The Looney Tunes Show

Season 2 Episode 6

Father Figures

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • This is the Best Episode Yet! :D My 500 Word Review Explains Why! 8)

    These days, it takes a lot to motivate me to write a review about an episode of a show I really like. This episode has hit all the right notes for me; I found the dialogue writing to be hilarious, and it makes me laugh to see comedy alive and well. For a long time, fans have wondered how old Henry Hawk is. We now know Henry is a 7.5 year old Chicken Hawk, and a trouble-making delinquent! He's been enrolled into a local Father Figure program, with Porky Pig signing up to become Henry's surrogate Father. However, Henry shows no interest in the things Porky tries to do as Henry is compulsively fixed only on Chicken! Speaking of Chicken, when Daffy Duck hears about the local program, he decides he needs a Father Figure. Enter Foghorn Leghorn, who is under the impression Daffy Duck is only seven, making the Rooster even more impressed with Daffy's accomplishments as an actor in his movie endeavor, and his . successor of his former giant company. Speaking of easily impressed Father Figures, Lola's Father, Walter is very impressed with Bugs Bunny, and thinks of the versatile rabbit as a metaphorical son. Walter signs Bugs up for an upcoming Father-Son Tennis Tournament, and Bugs agrees to participate with Walter (since Lola can NOT successfully serve a tennis ball to save her life!) However, Walter wants to focus more on bonding with Bugs, rather than actually tennis training. And in a truly IRONIC moment, Walter proves to be just as bad as tennis as Lola is. In fact, Walter taught Lola everything he knows! :lol: Bugs Bunny knows the only chance he and Walter have of winning is if he serves ALL the tennis balls and hits them back. Walter allows Bugs to try his plan, and it successfully works! As far as bonding goes, Daffy and Foghorn hit it off really well as metaphorical Father and Son; and are very surprised to find themselves facing off against Bugs and Walter in the Tennis Tournament! However, before the final match can be decided, Henry Hawk (who happens to be there because Porky wanted to watch the Tournament), sees Foghorn Leghorn in all his feathered glory! Henry Hawk decides his urges will be denied no longer, and he bites Foghorn Leghorn in the butt! Even though the Tennis Tournament is cancelled, Bugs softens up as he asks Walter if he wants to practice for an upcoming Father-Son Golf Tournament (which I found very heart-warming) and Daffy admitting to Foghorn Leghorn that Daffy isn't really seven years old, but Foghorn still thought he was a good Son figure anyways. And Porky finally gets through to Henry, by supplying Henry some store-bought cooked Chicken, and Henry finally decides to start liking Porky, mainly because Porky never gave up on him! :D This was a very great, superbly written episode, and I am proud to add this show as one of my favorites! 8) Enough said, true believers! ;)