The Lone Gunmen

Season 1 Episode 8

Maximum Byers

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2001 on FOX

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  • Dead Man Walking The Green Mile With A Shawshank Slingblade

    This is an odd one. It begins with a completely random, incongruous Elvis impersonator "bit" that has nothing to do with the rest of the episode, excepting that it gives the writers an excuse to use "Jailhouse Rock" as a soundtrack when Byers and Jimmy enter the Big House.

    Thereafter, virtually every cliche from every major prison movie is employed as the Gunmen embark on an unlikely mission to save a wrongfully convicted man. When did the Gunmen become the A-Team, mercenaries for hire? And why is Yves involved (again) when she has no discernible connection to the case? I know, I know, the real reason is so that she can do her best Daisy Duke impression for us, but in terms of her character, it makes no sense.

    I like the mini video monitor that they slip to Jimmy in the Cheetos bag. They really should have used more gadgets and gizmos like this in the series. I am confused as to how the Gunmen know categorically that Atherton is innocent, but I suppose that you just have to accept that they do. I have a feeling that there was more to the Pfeiffer character than is revealed in the episode since he doesn't get a lot of screen time and his motivations seem murky.

    And again, I don't really "get" the title. Why "Maximum Byers?" Why not "Maximum Jimmy?" It seems that the writers ended up just alternating the character names for each episode in an arbitrary but equal way, although Langly never got any love before the series was cancelled.
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