The Little Mermaid

Toon Disney (ended 1994)


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  • What I wouldn't give to have this series hit the DVD shelves. That would be amazing. I already own the first two Little Mermaid films, and am eagerly awaiting the third. Maybe it'll talk about whatever happened to Ariel's mother.

    The Little Mermaid begins when Ariel befriends a baby whale, who got lost because of poachers. Luckilly, the baby whale was re-united. Then, Ariel befriends a little orphan merboy named Urchin. Later, she confronts with an evil manta by letting other sea creatures live in harmony. Ariel then gets into other adventures, like getting beached, the show's version of "grounded," with one of her sisters after a little quarrel, befriending the evil Manta's son, trying to make a wish for human legs, and understanding her mute friend's sign-language (with the help of her octopus friend). What a great show.