The Beast Within
      Episode 6
      Ariel, Urchin, Flounder and Sebastian go on an adventure to Quaking Canyon and Flounder gets bitten by a Howling Hairfish! The legend is, that if you get bitten by a howling hairfish, you turn into one! Can Ariel and the others save Flounder before the mob of angry villagers get to him? In a B-story, Sebastian gets a trophy from Triton for 25 years of dedicated service! Then, Urchin breaks the trophy as they're escaping from the howling hairfish. Could this be the end of Sebastian and Urchin's friendship?moreless
    • Heroes
      Episode 5
      King Triton, and the other residents from Atlantica are very happy to know that their hero Apollo is returning to Atlantica. Ariel and Flounder ask Triton who he is, and Triton explains. 20 years ago during the Sargasso War, Atlantica was in a battle between the Octipins who contained a triton that was more magically than King Triton's triton. Apollo, in the vines snuck up on them and broke it. After the story Apollo appears. He and Ariel go on an adventure, but Ariel and Flounder soon find out that his victory over the Atlanticans was an accident. Ursula revives the Octipins and gives them 8 magic tritons, and now Apollo becomes a hero for real.moreless
    • 10/8/94

      Ariel and the family take a trip up to the frozen North for a vacation. Soon, Ariel and Flounder find the legendary kingdom of dinosaurs- Prehistoria! Out of sympathy, Ariel sets the frozen dinosaurs free using Triton's trident, but it has dangerous consequences. In a B-Story, Sebastian is driving Triton and Dudley crazy, so they try and escape from him on holiday.

    • Island of Fear
      Episode 3

      Once again Sebastian gets kidnapped, but this time a mad scientist kidnaps Sebastian for his crab experiments. Can Ariel, Flounder, and Scuttle rescue him?

    • King Crab
      Episode 2

      While King Triton's away Sebastian will play. Sebastian's parents come over,and he lied to them telling them that he is the king of Atlantica. All goes well until King Triton comes home. Can Ariel, Urchin and Flounder get Sebastian out of this mess?

    • Scuttle
      Episode 1
      Ariel meets Scuttle for the first time as they compete for a Shimmermajigger. At first she dislikes the bird, but when Sebastian gets kidnapped by an eagle and then dropped onto a pirate ship, Ariel and Flounder must team up with Scuttle to rescue the crab!
    • The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea

      It's the sequel to the original Little Mermaid movie in 1989. After rejoicing over the birth of Ariel's new daughter Melody, she and Eric face a new threat from Ursula's sister Morgana. Morgana is so dangerous that it forces Ariel to hide Melody's true mermaid heritage from her. 12 years later Melody (having Ariel's gene's for adventure and curiosity) venture's out to the sea in search of her true mermaid heritage after finding a clue to it. Ariel must rely on her childhood friends from the sea to find Melody and stop Morgana from taking over the sea.

  • Season 2
  • Season 1