The Littlest Hobo

Season 2 Episode 14

Here's Joey Jackson

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 22, 1981 on CTV

Episode Recap

London helps Joey Jackson, a popular live-television talk show host who is

being blackmailed via notes and telephone calls by a bearded man on a


The blackmailer knows about Jackson's past as a reckless young man named Joey Jagovitch, who stole a car, had a hit-and-run accident, was convicted, and served his time.

Fearing for his career as an entertainer,

Jackson is willing to pay the blackmailer any sum of money to keep him silent.

London follows the blackmailer to a telephone booth, where he overhears the blackmailer speaking to a Mr. Telford, Jackson's announcer and

co-host, and reporting to Telford on the blackmail scheme.

London carries one of the blackmail notes to the police and stops the bearded man from collecting the envelope of money that Jackson left, as arranged, in his own car.

London brings the envelope of money to Jackson and Telford, who are in the middle of a broadcast, and walks straight over to Telford.

Telford implicates himself by unwittingly stating the exact amount of money in the

envelope, which he could not have known if he were innocent.

Jackson courageously decides to tell about his past misdeed to his audience, who mostly respond understandingly, and Telford and the bearded otorcyclist

are arrested.

Telford needed the blackmail money to pay gambling debts.