The Looney Tunes Show

Season 1 Episode 12

Double Date

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 19, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Bugs and Daffy go on a double date with Lola and Tina Russo.

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  • I like this episode, but one thing that bothered me was the Merrie Melodies...

    I'm not kidding, the Merrie Mellodies in this episode sounded . I just don't know. It sounds very homosexual to me. But that's only me. Anyway. I thought this episodes plot was good. I liked it.
  • I WARN YOU, THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! The most hilarious episode yet!

    This episode was brilliant and it introduced a new character to the roster, Tina - who's now apparently Daffy's girlfriend, but whether it'll last or not is up to Cartoon Network, Warner Bros and whoever else is involved with the show.

    The episode starts out with Daffy purchasing a large amount of business cards from a women named Tina which he intends to use to cheat his way in to winning a fancy dinner for two at an expensive restaurant by replacing all the other people's business cards with his own, so he'd have a 100% chance of winning - and he does.

    Upon winning this, he doesn't know who to take to the date and asks Bugs, but Bugs refuses and then Daffy asks Porky Pig who doesn't hesitate to accept the offer and says he'll meet him at a certain time, but Bugs swipes the phone out of his hand and tells him to invite a girl, and Daffy remembers the girl from the shop, Tina, but he's afraid he'll screw things up, so he begs Bugs to get Lola to help him and she does, but in doing so, she actually ends up falling in love with Daffy and ends up getting jealous whenever she sees him with Tina. She takes Bugs along with her just for bragging rights but ignores him due to her focus being on Daffy and Tina who she has the hots for and she tries everything she can to win him back but in the end Bugs breaks it up and says he's Lola's boyfriend which makes Lola snap out of her jealousy and back in to flaunting that Bugs is her boyfriend - after a rather embarrassing musical performance I like to call, "Who's that girl - wearing the red dress." You have to see the episode to get what I'm on about and I apologize if it spoil t it for anyone but there was a "SPOILER" message, so it's your own fault. ^^

    In the middle of the episode this weeks Merrie Melodies is another interesting song titled: Be Polite. It's basically one of those songs that's supposed to teach kids good things but the way it's done is non boring and is actually pretty entertaining, and I completely skipped the Roadrunner segment, so I don't know how it went down. Afterwards though, the ending was rather humorous yet I kinda felt bad for poor Porky. He deserves love too. (Hopefully they'll sort that out for him)

    Overall, this episode was downright hilarious. From Lola missing 2 oil trucks and crashing in to the third to her hilarious performance towards the end. As Lola would say, "She's a keeper" and so is this episode! This show even!

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The ketchup that Bugs slipped on the floor disappear as soon as he got up.

    • When the Road Runner is seen atop of the right curved cliff, he had an upperset of teeth while using a stick as a toothpick. However, the Road Runner doesn't have teeth at all because he is a bird.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Tosh: Oh, Mac!
      Mac: Yes, chum?
      Tosh: Could you please pass me the cream for my cup of tea?
      Mac: I would be delighted!
      Tosh: Well, thank you!
      Mac: Not at all, thank you for your thank you!
      Tosh: Oh, well you're welcome for my thank you.
      Mac: Well, thank you again!
      Mac and Tosh: HA HA HA HA HA!
      Singers: Be Polite, always be nice
      Make sugar your favorite spice
      Tosh: My aunt sent me a birthday card
      I was so completely charmed
      I ceased the chance I could not pass it
      I sent her a muffin basket!
      Mac: I was at the bank today
      The teller sent a smile my way
      She did it with such great panache
      I gave the teller all my cash!
      Singers: Be Polite, always be nice
      Make sugar your favorite spice
      When helping Granny cross the street
      Take the time to massage her feet
      Marvin: B, B-E P-O-L-I-T-E!
      B, B-E P-O-L-I-T-E!
      Say "please" and "thank you."
      When you hear a sneeze say "bless you."
      Open doors and pull out chairs.
      Don't push people down the stairs.
      Tosh: We were dining Thursday night.
      The waiter set our plates just right.
      We were so very impressed
      We knitted him a sweater-vest!
      Mac: When our car ran out of gas
      The tow truck guy, he got there fast.
      He filled our tank with no delay.
      We took him to a Broadway play!
      Townspeople: Be Polite, always be nice
      Make sugar your favorite spice
      Marvin: If someone shoots you with their laser beam
      Remember that it would be rude to scream
      Be Polite, or I'll vaporize you.
      (Marvin shoots his laser at the camera)

    • Lola: (after the credits feeling confused) That's all what? What are folks? (pointing her thumb at something) He's crazy.

  • NOTES (2)