The Littles

Season 3 Episode 6

A Little Drunk

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 19, 1985 on ABC

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  • The Littles come to visit a big Hollywood star but only end up seeing what a loser he is.

    A very grownup type of episode. Even though this series was aimed for kids, it's episodes like this that really do show "The Littles" at being more than just a kids show.

    This episode aired this Sunday on the CW.

    "The Littles" come to visit a Hollywood actor, Kurt Cowan,
    and believe he is a great star who does all of his stunts.

    As we see in this episode, Kurt is anything but a star. He's an alcoholic and quite abusive (like many spoiled stars we see him ordering people around and even belittleling his stunt doubles). Even the people working on the set from the crew don't like him at all:

    Quite funny..."Let's go make a movie and have myself a drink".

    Kurt: "I'am thirsty"

    Set person: "He's always thirsty. Second set person: "That's how he wrecked the car in the last movie.".

    Anyways, Dinky starts imitating Kurt's way which only leads to trouble (including a hilarious drinking and driving sequence).

    Eventually, "The Littles" see what kind of loser this guy really is and that's probably the lesson this episode shows us which is not to look up to celebrities or anybody else as role models without digging into and seeing who they really are.