The Lone Gunmen

FOX (ended 2001)





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  • Shame it didn't get off it's feet.

    I loved the X Files and the Lone Gunmen were always great in it so when i heard about the getting a spin off show i was very happy. After seeing it i thought that the story was strong and the charactors were already well set up from the X Files so the show was fine from the begining. Even the new charactor Jimmy (Bond) and even the villan Yves was great. The good thing was the writers from the X Files came over and wrote for the Lone Gunmen. Also the factt hat the show had cross overs with the X Files made it an instand classic. I was shocked to find out that Fox never renewed the show for season 2. So the writers were forced to kill off the Lone Gunmen in the X Files episode 'Jump the Shark'. Overall i really enjoyed the series the stories were original and the writing was great i just wish that it stood more of a chance.