The Lone Gunmen

Season 1 Episode 11

The Lying Game

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2001 on FOX

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  • Why Couldn't They All Have Been This Good?

    At last, a decent epsiode that approaches the quality of the parent series, The X-Files. It's not simply the inclusion of Skinner in the storyline (although this helps), but the intelligent and witty script that makes this episode the best yet in the series. Color me impressed.

    This episode is a perfect example of what the series should have been. The earlier episodes should have been peppered with X-Files characters in order to retain the interest of X-Files fans and to help the series get up on its feet. I liked the more realistic storyline here too. Instead of talking chimps, tango competitions and the like, we get a simpler espionage plot that doesn't have to rely on gimmickly plot contrivances. As a result, I was able to immerse myself in the quick-moving storyline and actually watch the episode all the way through without once glancing at my watch.

    There is much less of Yves in this episode, which is a huge plus in my book.

    The self-deprecating humor in this episode is refreshing as it is done with a lighter touch and in a wittier, less zany and less slapstick manner than in previous episodes. Mitch Pileggi's performance as Skinner being played by Jimmy is spot on and one of the funniest things I have seen on television, period. It's the perfect companion piece to Duchovny's performance in The X-Files' "Small Potatoes."

    Granted, the special effects at the end when Jimmy tears off his Skinner mask are pretty amateurish. I also could have done without the Jimmy monologue inserts, as they add nothing to the episode as a whole. But these are minor quibbles. This is, by far, the best episode of the series to date.
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