The Lone Gunmen

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2001 on FOX
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In this first episode, Frohike and Byers attempt to steal the Octium IV chip, but are beaten too it. Later while investigating the death of Byer's father, the gunmen stumble onto a sinister government plot to ignite hostilities worldwide and increase arms sales dramatically.

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  • Holy Cow!!

    How could they predict 9/11 so accurately? What's more, how could they know that 9/11 was an inside job? I mean the writers or whoever tipped them off are truly amazing people with some inside knowledge about the US government. This is incredible!!!
  • wow incredible episode

    Its incredible that this aired 6 months before 9/11 and its so close to episode. Three real heroes.
  • Wow PILOT Episode can anyone say INSIDE JOB!!!

    Alright ladies and gentlejerks this episode has to wake you from your deep floridated slumber considering the fact this episode aired MARCH 4 2001 and then was $%^& canned for no apparent reasons and the story is more like the facts pan out in real life look at how the secret government was involved in the real EVENT and even the actor Dean Haglund has admitted on the radio there were government agents involved with the story live especially in the pilot episode!!! and then you have toolbox timmy bush on TV and his little lap dog Condie Rice saying we could never imagine terrorist flying planes into buildings uhhhh dooooiiiuuhhhhh george!!! wow were in a lot of trouble!!!moreless
  • Burning Airlines Give You So Much More

    Technically, this is a very well-done pilot episode, which shouldn't be surprising given the talent involved. Rob Bowman does a great job in the director's chair and the cinematography and production design are top-notch, fully on par with that of it's big brother "The X-Files."

    To their credit, the creators manage to give this series a slightly different feel from "The X-Files," mostly by the use of a hipper, more guitar-oriented soundtrack. The same dark, Vancouverish look remains. The "Mount Rushmore" style framing of all three Gunmen in profile gets overused a bit, but then again what are you gonna do when there are three main characters who work together as a team?

    The weakness of this episode, and the downfall of the series as a whole, seems to be the inability of the main characters to carry an entire story on their own. The Gunmen are essentially cartoon characters and they are funny and entertaining, in small doses. They cannot sustain interest for the entire dramatic arc of an episode (let alone a series) and the essential one-dimensionality of their characters further limits the narrative possibilities.

    Ah well, can't blame Carter and Company for trying, and they did manage to predict the events of 9/11, eerily enough. Spooky.moreless
  • The first of only 13 episodes, and you konw what it wasn't half bad.

    I really liked the Lone Gunmne in this. We never really got to see them in action on the X Files but now becuase they are in their own show we can really bond with the charactors. Also the fact that all of the major charactors have been set up in the X files means that the show should be realitivly easy to write. This show shows plenty of promise, but prehaps they over do it with te stupid stories. Either way this episode was great and i know what it will get better, with people like Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter writing it. I wish that The Lone Gunmen developed a loyal audience because who knows it could have gone on for a long time.moreless
Tom Braidwood

Tom Braidwood

Melvin Frohike

Dean Haglund

Dean Haglund

Richard "Ringo" Langly

Bruce Harwood

Bruce Harwood

John Fitzgerald Byers

Zuleikha Robinson

Zuleikha Robinson

Yves Adele Harlow

Tony Morelli

Tony Morelli


Guest Star

Jim Fyfe

Jim Fyfe

Kimmy the Geek

Guest Star

George Coe

George Coe

Bertram Roosevelt Byers

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The secret location of the Lone Gunmen's HQ is finally given. Their warehouse/basement is in Takoma Park, Maryland, essentially an industrial suburb of Washington D.C.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Publicist: Ladies and gentlemen... ladies and gentlemen, thank you. On behalf of our 14,000 employees, I am pleased to say, welcome to E-Com-Con; the most technologically advanced, yet socially conscious company on the Fortune 500.
      Langly: Yeah right...
      Publicist: In this state of the art research and development center, we're taking the next step in computer processor evolution and we're creating a new age of innovation and customer service.
      Langly: How about a new age of invading your customers' privacy.
      Publicist: Sir... are you sure you're on the right tour?
      Langly: Yeah, why don't you tell us about that Octium IV chip you're developing...
      Publicist: Well... The Octium IV is our latest high speed processor... it's capable of 6.8 gigaflops; that's nearly seven billion calculations per second.
      Langly: I mean tell us the truth. How the Octium is secretly designed to keep tabs on the user.
      Frohike: (on radio) Patriot One to Patriot Two, we're in position.
      Langly: It's got a tiny little modem embedded in each processor, see. So that it can upload your files onto the internet. And your credit history. And your tax bracket, and your social security number. All neatly packaged for these robber barons.
      Publicist: Sir, I don't know if this is the proper forum...
      Langly: And another thing...
      Frohike: (on radio) Patriot Two. Patriot Two, we're in position; shut up already.
      Langly: there peanuts in this?" (He holds up a kebab, then drops to the floor, faking an allergic reaction. Guards rush to his aid)

    • Frohike: We need that chip, Yves.
      Yves: Melvin, I knew you'd come begging sooner or later.
      Frohike: Lay off the Melvin crap, I need some serious gigaflops and I need them now.
      Yves: Well I hear some guy with a beard took that chip.
      Frohike: Those were a woman's lips I kissed.
      Yves: Like you ever kissed a girl before.
      Frohike: I don't have time for this.
      Yves: You going to take it away from me?
      Frohike: Give us the chip, Yves, or you'll be sacrificing the lives of hundreds of people, including Byers and his father.
      Yves: I'm crying.
      Frohike: Yeah, you're one real tough cookie. How much are you going to enjoy spending the millions you make selling that chip, when you realize it's been paid for in blood?
      Yves: I guess you don't know me.
      Frohike: Or maybe I do, Lee Harvey Oswald. Your name, Yves Adele Harlow, is an anagram of Lee Harvey Oswald. Some joke. I know who you really are, sugar. And I can tell the world in my... "silly little rag."

    • Pilot: All right, try cutting electrical power.
      Bertram Byers: They've thought of that. They've thought of everything.
      Pilot: (over intercom) Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. We're experiencing some... some technical difficulties up here. At this time we'd like you all to return to your seats.
      Bertram Byers: And kiss your asses goodbye.

    • (The Lone Gunman headline: 'Terrorist Act Narrowly Averted)
      Langly: So, we're going with this then?
      Byers: Can't do it, we don't have the proof.
      Langly: Then we don't have a lead story for this week's issue.
      Frohike: Yeah, we do. (He deletes the headline and types: 'Octium IV Chip Invades Privacy')
      Byers: Well we certainly don't have proof for that.
      Langly: Your pistol packing bearded lady has it, remember?
      Frohike: Yeah? Well, turnabout's fair play. em>(He holds up the Octium IV processor chip)
      Langly: How the hell did you get that?
      Frohike: Hey... once you've had a little taste of Frohike... Okay. I grabbed it, I ran.
      Byers: Know what? We've got a story to write.

    • Langly: What we won't do for the Constitution.
      Frohike: Yeah, like having a roll of tape shoved up our kazoos.

    • Kimmy: What is this, another one of your wacko conspiracy theories, like who shot J.R.?
      Langly: JFK.
      Kimmy: Whatever.

    • Byers: That's why I teamed up with you guys. You're true believers.
      Frohike: And I thought it was for the chick throw-off.

    • Langly: Congrats on not being dead.
      Bertram: Oh, the day is young.

    • Langly: I'll try decrypting in background mode.
      Byers: How long will that take?
      Langly: In my counts per sec, I estimate seven to ten days.
      Byers: Oh. Needless to say...
      Langly: Our asses are fried.

    • First Guard: Full body cavity search.

    • Byers: My father used to talk about JFK when I was a kid. Camelot, a government as good as its people, the American dream. (Sighs). I don't know when or why he stopped believing in it, but those stories made me who I am. Made me believe in the promise of our country.
      Frohike: Truth, justice, and the American Way,
      Byers: Someone has to expose those who would destroy that dream. Someone has to write the stories they don't want you to read. That's why I teamed up with you guys. You're true believers.

  • NOTES (13)


    • Kimmy: Is this another one of your wacko conspiracy theories, like who shot J.R.?

      J.R. Ewing was, of course the main baddie in the 80's evening soap, Dallas. For quite some time, it was the mystery on most people's lips. Kimmy the Geek is mistaking J.R. for J.F.K.

    • Langly et al:

      Technical references in plotline. The Octium "privacy issues" that Langly was doing the rant about are actually a spin on something that happened in the computer industry several years ago. Early model Pentium's had features incorporated in them that gave each chip a unique "signature." This would have made it easy to do things like check to see if a certain software is licensed to run on a particular machine. Privacy advocacy groups raised a real scream about this one and the features were removed.

    • E-Com-Con:

      The name of the computer company "E-COM-CON", is also the name of the secret project in the movie 7 Days in May, about a government coup.

    • Kimmy/Jimmy the Geek

      A play on famous Las Vegas oddsmaker (not bookmaker) Jimmy the Greek.

    • Helm:

      Richard Helms served in the Central Intelligence Agency as deputy director in charge of covert operations, including assassinations (1962-1965), and as director (1966-1973). He was the CIA liaison with the Warren Commission and came under heavy fire from many assassination researchers who charge that he did everything within his power to hinder the investigation.

    • Helm (aka Overlord):

      Operation Overlord was the secret code name for the World War II invasion of Europe by the Allied forces on June 6, 1944 (D-Day).

    • Yves Adele Harlow:

      This beautiful hacker's name is an anagram for Lee Harvey Oswald, who allegedly assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Let us not forget that Byers was named after this president, born the day of the assassination.