The Littles - Season 2

ABC (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • 11/3/84

    Henry's friends tell him about a haunted house outside of town where a magician turns kids into cats and the littles tell Grandpa, Who takes them there to see there Cousin Zachary and prove there are no ghosts in the house. While Henry and his friends go into the house to find the magician.

  • 10/27/84

    The Littles Community want to be able to go outside, but the current mayor won't let them because of Dr. Hunter and his traps. A man named Smiling Al comes into town and runs for mayor but he is a total fake, and Tom and Lucy and Grandpa set to work making the current mayor be realected. Meanwhile Smiling Al lets the Littles outside and they get caught in Dr. Hunter's Ttaps. So Dr. Hunter helps out the current mayor and gets him re-elected, by proving he was right.

  • 10/20/84

    Lucy and Tom are looking for a present for grandpa while Grandpa Little leaves home thinking no one loves him anymore. Tom and Lucy find a grandma for him and go find him and get him back.

  • The Twins
    Episode 5

    Twins are born and Dinky gets jealous so he builds his own gas-powered car to be the new attention and he just gets injured, so he steals the brass bed which henry got as a present for the twins and gets in more danger because Dr. Hunter is tracking the bed with a tracking device on the bottom.

  • For the Birds
    Episode 4

    The Littles Community wants to have a little zoo and orders the littles to go out and capture animals. Tom and Lucy find an injured bird and try to hide it from Ashley who will capture it for the zoo

  • The Forest Littles
    Episode 3
    the littles find a race of littles in the forest and help them save their home from Dr. Hunters trained weasel who is roaming the forest after them
  • 9/22/84

    Henry is suppose to babysit for his parents friend. Instead he leaves the babysitting up to the Littles and goes to play football. The Littles can't handle the baby and big trouble happens

  • 9/15/84

    The littles run off to a Rock and Roll Concert in town and Dr. Hunter is there and ready to catch any littles if they come his way.