The Little Mermaid

Toon Disney (ended 1994)


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  • What da huh ? ? ?

    After the movie they made this show which I thought would be nice and charming, but this one I don't really like. I haven't seen the movie or the sequel for a very long time though, but however, they're still better than this garbage. I got so bored that I was really willing to go to sleep and the songs didn't relly catch my interest or attract my smiles. Ariel has a bad voice despite the characters and this show is too emo for me and I don't like emo movies or shows because they get sillier than I expect and I don't like them because that means they are moved by feelings so I don't like it. I just don't like this in my opinion so I would rather watch something else I don't care when this comes on or if it still comes on when I'm still alseep like now in the presence i just don't like this sadly.:(