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The Littlest Pet Shop

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Blythe Baxter has just moved into an apartment with her pilot father, in the big city. Blythe soon discovers that her apartment is above a pet store called the Littlest Pet Shop, and while visiting it one day, she discovers that she can actually talk to the pets. The pets consist of Zoe Trent, a purple dog who loves to sing, Penny Ling, a cute little panda who is quite sensitive, Minka Mark, a hyperactive monkey who loves to paint, Vinnie Terrio, a gecko who loves to dance, but is not that bright, Russell Ferguson, a hedgehog who tries to make sure that everything is in order, Sunil Nevla, a timid mongoose who loves to do magic and Pepper Clark, a skunk who loves to do stand up comedy. The show revolves around Blythe's adventures in the pet shop, wither it's stopping the store from being shut down or helping her pets with their problems, and at school, where she tries to make friends while trying to avoid the snooty Biskit twins.

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