The Littlest Pet Shop

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The Littlest Pet Shop

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Blythe Baxter has just moved into an apartment with her pilot father, in the big city. Blythe soon discovers that her apartment is above a pet store called the Littlest Pet Shop, and while visiting it one day, she discovers that she can actually talk to the pets. The pets consist of Zoe Trent, a purple dog who loves to sing, Penny Ling, a cute little panda who is quite sensitive, Minka Mark, a hyperactive monkey who loves to paint, Vinnie Terrio, a gecko who loves to dance, but is not that bright, Russell Ferguson, a hedgehog who tries to make sure that everything is in order, Sunil Nevla, a timid mongoose who loves to do magic and Pepper Clark, a skunk who loves to do stand up comedy. The show revolves around Blythe's adventures in the pet shop, wither it's stopping the store from being shut down or helping her pets with their problems, and at school, where she tries to make friends while trying to avoid the snooty Biskit twins.


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AIRED ON 3/5/2015

Season 3 : Episode 26

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  • Actually a pretty good show.

    I think that this show is actually pretty good. Not the greatest thing you'll ever see, but definitely worth checking out.

    The show focuses on Blythe, who can communicate with animals after an accident with a dumbwaiter, and her misadventures with the pets she works with at The Littlest Pet Shop, which seems like a pretty dry and unoriginal idea on paper, but is executed pretty well as a TV Show.

    85% of the time it proves to be a pretty decent watch. I've only watched like 12 episodes and I find it mildly entertaining. Now keep in mind, this show is targeted towards kids so of course it's jokes won't necessarily be laugh out loud funny, and don't expect it to go into places most shows wouldn't go. But at times, it can be very focused on character relationships, and that's not necessarily common these days with childrens cartoons. Oh, and it has a musical on like almost every episode. (Similar to Phineas and Ferb). Also, the characters will sometimes engage into a Make-Believe story or play, similar to what Rugrats used to do, which is always welcome, and works well to entertain the viewer most of the time.

    But, the thing I do like the most about this show is it's selection of characters. They're all likeable characters (Except the biskits twins, who are only there to play as some sort of antagonist) who all have their own distinct and dynamic personalities that you wouldn't normally see on most children shows. (An artist monkey, a skunk who wants to be funny) And just for the record, it manages to sneak in a few facts about some particular species on about half of their episodes, which gives it pretty decent educational value to the kids too. It teaches kids good morals unlike shows such as SpongeBob, and is a very positive influence for children. I honestly think anybody could enjoy this show as long as they like the selection of characters, but that could just be me.

    If you have a child in the age areas of 4-10 years old, they will more than likely like this show alot. It's very much like a weird blend of "Phineas and Ferb" and "Ed edd n eddy". Not a bad blend, at that. Is it recommended? Well, it's the kind of show that's not for everyone. So I can't say it is. If you wind up liking the selection of characters for this show, you will more than likely watch it more consistently (Like I did) and enjoy it for what it is. So I'd say give a few eps a shot.

    Quality-wise, it's one of those shows that's consistently good, and seems to get better and better as time moves on. And I don't think this show will be going anywhere for a long time (Probably until 2016-2018) And, I think that it deserves a nice 8/10 vote for doing it's own thing nicely. I'm just hoping it explains how Blythe got the ability to speak with animals before the darn series ends.moreless
  • not very good.

    i really think that this show isn't good. they should've had more characters like they have in mlp : fim. Littlest Pet Shop fans MIGHT like this show, but I really have some questions:

    Who IS the blonde? I have never even seen her before. where are these random characters from???

    Who are the biskits? and plus, why were they even thought of?!?!?

    I really wish they never came into imagination of the storyline. they are spoiled, rich brats who don't even respect anyone. I really think that butler of theirs should kick them in the ( ) and call the fbi on them.

    Overall, I really hate AwesomeDude12 and how much he sucks, but I still didn't like LPS on The Hub, and I still don't like it on Discovery Family.

    Overall Rating: 6/10 (Mediocre)moreless
  • Dumbest show ever

    Man this show sucks, it' basically My Little Pony but with a girl who is high. None of the characters are cute, which makes me wish that the creators could watch Breadwinners or Sanjay and Craig so they could learn how to make cute designs. Also there's no farting or butt jokes which disappointed me.
  • Not nearly as good as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but it is decent enough

    This is not a great series by any standards, but it is still passably decent. It's kinda funny, the animation is just above the standard flash animation, and the characters aren't that bad. Sometimes the writing is sloppy and some situations are contrived (wouldn't naturally happen). It still has a bit of catchy music by the same composers as Daniel Ingram, which is good.

    You can tell they aren't putting nearly as much effort into this show as they are on Friendship is Magic, but what the creators have given us isn't bad at all. It's worth checking out if you ABSOLUTELY have to, otherwise, it's just a silly distraction.moreless
  • Excellent!

    This show is brilliant! It's such a success. It's 100% recommended for the whole teenage group! And when you watch this cute show, your eyes will explode of cuteness after seeing such cute sweet perfection such as this! 10/10

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