The Lone Gunmen

FOX (ended 2001)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Cap'n Toby Show
      When two stagehands of the 'Cap'n Toby Show' die on the same day, the Gunmen investigate only to discover the men were FBI agents working in a Chinese intelligence unit. Then the Gunmen find out that kid's show host Cap'n Toby is accused of being a spy, can they clear his name in time?moreless
    • All About Yves
      All About Yves
      Episode 12
      The Lone Gunmen follow Morris Fletcher and find a link to Romeo 61 (one of the biggest conspiracies ever). The gunmen team up with Fletcher and the trail not surprisingly leads the Gunmen to Yves and they uncover a secret government terrorist organization responsible for decades of major crimes.
    • The Lying Game
      The Lying Game
      Episode 11
      The gunmen are stunned to find that FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner is somehow deeply involved in the murder of Byers' old college roommate. The Gunmen have to question what's a lie and what's really the truth to get to the bottom of this case.
    • Tango de los Pistoleros
      The Gunmen keep blowing Yves' cover as she tries to prevent a tango-dancing smuggler from passing on information about new top-secret military cloaking material. The only way she can stop him is by becoming his tango-dancing partner.
    • Diagnosis: Jimmy
      Diagnosis: Jimmy
      Episode 9
      As Frohike, Langly and Byers try to catch a poacher dealing in grizzly bear gallbladders somewhere in a forest, a hospitalized Jimmy from a skiing accident begins to suspect his surgeon is a wanted killer after seeing America's Most Wanted. Can Jimmy get to the truth in his injured state?
    • Maximum Byers
      Maximum Byers
      Episode 8
      Byers and Jimmy become inmates at the Texas Department of Corrections and help an innocent man facing an execution on death row. Will our boys be able to free the innocent man before it's too late?
    • Planet of the Frohikes: A Short History of My Demeaning Captivity
      The Lone Gunmen receive an email from a monkey that has been subjected to secret government tests. The gunmen are shocked to find out that their contact is in fact a genetically altered, super monkey, who requires their help.
    • Madam, I'm Adam
      Madam, I'm Adam
      Episode 6
      The Gunmen try to help a man who claims his whole life, including his house and his wife, has been stolen from him because he was transported by aliens from a parallel universe. But the Gunmen soon find out that there is a more logical explanation...
    • Three Men and a Smoking Diaper
      The Lone Gunmen find a link between a popular Senator running a campaign for re-election, who appeared to be involved with one of his campaign workers who died in a very suspicious accident. But the Gunmen get more than they bargained for when they get stuck with the Senator's lovechild.
    • Like Water for Octane
      The gunmen search for an automobile that runs on water and whose creator disappeared years ago on a trip to Detroit to show his invention to the Big Three automakers.
    • Eine Kleine Frohike
      Frohike goes deep undercover after the gunmen receive a tip which could possibly lead them to a baker who used to poison members of the French Resistance back in World War II. Frohike must pretend that he is the baker's long lost son, who she has not seen in fifty years and somehow get the truth from her.moreless
    • Bond, Jimmy Bond
      Bond, Jimmy Bond
      Episode 2
      A million-dollar check from a possible drug deal leads the Gunmen to a charity organization run by a CEO named Bond. There the Gunmen find the fourth member of the Lone Gunmen team and together they work to find out what's really going on when Langly is kidnapped.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      In this first episode, Frohike and Byers attempt to steal the Octium IV chip, but are beaten too it. Later while investigating the death of Byer's father, the gunmen stumble onto a sinister government plot to ignite hostilities worldwide and increase arms sales dramatically.