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So You Skink You Can Dance episode talkback

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    Okay so thoughts on this episode.

    This was a good episode, thoughit lacked a lot of logic and plot holes, like Vinnie able to lift up Blythe, there is no way a lizzard can hold up a human girl, or the lack of Vinnie's owner, I don't think Blythe should be able to take someone's pet on a plane ride, I guess she got permission off screen.

    But the a plot was awesome. It was really entertaining, but the b plot that is the weakest plot in the series so far, they should just not had a b plot and give Vinnie more time if that is the best they can do.

    Also it was great to see more Blythe flashbacks, but we don't see or hear her mother. Did Blythe ever have a mother?

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