The Looney Tunes Show

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • It's Rolling, But Still Not Clicking

    As mentioned in previous reviews, there is just something missing from this show. The pacing, lack of music, and who they are trying to attract as viewers. It's all really confusing. But put all that aside because this episode comes as close to "great" as I've seen so far for the series.

    While the episode drags on about the DMV, you can't help but feel like ,"oh I've been there." No sane person actually enjoys the department of motor vehicles. The long lines, frowning faces, etc. So when you see these characters all end up at the DMV in a rather humorous way, you can't help but smile. Admittedly, the jokes can sort of be predicted, and the episode still lacks good music with the scenes. It just seems empty, or something is missing. The pacing for this episode is the best so far, but there are still those rather dull moments that seem too slow. As if trying to wait for the viewer to get their jokes, even though the viewer already figured it out before they did it. That is also what makes the show weird, because it doesn't seem to know who the key demographics are. At times it is childish, and other times quite adult.

    This show seems to also have a fanfare for officers of the law. Police officers are in a large portion of the episodes for this show so far. Seeing this certain officer was rather funny in this episode, and how he continued to handle the problems of the characters.

    The episode did a nice running gag about irresponsibility, and overall this episode was a delight to see compared to the rather strangely made episodes of past. I want the show to succeed, and this episode was certainly one of the strongest showings yet.
  • Not as good as last week's episode "Sunday Night Slice" but it was still enjoyable


    I missed this episode when it first premiered on Tuesday night because I forgot to record it. I was checking when Cartoon Network was going to re-run the episode and the ONLY re-run time they had was 4:30am on Saturday morning (Yeah, that was the only time and I was surprised. Anyways, I recorded the 4:30am time which was on Saturday morning and finally watched the episode on my record list when I woke up. This episode was enjoyable but not as good as last week's episode "Sunday Night Slice". There were two characters in this episode who made my score a little low and those two characters are Lola Bunny and Daffy Duck. Daffy and Lola repeatedly saying "irresponsible" was getting a little irritating. I also hated how Porky actually got a perfect score on his driving test but both Daffy and Lola got Porky's test (which has the perfect score) while Porky got Daffy and Lola's test (which has a bad score). So Daffy and Lola didn't deserve to get their driver's license and I felt very bad for Porky Pig because he has to wait til' next week to re-take the driving test. Ugh, that was the main reason my score is a little low. This episode did make me laugh in some parts though. Of course, I just had to laugh at Speedy Gonzales' appearance in this episode... he really gave a good laugh just like he always does whenever he appears. Daffy chasing his "Daffy car" when it gets towed was funny. Lola driving crazy was very funny as well. I also loved Yosemite Sam's appearance. Overall, a superb episode of "The Looney Tunes Show". 9/10