The Lone Gunmen

Season 1 Episode 13

The Cap'n Toby Show

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2001 on FOX

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  • The "Lost" Episode

    A perplexing episode, this one aired (in some markets) AFTER the supposed cliffhanger "All About Yves" and AFTER the series was officially cancelled by Fox. From its production code, one would assume that it was produced just before "All About Yves," but why would they have went to the trouble (and expense) of making an extra episode that they should have known would not have been needed? After all, the series aired faithfully each and every week from its first episode through to its last.

    My theory is that, for reasons of time and scheduling, it was decided that this episode would air near the beginning of the second season and that it wasn't quite finished when the show was abruptly cancelled. There are several parts of the episode that look unfinished to me, stiff acting, clumsy transitions and blurry shots, in particular the odd use of a wide-angle lens during part of the fight between Agent Blythe and Yves. I'm guessing (and it's purely a guess) that in the end they simply used what they had and called it a day with this episode, warts and all.

    Thematically, the episode fits comfortably between the Tango episode and "All About Yves." The relationship between Yves and Jimmy continues to heat up as she fusses tenderly over him after he saves her from Agent Blythe's dart. Also, Agent Blythe refers ominously to Yves' true identity, inferring that Yves has secrets that she does not want revealed. A perfect set-up for the subsequent "All About Yves."

    All that having been said, this is a good episode and it's a shame it didn't play in place of a lesser episode, such as (shudder) "Diagnosis: Jimmy." There are many laugh-out-loud moments, the funniest being Frohike's plea to Jimmy to suck the imagined poison from his hairy, ape-like chest. The Weiner Man scenes are also very funny with their subtle (and not so subtle) innuendo. I love the shot of Jimmy (as the Weiner Man) seemingly falling through the hole of a donut as he topples from the second floor of the mall. Juvenile, but clever.

    I also like that Langly is given a (rare) chance to narrate the episode and that we gain a very entertaining glimpse into his childhood. I expect that we would have seen more of this had the series continued. It's a shame we couldn't learn more about the formative geek years of each of the Gunmen.
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