The Little Mermaid

Season 3 Episode 0

The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea

Aired Saturday 3:00 PM Sep 16, 2000 on Toon Disney

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  • Its now come full circle hasn't it? The mermaid who was so deprest to leave the water now has a daughter who just wants to stay in the water!

    I do like this movie a lot. The colors and music and the story is good. Ariel is happy with new daughter and like all parents just wants her to be safe and happy. She tries to give her daughter the best of both worlds. But Ursale sister who doesn't really want to reveger her as much as she wants to prove to her own mom she isn't second best. Ironicly Ariel is forced to do the same thing she herself hated as a kid by focing to deny Melody what is part of her. Melody eventually grows up to be her mom daughter alright and after a great adventure a few lessons well learn the two worlds can at last be one. It was awsome! Still in my opiane I wish Melody had a sister! I mean Ariel has six for crying out loud! In my mind she look like Ariel only she have a blue tail and were a ribbion in her hair as well as have a starfish birthmark on her left hand. I called her Harmony. Well lets up TLM3 is good!
  • i love the little mermaid 2

    I love this movie.This is one of my fave movies next to The Little Mermaid.This story is about Melody who disobeys her mother but in the end she learns an important lesson.My fave character in the movie is Melody because she's adventurous and brave even though she disobeys her mother.She really does belong to both the land and sea because her mom's a mermaid and her dad's a human and she's truly a part of both worlds.
  • A complete disgrace to the original!

    This is so bad, that I can't put how bad it is into words! What's the point of making a dumb, money-making sequel out of a perfectly good film anyhow? It's just stupid! The plots were basically the same as the first one, only that there were different characters! It was awfully cheesy and dumb, like the singing that was done in it! Ugh! The ending was too predictable and really ruined the "magic" of the first one. All the humans jump into the sea?! Is this some kind of a joke??? Melody was just a complete Ariel rip-off and was just incredibly annoying, and Morgana...don't get me started on her. She was just a cheap and tacky version of Ursula, who is WAY better!

    If I were you, I'd avoid watching this pile of filth and all that crappy music! It is a HUGE disgrace to the original!
  • This movie was Aweful! :(

    Ariel was such a stupid wussy in this movie! How could she deprive her very own daughter from her family? Now before you all start screaming at me, I just wanna say I adored the little mermaid 1 but The second was just horrable! If you loved the first little mermaid, do not watch this one! cause you might h8 Ariel.