The Little Mermaid - Season 1

Toon Disney (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • Eel-Ectric City
    Episode 14

    Ariel's friend Pearl comes to town, and takes Ariel to Eeel-Ectric city. Triton of course doesn't want her to go. So Pearl lie's and says they're going to have a slumber party. They go to the place anyway but when a terrible storm comes Triton finds out the truth.

  • Trident True
    Episode 13

    Ariel and her little sea friends get King Triton gifts for Father's day. She goes to a cave to get a glowing seashell and they get trapped in by an octopus so Urchin uses the triton to beat him but loses it in the process.

  • Beached
    Episode 12

    Ariel and her big sister Arista get into a big argument, so they can't go to the carnival. Everything gets all out of hand but when some gators try to rob the kingdom Ariel and Arista learn the true value of sisterhood and teamwork.

  • Red
    Episode 11

    After Ariel's party King Triton feels that he's too old, so his glowing glowfish gets Triton a magical age stone that turns Triton into a little boy called Red. Later on Ariel and Sebastian find out and they trace the jewel to a magic sorceress who only old King Triton can beat.

  • Thingamajigger
    Episode 10
    Prince Eric drops one of his boots down to the sea, and when Ariel finds it she thinks its a wonderful human thingamajigger, but Triton thinks its dangerous. Soon terrible things start to happen and every sea creature thinks that the thingamajigger is the cause, so every bad guy wants it to take over Triton's kingdom, but Ariel goes to the surface and finds out what they really do.moreless
  • The Evil Manta aka In Harmony
    The city of Atlantica is a wonderful place to live in, but when Ariel releases an evil manta from imprisonment he spreads the path of prejudice for the creatures of Atlantica. Everybody separates from each, but Ariel and Flounder stay together and work things out in Atlantica.
  • 10/24/92
    King Triton thinks that Ariel and Prince Thor would make a perfect couple, but not Urchin so he plays tricks on Thor to make him change his mind about Ariel. The prince gets exasperated and tells his kingdom to have war with Atlantica. Urchin stops it, and Triton explains that he wanted Ariel and Prince Thor to be a couple in the olympic sea games.moreless
  • Charmed
    Episode 7
    Ariel finds a beautiful human bracelet, and when she wears it she can't take it off. Knowing that her father hates human things she decides not to go home until she finds the key to take it off.
  • 10/10/92
    A lonely dragon writes a message in a bottle. Ariel finds it and visits him, he decides to come to Ariel's house but King Triton won't allow it until he saves them from some evil sea creatures.
  • Double Bubble
    Episode 5
    Ariel and her friends have to babysit some baby mertwins, but when they cause mischief they provide Ariel with some double trouble.
  • Urchin
    Episode 4
    Ariel and Flounder meet a new friend- Urchin! He's an orphan merboy but he happens to get in with the wrong crowd- Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp! Can Urchin find the good in his heart to stop the Lobster Mobster Mob before they steal from the royal treasury?
  • Stormy
    Episode 3
    Ariel wants to ride a wild seahorse named Stormy, but her father doesn't want her to. So, Ariel sneaks off and rides off with Stormy into the wild and right into trouble.
  • 9/12/92
    Sebastian thinks that he's the best crab under the sea, but when King Triton wants him to deliver a document to Sharkania he shows his fear.
  • Whale Of A Tale
    Episode 1
    When Ariel finds an abandoned baby whale, she decides to take care of him and be his Mother. She names him Spot, because he has a white spot on his tail, but when Spot causes mass destruction around the kingdom, Ariel decides to teach him how to survive in the wild.moreless