The Littles - Season 1

ABC (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • 12/3/83
    Dinky and Grandpa are flying in Dinkys airplane delivering Dinkys Airmail Pzza, When he hits a powerline and the crashes. Dinky has a dream that Dr. Hunter see them, breaks down the biggs walls and more places to find littles, and captures all of them. Henry tells Dr. Hunter all about the littles and becomes famous. Then Dinky wakes up freaking out.moreless
  • 11/26/83

    Henry and Marie are chasing a rabbit when they fall in an old abandoned Mind Shaft. Dinky sees them fall in and the rest of the littles go to help them. While Henry and Marie discover an old gold prospector in the mine, who forces them to carry his tons of gold out of the shaft. Until they trick the old prospector into doing it himself.

  • The Little Scouts
    Episode 11
    Grandpa, Dinky, Tom, Lucy and the rest of the Little Scouts are out camping in the woods. When a jet above them fails and the pilot parachutes right down by them, the Littles work hard with a bear's help to get the unconcious pilot to a nearby cabin. But when the pilot wakes up he notices the Little's, so now that they have been seen they must decide what to do with the pilot.moreless
  • 11/12/83
    When the Littles go visit their relatives, they discover that the big folk of the house cousin Minnie lives in have a Big problem--harmful medicine, which not only hurts Big people, but has even worse effects upon the Littles.
  • 11/5/83

    Henrys Friend Marie runs away and lucy goes with her in the backpack, so the littles go looking for Lucy and Marie, but the walkie talkie they are speaking to Henry on is being traced by Dr. Hunter. So as he closes in on their trail they realise he has been listening all along. Now Henry must get to them fast before it is to late.

  • Rats attack the Littles' home so they decide to use some of Dr. Hunter's trap to get rid of the rats.

  • 10/22/83
    Helen Little (Mom) breathes in one of Dr. Hunters chemicals he sprayed to get the Littles and becomes very sick. The only medicine they can get her is in the Bigs Clinic so Henry pretends he's sick and goes to get it. But the Bigs insist Henry is sick and make him stay for tests, as Helen Little worsens.moreless
  • The Little Winner
    Episode 6
    Dinky enters a contest in the paper for a gas-powered airplane. He wins but can't get the plane because he's is a Little. Dinky takes off to get his prize at the Midget Models Co. in the Big City, while Tom, Lucy, Grandpa and Henry go to the same place to stop Dinky.moreless
  • 10/8/83
    The Littles help an old blind lady find some lost money before the greedy landlord, who found out about it in one of the lady's diaries, finds it and steals it. But when the landlord figures out someone is helping the lady, they have to find the money fast.
  • 10/1/83
    The Littles make a movie, "The Little Wizard of Oz" with an old movie camera in the attic, Tom gets jealous because Lucy got the best part and throws the film in the dump instead of giving it to Henry but the film falls in one of Dr. Hunter's traps and they set off to get it back. But Dr. Hunter realises this is the proof he needs and locks it in his safe. So now the Littles have to devise a way to open his safe before Dr. Hunter can reveal them.moreless
  • The Big Scare
    Episode 3
    Henry's friends make him stay in an old "haunted house" in order for him to join their bike club. The Littles find out that his friends are going to scare him out of the house, so they go to the house to warn Henry and give the kids a taste of their own medicine. But as each group tries to scare one another they find that they aren't alone.moreless
  • 9/17/83
    The Biggs find a statue of King Iota, Ruler of The Lost City of the Littles. Dr. Hunter steals the statue from the museum and the Littles have to get it before he deciphers an inscription it has about the Littles. They also want the statue back so they can decipher it for themselves and find The Lost City, which was just believed to be a myth.moreless
  • Beware Of Hunter!
    Episode 1
    Dr. Hunter discovers signs of the Littles in Grand Valley and goes after them while the Little family tries to stop him. They send ahead Willian Little to warn the Grand Valley Littles. But will he get there in time to warn them?
  • Here Come The Littles

    The movie tells about how Henry Bigg discovers the Littles. His parents are lost in Africa and he has to go and live with his mean Uncle Augustus. Tom and Lucy Little fell in his suitcase and went there too. So Grandpa and Dinky fly out in the airplane to rescue them. Henry and the Littles later find out Augustus plans on tearing down Henry's house and building a shopping mall. They have to stop him before it's too late.