The Littlest Pet Shop

The Hub (ended 2016)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 6/4/16

      Blythe and the pets try to think of a way to get off the island they are stranded on while Mrs. Twombly tries to get everything ready for the grand opening of Littlest Pet Street.

    • 6/4/16

      Blythe is able to get a famous internet cat to appear at the grand opening of Littlest Pet Street. The only problem is that she has to fly all the way to the cat's home in Bermuda to pick her up. Meanwhile, the pets decide to make a movie that will premiere at the street's new theatre, but they can't agree on what type of movie it should be.

    • Seeing Red
      Episode 24

      Penny asks a visiting red panda to teach her how to act tough while Blythe writes a short story about her parents when they were teenagers.

    • LPS: The Moosical
      LPS: The Moosical
      Episode 23

      Mrs. Twombly is looking forward to the reunion of her old singing group, however, the bellowing of a nervous moose who is visiting the pet shop might put a damper on it.

    • Bake Boss
      Bake Boss
      Episode 22

      Business is running slow at Sweet Delights so Blythe asks her cousin, who happens to be a celebrity chef, to help bring in new customers. Although, she soon starts to regret it when her cousin wants to change everything about the sweet shop. Meanwhile, Sunil asks the pets to help him convince his parents that he's a doctor.

    • Paint a Picture, It Lasts Longer

      Minka paints a portait in a new design, but she is not happy with it, so she gives to Blythe and makes her promise not to tell anyone she made it. Blythe decides to take credit for the painting, which gets her in trouble when the Biskit twins ask her to paint another one for them.

    • On the Same Page
      Episode 20

      While reading her mother's journal, Blythe reads an entry about how her mother lost her ability to talk to animals, making her fear that the same thing will happen to her. Meanwhile, Russell, Vinnie and Sunil get fed up with the girls hogging the day camp with their stuff so they decide to make their own area for boys only.

    • 4/23/16

      Vinnie and Sunil take part in an underground rabbit race, where Buttercream is a contestant, after they accidentally give out Blythe's cell phone as one of the prizes.

    • Sunil goes on a quest around the city to find something that will make him smile while Blythe goes on a frantic search for her mother's journal after losing it.

    • A Leah Rose by Another Name

      Mrs. Biskit asks Blythe to help out her dog, Poppy, who refuses to take part in the upcoming dog show. Meanwhile, Wiggles the alligator returns to the pet shop and has become a self-help guru.

    • Go Figure!
      Episode 16

      Blythe brings Vinnie and Sunil to a sci-fi convention so she can sell some of her new cosplay costumes for pets. But Vinnie and Sunil soon get themselves lost at the convention and they try to get back to Blythe. Meanwhile, Minka tries to get the new day camper, a mantis named Master Hop, to teach her how to be zen, but is disappointed when she sees that Master Hop is more interested in teaching Russell.

    • 2/6/16

      The Biskit twins become jealous of all the popularity Blythe is getting form her v-logs so they decide to make their own and steal all the popularity from her. Meanwhile, the pets believe that Penny is moving away and they do everything to make sure her last day with them is the best.

    • Steamed
      Episode 14

      Blythe and the pets get everything ready for the grand opening of Mrs. Twombly's coffee shop.

    • Petnapped!
      Episode 13

      A small dog is kidnapped by a crook pretending to be her owner and it's up to Blythe and Youngmee to try and rescue her. Meanwhile, Russell becomes upset when he misses the final episode of his favourite TV show and the pets try to cheer him up by creating an reenactment of the episode.

    • Guilt Tripping
      Episode 12

      Blythe becomes stricken with guilt when an accident she made causes the Biskit twins to get suspended from school. Meanwhile, Pepper accidentally breaks Vinnie's lucky rock and starts to worry about what kind of punishment he has planned for her.

    • Snipmates
      Episode 11

      Blythe becomes a contestant on a fashion show and must compete against her old fashion camp roommate, McKena, who turns out to be very competitive. Meanwhile, the pets try to figure out why the usually cheery Sugar Sprinkles is in a bad mood.

    • Pump Up the Panda
      Pump Up the Panda
      Episode 10
    • Pump Up the Panda
      Pump Up the Panda
      Episode 10

      Blythe takes the pets to the beach to show off her new line of pet beachwear. While there, Vinnie and Sunil compete against each other in a sandcastle building contest and Penny meets a lobster who tries to get her into shape.

    • Un-Vetted
      Episode 9

      While visiting the vet, Zoe falls in love with a handsome dog and now she tries to fake being sick so she can go see him again. Meanwhile, Russell tags along with Blythe and her dad as they go on a camping trip in the mountains.

    • Spendthrifty
      Episode 8

      Blythe gets a secondary job at the thrift store with Cora. But she soon takes advantage of her employee discount and winds up with a huge debt that she tries to pay off. Meanwhile, the pets must deal with a doll that Blythe left in their care that won't stop crying.

    • 12/12/15

      A TV producer plans on making a show based on the Littlest Pet Shop. But Blythe is not happy about it because she's afraid it will reveal her ability to talk to pets.

    • Game of Groans
      Episode 6

      Blythe takes Russell, Vinnie, and Sunil to the Renaissance Fair in Downtown City Park where they discover that something rotten is going on when they notice most of the food has gone missing.

    • 11/28/15

      Blythe and the pets spend Halloween swapping scary stories. While this is going on, Roger goes through a living nightmare trying to get home due to a bad case of jet leg.

    • Senior Day
      Episode 4

      While volunteering at the local old folks home, Blythe befriends an elderly woman who wants to introduce her to her granddaughters, and Blythe is a bit shocked when she finds out who they are. Meanwhile, Russell allows his dad to come live with him, but he starts to regret it when his dad starts to drive him crazy.

    • 11/14/15

      The pets try to help a Russian circus bear named Ivan get back to his owner while Blythe tries to help Youngmee find the perfect pet.

    • Pitch Purrfect
      Episode 2

      Mrs. Twombly's doorknob collection goes missing and Blythe and the pets start up an investigation to try and find them. But Blythe becomes easily distracted due to the diary that belonged to her mother. Meanwhile, Zoe starts up her own singing group after getting rejected from another group.

    • 11/7/15

      Blythe meets an elderly tortoise who may or may not have belonged to her mother. Also, due to a misunderstanding, the pets believe that Blythe is never going to talk to them again.

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