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  • Great show

    Great show, wish they made more of it. Those nerds were heroes.
  • Jump the Shark & well, the entire show!

    Just finished watching the entire series from the 1st to the last episode. I usually am not moved to voice my feelings about "things" per se, and I do realize that I'll be preaching to the choir w/what I'm about to say, but I just have to say it (it's been said I realize, many times already) --- These 3 characters should not have been killed off --- it's just not right for many reasons and in a fictional universe where the possiblities for an escape/an out/redemption/ etc. are mryiad, well, it's a major dissapointment. These three chaps, what they stood for --- it was rather tough to watch them fall --- I would like nothing better than to see them brought back -- somehow - creatively. I could go on & on. I just couldn't let this go w/out saying something. What likable characters --- characters like this live in ones heart and remind us that, yes, there are decent people in this world, simply because of the fact, that it is in our hearts to bring them into being/create them --- a reflection of what resides in our hearts. "Never give up. Never give ... They should be brought back.


  • An aamazing journey that crashes way to early. One could not of manufactured more of a gem if they tried.

    Being a conspiracy theorist and advocate of the truth behind many governments dealings I was thrilled to watch through the awesome DvD release in all its commentary glory, Magic that could of gone all the way, to the big screen and back.

    I have done a lot of research and seeked much knowledge on all sorts of world matters and governments. I wonder whether the occurance of 911 and TLG perhaps stirred deep within the bowels of many an agency or organization. Perhaps FOX had to shut this down because of the hot terrorist debarcle gripping the USA at the time. Perhaps the controversy this show could of raised over real and debated issues amongst the curious would be too much for the government to control. Already JFK has dispersed into a generally understood subject by many around the globe, once apon a time even a word could of cost you your life at the right time. Perhaps the X-Files and The Lone Gunman could return given the de-sensitization of 911 and related government matters. Perhaps the drive of America towards a one world order and a different financial system by 2012 also influenced the descision to shut down the show so abruptly and stop any potential revelations about the governments or semi-known issues that could be show cased uniquely through this medium, who knows...mabye one Lone Gunmen headline would read..."Americas own government and the CIA implicated in the 911 attacks" well I am only having a ponder of all sorts of possibilities. But one thing is for sure this baby could of had massive following, a modern day Hitchhikers guide, call it whatever, my rantings may not reflect much more than some opinion BUT one thing is for sure. Enough clues and openings are left for a monumental return. Who knows, that spirit appearance could of been a Hologram...
    One note though, the characters were that well played and likable for the odd qualities one could understand them enough to replay possible conclusions to the part 2 never offered after the final scene shot. We wait now patiently..

    p.s we need a directors cut with extra scenes and bloops, interviews and all the fun stuff with narration etc.
  • The Conspiracy Theorists Poster Boys & X-Files Minor heroes, The Lone Gunmen was a potentially fantastic series that could have Definitely worth watching for X-Files fans and conspiracy theorists (i'm a fan). Do yourslf a favour and watch this series.

    Much lighter than X-Files and a few great classic moments such as Langley's face after the boobytrap in "All About Eve". Shame on Fox for canning such a promising show.
    Favorite Episodes are: The Pilot
    Like Water for Octane
    Tango De Los Pistoleros
    Planet of the Frohikes.

    THe Nurse in "Diagnosis Jimmy" was cute & I also enjoyed 'Three Men & a Smoking Diaper' as I don't trust Politicians & their minders as much as the next guy.

    The X-Files Episode "Jump the Shark" brought a tear to my eyes.

    Finally I can only suggest again that you watch this series and judge for yourselves; it will be time well spent.
  • What's not to like!?!

    Well, the main theme music, but I won't hold that against them. That is what the mute button is for!

    But, I digress. This was a rare brilliant move by FOX. The Lone Gunmen were always great to see when they guest starred on The X-Files so a spin off was a natural conclusion.

    I like Geeks, Conspiracy Theories and Action shows with a comic twist. And that is just what this series is all about.

    The pilot was surprisingly heavy, especially given that the story line was so closely related to the events of 9/11 that it was down right spooky. But there were still plenty of comic moments to lighten the tone.

    And that's just what this series is all about. Serious subject matters made enjoyable by also including some fun!

    Despite what others may think, I personally enjoyed having Jimmy Bond added to the mix. His goofy sincerity and big heart were a grounding line for the Gunmen.

    Yves Adele Harlow and Kimmy the Geek were welcome additions also. Yves was not only gorgeous (I wish I had her hair) but crafty, dangerous, mercenary, but foremost, a staunch ally. Kimmy was a brilliant hacker, arrogant, competitive, but again, a true friend to the Gunmen.

    Once again FOX dropped the ball by letting this one go!
  • Good, but it could do better.

    I bought the DVDs last week and watched all episodes one after the other. The Lone Gunmen TV show has depressed me. The 3 main characters were always broke, complete outcasts and in immediate danger. I am a fellow geek and seeing them in such a condition (and what eventually happened to them at the end) is breaking my heart. However, this condition only empowers what they stand for by showing to the viewer what price they have to pay for what they believe in. The introduction of Jimmy Bond and Yves was a clever addition to the character set, in order to attract more viewers who don't necessarily care a lot about the technical sides of things -- although I found Yves' character annoying at times.

    To be honest, the Lone Gunmen show was just above average. It didn't excel compared to X-Files or other shows of its time. This doesn't mean that it was a bad show, but simply not as good as it could have been. I am pretty sure that their budget was quite tight, judging from the limiting sets that each episode featured. However, each episode had its moments, especially when humor was involved. My favorite episode is "All about Yves" and the worst is "Tango de los Pistoleros".
  • Shame it didn't get off it's feet.

    I loved the X Files and the Lone Gunmen were always great in it so when i heard about the getting a spin off show i was very happy. After seeing it i thought that the story was strong and the charactors were already well set up from the X Files so the show was fine from the begining. Even the new charactor Jimmy (Bond) and even the villan Yves was great. The good thing was the writers from the X Files came over and wrote for the Lone Gunmen. Also the factt hat the show had cross overs with the X Files made it an instand classic. I was shocked to find out that Fox never renewed the show for season 2. So the writers were forced to kill off the Lone Gunmen in the X Files episode 'Jump the Shark'. Overall i really enjoyed the series the stories were original and the writing was great i just wish that it stood more of a chance.
  • Who thought the Lone Gunmen could carry their own show?

    The Lone Gunmen on the X-Files in small doses were ok, but to see them every week? Couldnt really get into it.

    I vaguely remember 2 or 3 episodes and only remember the goofy one about the car running on water instead of gasoline with any amount of detail. It wasnt awful, it was just nothing special.

    No, they wont be coming back! The X-Files killed them off near the end of its run. So, to all the people who pine for this show? Forgeddaboudit....

    The only reason I thought of it was a cartoon mentioned it as one of dozens of Fox shows that flopped.
  • Great show! I wish they could have completed the season, it would have been well worth the extra episodes. Well written and directed, also music by Mark Snow was awesome and very creative. Sounds similar to X-files, but mostly new and addictive.

    As an extreme X-files fan, I was sure this would be a good show, as a spin-off. I didn't watch the show when it originally aired. However, I bought the series on DVD, and fell absolutely in love. I found it to be more than just a spin-off. It should have been it's own series. I love the Lone Gunmen!
  • What a great show.

    It's such a shame that the network, Fox did not take this show seriously, i personally feel that this was a great spin-off from the X Files. The stories told each week were great, the acting on the show was top class and the charactors were very strong, this show never really had a chance. Chris Carter (creator of the X Files) ever since millennium eneded back in 1999 had bad luck with his shows, first Harsh Realm was booted then they turned to the Lone Gunmen and got rid of that. Then the year after The Lone Gunmen was cancelled they got rid of the X Files, nevertheless this show was fantastic, one of the best spin off shows i've ever seen. This show is very enjoyable and funny, i challenge you to find a falt with it. They may have only made 13 episodes but it's enough to make you a royal fan to the show. I loved it, it deserved so much more.
  • Shouldn't have gone....

    This series is everything that the X-Files used to to be: fast, clever, brash and intelligent, but now they've added one more: funny! I love this show with its eccentric characters, intelligent stories and far-out adventures as it takes us into and tries to prove conspiracies and shadow governments. Almost believable in it's execution, the show deserved to be call a "break-out hit," and a worthy occupant in the vacuum left on Friday in the absence of once worthy shows like "Freaky Links" and the new "Dark Shadows." This show did not deserve to be canceled; it was praised by the critics and it starred an ensemble of talented actors playing well-ked characters. It just should not have disappeared like it did.
  • Amazing show. Spun-off, but could have stood on its own.

    This show was very entertaining and funny. It wasn\'t like the X-Files, but it had charm of its own, and it\'s a shame how little known it is. They basically predicted September 11th, but that doesn\'t mean this show should be stigmatized. It never was given the chance to jump the shark. You would not be dissatisfied to own this, and I highly suggest you indulge in this great show as soon as possible. I didn\'t regret it. There are many...moments. It certainly makes a nice complement to the X-Files, and builds up some mytharcs of its own. Will be missed.
  • Not a bad spin off from the X-files

    I would have like to have seen this show carry on but seen as the characters died on the X-files I guess it was too much to bring them back to life!
    This show was not the best spin off ever but I watched because I liked the characters from The X-files.
  • For anyone interested in watching this show in conjunction with The X-files.....

    For anyone interested in watching this show in conjunction with The X-files season 8, as it originally aired, below is a list of the episode order for both shows as they originally aired. There were a few "in-jokes" and references between the shows during this time, and this list is for those who would like to keep those intact, as they were with the initial airing.

    The X-files Season 8 / The Lone Gunmen

    The X-files 8-1 05-Nov-2000 Within (1)
    The X-files 8-2 12-Nov-2000 Without (2)
    The X-files 8-3 19-Nov-2000 Patience
    The X-files 8-4 26-Nov-2000 Roadrunners
    The X-files 8-5 03-Dec-2000 Invocation
    The X-files 8-6 10-Dec-2000 Redrum
    The X-files 8-7 17-Dec-2000 Via Negativa
    The X-files 8-8 07-Jan-2001 Surekill
    The X-files 8-9 14-Jan-2001 Salvage
    The X-files 8-10 21-Jan-2001 Badlaa
    The X-files 8-11 04-Feb-2001 The Gift
    The X-files 8-12 11-Feb-2001 Medusa
    The X-files 8-13 18-Feb-2001 Per Manum
    The X-files 8-14 25-Feb-2001 This Is Not Happening (1)
    The Lone Gunmen 1-1 04-Mar-2001 Pilot
    The Lone Gunmen 1-2 11-Mar-2001 Bond, Jimmy Bond
    The Lone Gunmen 1-3 16-Mar-2001 Eine Kleine Frohike
    The Lone Gunmen 1-4 18-Mar-2001 Like Water for Octane
    The Lone Gunmen 1-5 23-Mar-2001 Three Men and a Smoking Diaper
    The Lone Gunmen 1-6 30-Mar-2001 Madam, I'm Adam
    The X-files 8-15 01-Apr-2001 DeadAlive (2)
    The Lone Gunmen 1-7 06-Apr-2001 Planet of the Frohikes: A Short History of My Demeaning Captivity
    The X-files 8-16 08-Apr-2001 Three Words
    The Lone Gunmen 1-8 13-Apr-2001 Maximum Byers
    The X-files 8-17 15-Apr-2001 Empedocles
    The Lone Gunmen 1-9 20-Apr-2001 Diagnosis: Jimmy
    The X-files 8-18 22-Apr-2001 Vienen
    The Lone Gunmen 1-10 27-Apr-2001 Tango de los Pistoleros
    The Lone Gunmen 1-11 04-May-2001 The Lying Game
    The X-files 8-19 06-May-2001 Alone
    The Lone Gunmen 1-12 11-May-2001 All About Yves
    The X-files 8-20 13-May-2001 Essence (1)
    The X-files 8-21 20-May-2001 Existence (2)
    The Lone Gunmen 1-13 01-Jun-2001 The Cap'n Toby Show

    ** The X-files Season 9 episode 15 “Jump the Shark” serves as the series finale of The Lone Gunmen. **