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  • A decent prequel series for all the fans

    For those who wanted more of Ariel and her life under the sea, there is this. A fun, warm-hearted, and charming show that takes place before the events in the movie. It contains the same characters from the original film and much of the original cast plus some other new additions. Also the songs are quite wonderful and true the the nature of the characters and film. Too bad it is shockingly short compared to other successful Disney cartoons. Still this show has a few flaws such as continuty errors and and opening theme song being less original but hey Disney was experimenting and this was a new concept.
  • One Of Disney's most wonderful cartoon series

    Following the success of Goof Troop Darkwing Duck and Ducktales Disney released The Little Mermaid as their first cartoon based on the movie of the same name in 1992 and proved to be one of the most successful series. The series follows Ariel her sisters and her father King Triton and her friends Flounder and Sebastian in her life before the movie in a unique storyline with fun adventures and songs with life lessons that little girls can relate to. As a fan of The Little Mermaid movie it was great to have Ariel be a positive role model to girls and you don't see a lot of that in cartoons nowadays. Starring most of the original voice talent including Kenneth Mars as King Triton Sam E. Wright as Sebastian and the wonderful Jodi Benson as Ariel this series is a must for any The Little Mermaid fan. And I think it would be nice to release The Little Mermaid series on DVD because with the popular rerelease of the movie itself it's about time Disney does it
  • What da huh ? ? ?

    After the movie they made this show which I thought would be nice and charming, but this one I don't really like. I haven't seen the movie or the sequel for a very long time though, but however, they're still better than this garbage. I got so bored that I was really willing to go to sleep and the songs didn't relly catch my interest or attract my smiles. Ariel has a bad voice despite the characters and this show is too emo for me and I don't like emo movies or shows because they get sillier than I expect and I don't like them because that means they are moved by feelings so I don't like it. I just don't like this in my opinion so I would rather watch something else I don't care when this comes on or if it still comes on when I'm still alseep like now in the presence i just don't like this sadly.:(
  • Good, but not as good as the movie.

    It was cute, great for any kid of the ages 10 and younger. I being a Disney Fanatic was extremely happy to find out that they were making a show for the Little Mermaid and wasnt let down the first episode. It wasnt was good as the movie, but I wasnt really expecting it to be. If you are a true disney fan you will love this show such as my self but if you are just looknig for a cartoon to watch than this might not be the best choose to watch, If you have any younger brothers or sisters you should watch this with them, they would love it.
  • What I wouldn't give to have this series hit the DVD shelves. That would be amazing. I already own the first two Little Mermaid films, and am eagerly awaiting the third. Maybe it'll talk about whatever happened to Ariel's mother.

    The Little Mermaid begins when Ariel befriends a baby whale, who got lost because of poachers. Luckilly, the baby whale was re-united. Then, Ariel befriends a little orphan merboy named Urchin. Later, she confronts with an evil manta by letting other sea creatures live in harmony. Ariel then gets into other adventures, like getting beached, the show's version of "grounded," with one of her sisters after a little quarrel, befriending the evil Manta's son, trying to make a wish for human legs, and understanding her mute friend's sign-language (with the help of her octopus friend). What a great show.
  • This series shows what happened to Ariel befor the movie, the little mermaid.

    It is all right. I dont watch it much, because it is on while Im in school, and it's a kids show. But if Im home sick or it is a vacation, I may watch it. I love love love the little mermaid. Singing somgs like "Part of your world" Or "Under da sea" is so much fun. But this show is quite childish. Also, it is just plain cheesey. Cheap knock off of the movie. The songs are not very good. Little 6 year old kids probally love it. But, compared to other shows I hac=ve seen, its well, bad. But, not the worst!
  • A nice spin-off show.

    This show was quite pleasurable and was suprisingly entertaining. The movie release was extroadinary and Walt Disney Inc decided it would be a great idea to make a spin off television series to continue to franchise and it's incredibly popurlarity. It was nice to see all the amazing and superbly created characters from The Little Mermaid such as Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder and King Tridon. The only memorable character missing was Ursula the Sea Witch, which is obvious seeming as she died in the previous animated film. This is definately of Disney's finest work and it is a shame for it to be cancelled.
  • This series is about Ariel's adventures under the sea.

    I always loved the Little Mermaid movie and this show helps me remember why. Ariel has such a wonderful personality and this show helps us see that. I especially love it because Jodi Benson (the original voice of Ariel) was her voice in the show, since no one can replace the classic Ariel's voice. If you enjoyed Ariel's adventures throughout the movie, there is a good chance that you will enjoy the t.v. show! Of course nothing will beat the movie, but the show is pretty close.
  • Um this show was OK though i don't watch it cause it does'nt come on much.

    First of all,The Little Mermaid is a fine movie and this show is ok i don't really watch it i watched it the first time i thought it was pretty good sadly a few years later they have been trying to make The Little Mermaid ''a little girly thing'' people this is'nt a girl's thing it can be for any gender first of i see a little girl wearing an Ariel shirt ugh for people who think this kinda stuff is for girls think again Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are girly stuff from Disney and Barbie is a girl's thing very very annoying and ignorant please do watch it and you'll see it's content is'nt girly it's good stuff please do watch it it is very good for kids and yet again this is'nt girly neither is Beauty and the Beast there just good films for any gender and the merchandise which is aimed at girls must be destroyed cause it is'nt that kind of movie/show though i love the movie and i love the show.
  • The Little Mermaid Is An Extrodinary Show Super Spectacular Keep The Little Mermaid On Air (Always).

    I Love The Little Mermaid Ariel And Her Friend's Are Super Fantastic. I Will Watch It Forever, I Wish It Would Be An Hour Show Instead Of 30 Min. The Little Mermaid Deserve To Win 2 Academy Awards. Best Picture, Sounds Colors. Never Take It Off The Air. Nothing Nobody Stops Ariel And Her Friends.
  • Take a gander at the main page ;)

    Being that this show is based off my absolute favorite animated movie, how could I do anything but love it?! My only complaint is that is was never anywhere but cable, not fair for those of us without cable! Despite this flaw, whenever I got a chance I eagerly tuned in to this awesome show!
  • Not bad

    This show is a little good, but not great. Not a rubbish show and it never enfuriated me in any way, but it was a tiny bit boring and needed a little bit more action. The voice actors were the same as they were in the movie, which is a good thing but this still isn't a great cartoon. It's ok though...
  • This is one of the worst things that's happened to Disney since the death of Walt himself!

    Why the hell did Disney turn this classic movie into
    money waste? WHY?? Why bother?? It's even more riskier than Russian Roulette! Who the heck came up with this crap? Molesta the Retarded Monkey, that's who! Just watching this show makes me wanna puke. I mean, look at it! It was made by a bunch of drunkards for crying out loud!! Thank God, it's over now.
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    Selecting a great toon is much like selecting a bottle of fine sherry... It can be a real challenge, especially when it's to be shared with that special man in your life. After all, no two men are alike, and their tastes won't be either!

    However, there are certain toons almost guaranteed to please. I know this because I've watched television with thousands of different men from different backgrounds, and there are certain shows all men rave about again and again. The Little Mermaid is one of these shows.

    Don't miss it.
  • i love it ! simply because of the ending love ariel\'s voice specialty

    it is a very good show every one should watch it.
    it is nearly a musical .good simply too good for words!
    every body should watch it even you!
    i love it ! simply because of the ending love ariel\'s voice specialty
    watch little mermaid 2 also
    also very good!

    wont regret i tell ya!
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do