The Lone Gunmen

Season 1 Episode 9

Diagnosis: Jimmy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2001 on FOX

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  • Un"bear"able

    Ok, this is where I get off. This episode plays like a mish-mash of two half-baked story ideas that writer, John Shiban, never bothered to think through and that never should have even seen the light of day. I'm guessing that this is the episode that made Fox decide to pull the plug. It is so pathetically shallow, contrived, and most damning of all, unfunny, that I give up too.

    How is that Yves is (yet again) directly involved in a caper that the Gunment are also pursuing? It's so implausible that you have to just shake your head and groan. Of course, we know that it is Yves who makes the buy and then skies past poor Jimmy after he pulls his "George Of The Jungle" stunt (watch out for that tree, Jimmy!). And of course, Yves pays a visit to Jimmy at the hospital, assists him in researching the homicidal doc, and then calls in the cavalry to save the Gunmen when they get into hot water with the grizzly poacher. Busy girl...

    And never mind how the Gunmen manage to get their spy-van buried under 12 feet of snow, or how they then manage to camouflage the van after the snow completely melts, only a few days later. Such details hurt Shiban's brain and he really can't be bothered because he is too busy crafting witty banter between Jimmy and his nympho nurse, as well as a whole bunch of "hilarious" gags, such as Jimmy getting injected in his posterior by Nurse Nympho over and over. Comic genius!