The Littlest Hobo

Season 1 Episode 21

Guardian Angel

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Apr 03, 1980 on CTV

Episode Recap

Lukash, a compulsive thief, sees a priest depart from a car with the keys

in the ignition and decides to steal that car, then discovers a baby in the

back seat.

The priest was going to convey the infant to an orphanage after the child had been left on his church's doorstep by an impoverished and desperate illegal-immigrant mother.

Lukash brings the baby home to his wife, who tells him that they must surrender the baby to the police without letting the police know about Lukash's car theft.

En route to a police station, Lukash and his wife stop in a park where they find an empty baby carriage and put the infant inside the carriage.

London, who had been with the baby's mother, appears in the park and, using his canine mouth, lifts and transports the carriage and its gurgling occupant to the mother, who has reconsidered her

previous decision and now wants to keep the baby, with which she can

legitimately apply for citizenship.

Lukash is arrested by police not for car theft, but for absconding with the baby carriage, and tells this whole story to a fellow prisoner.

Lukash is later released from police custody and informed that his fellow prisoner is deaf and could not have heard the story which he has told.
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