The Lone Ranger - Season 1

ABC (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • Double Jeopardy
    Episode 52

    Ma Hinshaw and her sons abduct Judge Brady's daughter and threaten to kill her unless the judge, who is a star witness, changes his testimony in the trail of another son being held for murder.

  • 8/31/50
    The masked man uses a ring and bull whip to bring a bandit to justice.
  • The Black Widow
    Episode 50
    A dead man's vest and a phony spider expert lead to stolen loot.
  • The Star Witness
    Episode 49
    A boy witnesses a murder, and nobody believes him but the Lone Ranger.
  • The Beeler Gang
    Episode 48
    The Ranger poses as a doctor to rescue a hostage.
  • The Wrong Man
    Episode 47
    A man is framed for murder.
  • Sheriff of Gunstock
    Episode 46
    The Lone Ranger foils a protection racket.
  • Trouble for Tonto
    Episode 45
    Tonto poses as a renegade to trap outlaws.
  • White Man's Magic
    Episode 44
    A bigot frames an artist for an Indian chief's murder.
  • 7/6/50
    Sheriff Shattuck is a rustler at night.
  • Eye for an Eye
    Episode 42
    Stark Durfee aims to snatch the governor's daughter.
  • Pardon for Curley
    Episode 41
    Outlaw Curley vows vengeance.
  • Man Without a Gun
    Episode 40
    The Lone Ranger and Tonto are trapped between war-hungry Indians and angry homesteaders when they try to straighten out trouble between the two groups.
  • Damsels in Distress
    Episode 39
    The Lone Ranger dons a disguise to catch a European criminal and save three young ladies from a dangerous situation.
  • Spanish Gold
    Episode 38
    A convict about to be executed before an old stone prison is abandoned, knows Spanish gold is hidden beneath the prison, and sends the information to his daughter hidden in a birdcage.
  • Devil's Pass
    Episode 37
    The Lone Ranger becomes suspicious when he meets two men with bright red hair under unusual circumstances.
  • The Black Hat
    Episode 36
    Bandits attack a refinery, kill two guards, and make off with two hundred pounds of gold, but the Lone Ranger and Tonto are mystified when they can find no trace of the outlaws' trail leaving the scene.
  • Bullets for Ballots
    Episode 35
    The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive in Waynesville in time for the mayoral election, but they discover that there is a plot afoot to win the election at all costs and control of the town.
  • 5/4/50
    The Fort Mattox storekeeper is in cahoots with men who contrive to steal Army rifles for Chief Gray Hawk.
  • Matter of Courage
    Episode 33
    The Lone Ranger and Tonto want to trap two murderers before they cross the border and make good their escape from the law.
  • Death Trap
    Episode 32
    When three deputies disappear while taking prisoners from Petersville to Abilene, the Lone Ranger decides to investigate.
  • Gold Fever
    Episode 31
    The Lone Ranger suspects that a notorious outlaw wants something more than money after he has robbed a stagecoach.
  • Never Say Die
    Episode 30
    Butch Cavendish gets out of prison by holding the warden's son hostage, and the Lone Ranger and Tonto use one of his old gang to track him down.
  • Billie the Great
    Episode 29
    Outlaws think that the safe in the office of a woman barber will be easy to rob, but the Lone Ranger upsets their plans.
  • Pay Dirt
    Episode 28
    The Lone Ranger is called upon to stop a robbery and murder when claim jumpers try to outwit him.
  • Gold Train
    Episode 27

    The Lone Ranger is identified as a masked outlaw known as "The Dude" and is thrown in jail.

  • Troubled Waters
    Episode 26
    The Lone Ranger hears a gun shot and comes across Emmy Bryson who is just about the nicest person in the area. Dave Tucker is about to lose his ranch unless he can get some money. The Lone Ranger asks the banker, Rufe Barton, to lend Dave some money but he doesn't want to until the Ranger tells him that there is oil on Dave's property. After the Ranger leaves, a gun pokes through the door and shots Rufe. The next morning when Dave and the Ranger come to town, the Sheriff stops them. Emmy grabs the Sheriff's gun and tries to kill them. The Ranger puts the plot together for the Sheriff in the end.moreless
  • Buried Treasure
    Episode 25
    Flint Foster escapes from prison and eludes a posse. The Lone Ranger thinks that Flint may be headed to see his brother Roy. Roy has $1000 in gold to pay off his ranch. The Lone Ranger tries to warn Roy but he is chased off. Flint does come to the ranch just in time to hear about the gold. Roy's wife hides the gold and Flint searches the house in vain. The Lone Ranger comes back but this time accompanied by the Sheriff. The Lone Ranger catches site of Flint and comes back later but Flint gets the drop on him. The Lone Ranger uses a nice trick to overcome Flint.moreless
  • 2/23/50
    The Lone Ranger and Tonto decide to investigate when three banks owned by the same man are robbed by a mysterious one-eyed bandit.
  • Jim Tyler's Past
    Episode 23
    The Lone Ranger forces a man to prove that he is either an honest lawman or a dishonest murderer when he brings him face to face with his past.
  • Sheep Thieves
    Episode 22
    Dan Reid and Carlos meet on the stage. Carlos has been away to Spain for years and convinces Dan to exchange clothes with him. The stage is robbed, the real Carlos shot and Dan is kidnapped as they think he is Carlos. Ransom for the return of Carlos is the plan. Dan (as Carlos) sends smoke signals and Tonto tries to rescue him but he is also captured. When the Lone Ranger takes the ransom money from a kidnapper and they get suspicious of each other and start fighting among themselves. The Lone Ranger and Tonto take advantage of the fighting to win out over the kidnappers.moreless
  • 2/2/50
    A medicine man who is old friends with the Lone Ranger and Tonto finds himself under fire when he is able to identify an outlaw who is estalished a respected man in the commuity.
  • Man of the House
    Episode 20
    A small, timid man who is dominated by his Amazonian wife despairs of ever becoming respected in a community of he-men.
  • Greed for Gold
    Episode 19
    Lone Ranger and Tonto are going to see Sheriff Gilbert about stolen gold. They hear a gunshot and ride to a cabin where they find the Sheriff dead. Next to the Sheriff is a single spur. Enter Dusty, Jeff Barnes and another couple of men. The Lone Ranger lets everybody get away except Dusty who is missing a spur. Tonto overhears that the spur was planted. Lone Ranger, Tonto and Dusty go to Barnes' ranch and the Lone Ranger hears that Barnes has the missing gold in his cellar. The Lone Ranger and Barnes fight it out in the cellar. Any guess who wins?moreless
  • Outlaw Town
    Episode 18
    A woman is forced to stand by helplessly as her husband runs a sanctuary for criminals, from which they execute daring crimes.
  • 1/5/50
    The Lone Ranger and Tonto go to visit Joe Crawford but two nasty men chase them off. Molly comes back from boarding school but Pinto Brown say Joe has sold the ranch to him. The Lone Ranger and Tonto find some gold diggings and the remains of a letter from Joe. The Lone Ranger disguises himself as an old prospector to deliver a phony letter from Joe. Pinto rides to Silver Gulch to see the Sheriff. The Lone Ranger uses another trick to make Pinto tell the truth.moreless
  • Cannonball McKay
    Episode 16
    Cannonball McKay has taken on Clem Jones as an assistant stage driver. Clem is recently out of prison and no one can figure out why Cannonball is helping Clem. Doc Tate gives Clem $10 to deliver a letter to the next town. Meanwhile, Doc Tate and his henchmen rob the Well Fargo office and manage to pin it on Clem. A posse catches up with Clem and takes him back to jail. Doc Tate is going to blow up the jail to rid of Clem but the Sheriff and the Lone Ranger con Doc into staying at the jail until after the jail was going to explode. Doc Tate, fearing for his life, tells all. At the end we find out why Cannonball is helping Clem.moreless
  • Old Joe's Sister
    Episode 15
    Biff Baker and Cactus Gleason escape from jail using the old stomach ache gag. They go to Joe Peter's cabin and Biff kils both Joe and Cactus. Biff takes over Peters identity. Joe Peters has a sister coming to live with him after not seeing him for 30 years. The Lone Ranger finds Peters still barely alive in a canyon with fresh paint on his hands and realizing that he was the man getting ready for his sister's visit.moreless
  • The Masked Rider
    Episode 14
    Nancy Barton has run away with outlaw Dirk Nelson. Come to find out, Nancy's father had helped Dirk rob a bank a few years before. The Lone Ranger poses as an outlaw called "The Masked Rider" to infiltrate the Nelson gang and to rescue Nancy. Dirk has the Lone Ranger prove his shooting skill but really is checking the bullets. Dirk knows silver bullets are the sign of the Lone Ranger and plans to kill him during a stage robbery. Nancy warns of the plan. The Sheriff is told of the plan by Tonto and captures the whole gang during the stage robbery.moreless
  • Finders Keepers
    Episode 13
    Framed into robbing as bank by a pair of outlaws, a man goes after the buried loot, but his two ex-partners have other plans for him.
  • 12/1/49
    After serving a prison term for a crime he didn't commit, a man returns home bitter and determined to learn the truth from the witnesses that testified falsely against him.
  • Six Gun Legacy
    Episode 11
    Outlaws stop a stagecoach and shoot the passengers in order to impersonate a young Easterner.
  • High Heels
    Episode 10
    A proud little man uses high-heeled boots to give him greater physical stature, but a troublemaker plays on his sensitivity.
  • The Tenderfeet
    Episode 9
    Claim jumping and murder are blamed on a pair of greenhorn brothers from the East who strike it rich.
  • The Renegades
    Episode 8
    Some Army deserters and a crooked Indian Agent plan to kill Tonto and his Indian Chief friend Chief Swift Eagle.
  • Pete and Pedro
    Episode 7
    The Lone Ranger tries to convince a couple of no-accounts to come to the aid of a young girl in danger of losing her land to a neighbor.
  • War Horse
    Episode 6
    A greedy hunter plans to steal Chief Lame Bear's famous war horse, Red Cloud, but ends up taking the chief's son as well.
  • Rustler's Hideout
    Episode 5
    The Lone Ranger infiltrates a gang who are holding hostage the son of one of a group of ranchers who captured the gang's leader.
  • 10/6/49

    The Lone Ranger utilizes a group of old ranch hands to help out an Easterner who's being cheated out of his property by some scoundrels.

  • 9/29/49

    The conclusion of the Lone Ranger origin story. After rescuing Sheriff "Two Gun" Taylor, and Doc Drummond from Butch Cavendish, the Ranger learns his archenemy has been killing off important men in the town of Colby and replacing them with members of his gang.

  • 9/22/49

    Part 2 of the Lone Ranger origin reveals how the masked man finds his horse, Silver; and how he came to use silver bullets. Tonto is sent into town to "fetch the sheriff" for the first time. Skeptical at first, the local sheriff is later convinced the Lone Ranger is on the side of law and order. It seems an old family friend of the Ranger's, Jim Blane, is being blamed for the shooting of a local judge. The real killer, Butch Cavendish, has been wounded by Blaine, and has had his men kidnap the town doctor to heal the outlaw.

  • 9/15/49

    Six Texas Rangers, led by Captain Dan Reid, are ambushed in a canyon by the outlaw, Butch Cavendish and his gang. One ranger, Reid's brother John, survives the attack. He is found and nursed back to health by an old friend from his childhood, an Indian scout named Tonto. The younger Reid fashions a mask from his slain brother's vest and becomes the Lone Ranger.

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