The Littlest Hobo

Season 4 Episode 6

Happy Birthday Mom

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Oct 21, 1982 on CTV

Episode Recap

London encounters a brotherly rivalry.

The older brother, Martin, wants to buy a baseball catcher's mitt for himself and purchase a gift for his mother's birthday but is without sufficient funds in either case.

Younger brother David has saved a sum of newspaper route money to buy a ceramic statue for their mother.

Urged into dishonesty by his "friend", Ted, Martin steals David's money from a box in the family's shed and uses the money to buy the mitt.

London intervenes, snatches the bag containing the mitt, and hides it from Martin.

He next brings to David, who is upset at the theft of his money, an advertisement for an upcoming bicycle race with a 35 dollar prize.

David, an able bicyclist, decides to enter the race and win the money to replace what was stolen, and Martin, determined to win the money to buy a gift for their mother, enters the race too.

Ted tries to sabotage David's excellent chance of winning, first by loosening the chain on David's bicycle, then by removing and throwing away the plastic rings that David needs to collect along the race route.

London thwarts Ted's sabotage by finding and bringing the missing rings to David, who has reattached his bicycle chain and is back in the race.

Ted's effort to send David astray by changing a direction sign is foiled by London, who topples the sign and offers to guide David in the correct direction.

But David's bicycle hits a pothole, and David is thrown off of the road and hurts his leg.

London stops Martin in the midst of the race and brings Martin to David.

Martin relents on the race and helps his injured brother. Neither brother wins the race, but David buys the statue for their mother on an installment payment plan, and London returns to Martin the bag with the mitt, knowing that Martin will do the right thing and return the mitt for a refund, then give back to David the money that David had saved to pay for the statue.