The Lone Gunmen

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2001 on FOX

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  • Holy Cow!!

    How could they predict 9/11 so accurately? What's more, how could they know that 9/11 was an inside job? I mean the writers or whoever tipped them off are truly amazing people with some inside knowledge about the US government. This is incredible!!!
  • wow incredible episode

    Its incredible that this aired 6 months before 9/11 and its so close to episode. Three real heroes.
  • Wow PILOT Episode can anyone say INSIDE JOB!!!

    Alright ladies and gentlejerks this episode has to wake you from your deep floridated slumber considering the fact this episode aired MARCH 4 2001 and then was $%^& canned for no apparent reasons and the story is more like the facts pan out in real life look at how the secret government was involved in the real EVENT and even the actor Dean Haglund has admitted on the radio there were government agents involved with the story live especially in the pilot episode!!! and then you have toolbox timmy bush on TV and his little lap dog Condie Rice saying we could never imagine terrorist flying planes into buildings uhhhh dooooiiiuuhhhhh george!!! wow were in a lot of trouble!!!
  • Burning Airlines Give You So Much More

    Technically, this is a very well-done pilot episode, which shouldn't be surprising given the talent involved. Rob Bowman does a great job in the director's chair and the cinematography and production design are top-notch, fully on par with that of it's big brother "The X-Files."

    To their credit, the creators manage to give this series a slightly different feel from "The X-Files," mostly by the use of a hipper, more guitar-oriented soundtrack. The same dark, Vancouverish look remains. The "Mount Rushmore" style framing of all three Gunmen in profile gets overused a bit, but then again what are you gonna do when there are three main characters who work together as a team?

    The weakness of this episode, and the downfall of the series as a whole, seems to be the inability of the main characters to carry an entire story on their own. The Gunmen are essentially cartoon characters and they are funny and entertaining, in small doses. They cannot sustain interest for the entire dramatic arc of an episode (let alone a series) and the essential one-dimensionality of their characters further limits the narrative possibilities.

    Ah well, can't blame Carter and Company for trying, and they did manage to predict the events of 9/11, eerily enough. Spooky.
  • The first of only 13 episodes, and you konw what it wasn't half bad.

    I really liked the Lone Gunmne in this. We never really got to see them in action on the X Files but now becuase they are in their own show we can really bond with the charactors. Also the fact that all of the major charactors have been set up in the X files means that the show should be realitivly easy to write. This show shows plenty of promise, but prehaps they over do it with te stupid stories. Either way this episode was great and i know what it will get better, with people like Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter writing it. I wish that The Lone Gunmen developed a loyal audience because who knows it could have gone on for a long time.
  • The lone gunmen

    A midly interesting episode of a midly interesting show.

    I did enjoy the teaser but it stretches out to much and ends up being a big boring.

    The episode is about Byers dad who has died by a car accident. But then, the guys seem to find out that he was actually killed. And eventually they find out that he faked his death, his murderer accidentally killed himself and then the dad figured out what the plan was and then faked his own death.

    The good thing about this episode was the humor, that kept it from being boring. Also the special effects were very cool, I enjoyed the plane scenes where it almost crashed into the world trade centre, but besides that it wasn’t really that fascinating.

    We also meet a woman called Eva who stole a ship and kissed Frohike, Frohike is without a doubt the funniest and most interesting one out of the three men. Byers is a bit on the boring side and Jimmy is hardly noticeable.

    The episode is really nothing memorable, specially not for a pilot. But I can’t say it’s near bad either, the humor and special effects keep it interesting and the episode had many potential that wasn’t exactly used. It’s not the best pilot but it’s an ok start to an ok spin-off of X-files.
  • Byers learns secrets about his father while uncovering a dark plot deep inside the government.

    This episode was a great way to start off the all to short lived Lone Gunmen series. This episode may have been seen as yet another adventure with a almost impossible scenario, but looking at it in the wake of 9/11, this episode raises some serious eyebrows. However, all coincidences aside, this episode was most certainly fun and revealing.
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