The Looney Tunes Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Fish and Visitors

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 24, 2011 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

While Bugs is sunbathing in the backyard, Daffy is mowing the lawn. Curious about what Yosemite Sam is up to, the cantankerous red-bearded cowboy states that he is installing solar panels in order to reduce his electric bills. However, Sam has cut three different cables atop of his house (one of which was cut by mistake as it was for his TV). To make matters worse, a thunderstorm ensues causing everything electrical outlets to shut down due to the solar panels not getting any energy from the sun. Elmer Fudd announces the thunderstorm will last for at least a week. Sam begins to bother Bugs and Daffy by using the gray rabbit's microwave and the restroom. After Sam used the bathroom, Bugs is intensely horrified by the red hair clogging the shower drain, and he shrieks to the top of his lungs in a high tone. When Bugs finds Sam in his house talking to Russia, the gray rabbit accidentally suggests that the cowboy should come crash in for a while. So Sam takes up on that offer and moved in with Bugs and Daffy. Also, Bugs asks Daffy about his bathrobe.

With Yosemite Sam coming to live with Bugs and Daffy for a while, the cowboy redecorated the living room with all of his western-themed stuff like the mechanical bull. Also, he commendears Bugs's room and takes Daffy's matress to make himself comfier. Sam asks Bugs to drive him to the supermarket to buy some of the things he needs, and they return to Bugs' house after their trip to the market. He even offered Bugs and Daffy to taste his soy cheese nachos. Bugs receives a visit from a woman all the way from Russia to meet Yosemite Sam. However, Sam's relationship with Svetlana quickly faded away as soon as Bugs and Daffy find Sam wearing the gray rabbit's white gloves. The gray rabbit begins to feel that the black duck is right about being friendly to his neighbors, and they both come up with a few plans to have Sam leave Bugs' humble abode.

For their first plan, they try to fake an argument to which led Sam to break up the false fight and tell them to hug in truce. The second plan is to open a karaoke night party and invite a few people to Bugs' house. Even though the cowboy is a light sleeper and was about to move back to his home, he noticed a karaoke night party happening downstairs, and starts singing a soft rock song about his friendship with Bugs and Daffy. The third plan was to trick Sam into believing there's a ghost in the house. However, Sam saw through Bugs' white ghost sheet, and told him and Daffy that there is a real ghost loose in the house. Sam brought them outside in the rain, and then he starts trashing the place still believing it is haunted. The next dark and stormy morning, Sam comes to the door telling Bugs and Daffy that the "ghost" has been placed in a glass jar. Unable to stand anymore of the burden of hospitality, Daffy calls Sam a moron and explains that they have been trying to get rid of him for the last few days. Later, Bugs feels very guilty for kicking Sam out of his house, he re-invites the cowboy back. That is until the thunderclouds cleared up in the sky revealing the sun and rainbow. Sam relapsed to his unwelcoming and not-so-neighborly persona and went back into his own humble abode. But after a thunderstorm returns, Bugs and Daffy rush back into the gray rabbit's house to avoid being hospitable to Sam again. After managing to restore everything to the way it was in Bugs' house, Daffy picks up the empty jar. However, it is the same jar that had a bunch of bedbugs inside. Then, Bugs and Daffy begins to itch and scratch frantically.
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